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"E Pluribus Unum"

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" Pluribus Unum"

Having declared independence, the Continental Congress needed an emblem for the new nation. I know it is not July 4. But, Congress named John Adams. Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson --- three of the five men who were assigned to draft the Declaration of Independence --- to design a "a device for a seal for the United States of America."

From a letter to his wife, Abigail, we know that Sam Adams (loved a good beer brew?) suggested a image of Hercules. Jefferson suggested the image of the children of Israel in the wilderness. Franklin  wanted a picture of Moses parting the Red Sea. He wanted Pharaoh being engulfed by he waters, along with the motto:`

Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God. I feel I need to say this:`

~ off-focus? 

I personally espouse a  politics of nonviolence. Years ago, at DC's Institute For Policy Studies, I took a noncredit course on Non`Violence with Coleman McCarthy. I also took The Fellowship of Reconciliation's course on Nonviolence at 'Kirkridge' center to think through these past living, and very concerned people. I believe we people must also be our generation of humans who espouse Reason and Non Hate ideology/philosophy. I got a scroll-paper to prove that I ain't a- fibbing! Ay, honest. I just want to be clear ref:` nonviolence.

I don't want another pain in the neck job. I just saying:`I farm for free! Buy green manure seeds, clover cover crops, and broad-caste well composted horse manure. I did send a few farm interns to a Amish Horse Workshop. They got a certificate and learned:`How to saddle up a horse plow and wagon team. Giddy Whoa. The next door neighbors have five beautiful black  mules who go:` heehaw. Horse neigh. Love thy human neighbors who heehaw. okay.

~ try to foci/okay.

The Congressional people were unable to agree. 

Finally, 'E Pluribus Unum' - *Out of Many, One.*

Congress ignored it. They turned the nasty problem over to its secretary, Charles Thomson. He incorporated  features of all other previous designs. The bald eagle got its prominent place on the seal and was thanked for bringing back 'E Pluribus Unum' from the first design. Two other Latin phrases were added to the seal:`

1)  'Annuit Coeptis' - He has favored our undertaking. (He can be culturally expounded on ... in my personal opine. It does not offend, if understood) 

2) 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' - A New Order of the Ages.  I'll banter a few thoughts:`

Wheels roll slow? A plow mule may step out of line. Beast, like a human too - a beast snorts and plows a corn row. Diversity is the natural order.

Foci! okay. 

Finally, six years latter, the seal was approved. Those radicals cared (radical means:`grounded). The designers of the Declaration of Independence didn't use horse and mule analogies? I don't know?

That's my rant/vent. Marriage is similar to being behind a mule jackass who emits gas? If Ya stay at 'it' and toot in the bedroom too ... Ya may fall back in step somedays? We can gently march to a cadence of harmonious steps? Maybe? Sometimes?

I know some people do. Yea! 



Clearly. The idea is:`out of many states (there were 13- states back then)  came out:`One nation. The origin of the phrase is a bit murkier and m mustier. Scholars trace it back to the Roman poet Virgil. Virgil's Father had farm land stolen. 

 'Moretum' tells of a farmer who mixes various ingredients into a salad dressing.

The poem uses the phrase:`e pluribus unus.

But, the words are not exactly the same-same. Virgil was describing how out of many herbs, and other nutritious and natural ingredients comes a dressing of a single color. But, another classicist, the respectable, Monroe E. Deutsch .... puts it:`The idea of a 'salad of states' hardly seems the case and appropriate happy one... analogy. I like the salad mix analogy tho ...

Horace was another Roman poet that some trace back to, or the lover of logic -the philosopher, Augustine. Besides, many of the founders and their partners/wives were well versed in the classic writs. People use to think!

This is interesting:`There was a 'Gentleman's Magazine' with that title published in London and read on both sides of the Atlantic:` E Pluribus Unum' was published in 1734. The publishers explained:`The choice of this phrase in verse:`

'E Puribus Unum' :`

To your motto most true, for our monthly inspection,

Yo mix various rich sweets in one fragrant collection.


The Editors of the magazine may have been inspired.

Was it Virgil, or Horace, or Augustine. The magazine?

B. Franklin clearly had a knack for mottoes. Remember?

Ben Franklin suggested:`Rebellion to tyrants? Obey creep?

He said things like:`Join or Die. Whatever the origins of:`

'E Pluribus Unum'  - the meaning has changed over times.

We people need to unify more than 13- states. So celebrate!

Celebrate. Respect the increasingly diverse American people!


Like the lyrics to the song:`Yankee Doodle' ... it makes sense? 

The etymology of 'yankee' is particularly  murky. The Yankoos.

Yankoos were tribes. Colonialist said:`'Um are hard to defeat.

Yankee has even been traced to Persian 'jangbe' as in Jenghis.

Or, Genghis Khan. Doodle is easy to explain. A Doodle is silly.

huh? a country bumpkin. a sort of noodle. a dandy ate pasta?

No. He dressed a odd style to artificial city slicks. O Macaroni!

When "Yankee Doodle" was sung on a pony who ridiculed Ya!

I think people who dress in expensive threads look dandy huh?


The next time I ride to DCs towns, I'll sell no feathers in baloney?




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And I will make no rhyme before it's time. An interesting history lesson, thank you. I might also recommend to you Jefferson's original version of the D of I, as it contains a scathing attack on George III. Jefferson was censored mightily by other Founders who already felt the noose around their neck.
Thanks Tom. I met a few wonderful people in my Life, like You, who have changed my Life for the better.
Here at my home is a Guest who cam from California to attend the celebration of my daughter's Saturday wedding. We are still eating the good foodie leftovers. The Friend is an old Army, sorta a blood brother. We were wounded by the same nasty grenade on Feb. 10th, 1970. Yesterday? It seems like that. This morning a black wasp bee stung me on the next=to-pinky toe on my left foot. It really is sore.
John Bace has been to the White House quite a few times. I asked about a Medal of Honor gentleman I have met, named John Finn. John Baca was in Vietnam. John Finn was at Pearl Harbor on Dec., 7th, 1941.
On March 25th of this year:` John Finn was taken on a tour of the White House by Barack Obama. John Finn has a limp and he assisted the president. The Commander-in Chief and Mr. Finn laid a wreath at the site/flame of the Tomb of the Unknown at Arlington's sacred burial grounds.
John Finn is 100 years old.
His birthday was on July 24th.
The astronauts called Mr. Finn.
They said:`Happy Birthday John.
I can't help think of John Elton's song.
I have to admit:`I'm glad folk are in the world.
Robin Sneed really sears some good heart feelings.
It's as busy as a beaver in the Cheers - Lift up Post too.
Sometimes I'll go replay a song. hop in a tub, and scrub.
I may be busy as a black and white Zebra and banter here.
Guest came to town with some macaroni for a great wedding.
I love corrections, gentle smacks, no flatulence, and wise advice.
Lots of good and timely thoughts here, Sir Arthur. I like sitting on your porch at OS, listening to the rhythm of your ideas.
Arthur-This post was interesting. "Love thy human neighbors who heehaw." Does this mean we have to love the jackasses in this world?
Just sayin'...
Junk1. I guess so. Heehaws? 2-X's.
Ya can flee and say O my:`heehaw.
You say heehaw when Ya chuckles.
I finally had a bath to smell better.
Ya put fingers in your ear to hear.
Put a pinky in your nose to smell.
That's a good question for Owl_!
I know Ya may be a cat who pray?
But, a cat in a monastery is a cat!
You can take a mouse to a house.
A mouse will still not be a human.
The monk is a sinner who aspires.
Monk make good home mead brew.
I sure can't figure what is happening?
It's still great to be a part of the show!
We are players on a grand Life's stage.
heehaws can have myriad of meanings.
We earthen.
We are human.
I hope we become.
It's to be a human.
Humans can say:`heh.
I just noticed that the "E" was forgotten in the first sentence. Not 'Pluribus Unum, but, 'E Pluribus Unum,' and we sure flub-up lots!
sorry? John Baca tells me about John McCardle. or, is it spelled 'dell' (?) -
John Baca was the one who gave Iraq veteran, John Mc 'Cardle, his `
Purple Heart award and ribbon. John was shot three-times in Iraq.
John Doodle is still alive, Doodle is now in a hospital in Tampa, Florida.
Some day, John Doody, hopes to return to his wife, and young child in hometown, Denver, Colorado. I'd best not tell personal stories ...
John Doody was the Best Man at the marriage of his womb-Mother's wedding.
The wedding ceremony was in Balboa, San Diego -go's (?) Naval Military Hospital.
Baca is a volunteer.
Baca says:`Dooley!
John D. was in a coma.
John D. was a:`Best Man.
John Doody will be better?
J.D.'s Mom is J.D.'s caretaker.
She married 2- X's and dances.
John D. is a great breakdancer.
John Doody is in a wheelchair.
John Baca sigh. J.B. wanders off.
John Baca said:`"Doody was blown away."
Then with a heavy heart J.B. said to me:`
"These wars are horrible." The tone was sad,
Maybe I'll visit Bill S.'s Nature photos again?
Bill S. 's blog title is:``Points of Intersection.
Bill S. reminds us:`People cross paths for a reason."
His last post was:`To Lift You Up.
War weary veterans may ask:`OY!
It is okay to sip thimbles of mead?
No ask me. Mead no ever hurt me?
I'd no violate a AA's- sobriety laws.
Thee conscience will always guide.
Cats are wonderful entertainment.
Sometimes, I'll watch a chip monk.
Did Saint Francis preach to birds?
Why not court 'ole Lady Frances?
Whatever for? Chase a bird lady?
If Francis was a real nice recluse?
Francis would woo Frances too?
Let's speak to cats and peoples?
I say:`Get close and smooch Ya!
Who? `
Get close and kiss Michelle O.?!
behave. why? because S.S. say to!
mei culpa.
forgive me?
okay. no worry.