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RYUHO. "Now I understand?" not yet completely.

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RYUHO died in September, 1669. 

Now I understand how

the third vrse of moon and flowers

is interwoven. -written by poet Ryuho. 


Ryuho participated  in a community style of poetry that was popular during his generation. Sometimes two to thirty or more people took a part. There can be entertainment, eccentric  parody, satire, spoof etc.,

There is only one rule?  Follow the preceding verse that another person added. The next person aim to make the whole verse form a unit. Anyone can take part. There are no experts?

Renga is linked verse. It is full of wit and spirit  with puns and double meanings. I can't be a expert or elaborate this new thought and style. The idea is that seasonal images must appear in the poem verse. The use of words like "moon" and "flowers" is not to be used excessive? You build the form cooperatively. 

There is to be detachment. One's experiences teach detachment. Poetry can be learned and taught. Experiences  are very important. Detachment is a valuable wisdom. Intimacy and detachment? Maybe others know this verse link style better and can add a comment? We have moon and flowers in common? No Moon people. Ah! Appreciate.


Saiba wrote in 1858:`

I shift my pillow

closer to the

full moon.`

Saiba died on h autumn full moon. The poet, no doubt, referred to the act of shifting his bed and pillow closer to the window where the Moon light  was shining.


Seisa wrote in 1722:` 

My body, useless

as the last persimmon

on the tree. - Seisa.


My neighbor  planted twenty-eight Persimmon Trees. The tree used to be cut for seasonal autumn wood. The fruit ripen in the autumn. If you have ever tasted the unripe Persimmon you will never forget the inner mouth and lip pucker sensation. If your Father tricks you when you were a child during a walk in a field ...  You will never forget the unexpected, and that natural wild sensation...

The one persimmon was to remain on the tree. Legends record that the fruit has "tree-preserving talisman" essences? The fruit gives eaters a ancient lost and  necessary charm for every society. The old timers said it so it must be true?


Just eat to enjoy one.

The Persimmon Tree was (hyperbole) asked:` 

"Will you bear fruit


Will you not bear? 

If you shall not bear,

you will be cut down." 


Another person would respond to the Tree:`

"I will bear fruit. I will bear Persimmon Fruit."  

Before the Question is asked:`The ax has hacked.

A ax 'scar' will be filled with (fed)  red bean paste.



I hope it makes sense? I was invited to try this once in haiku.

Today, a earlier Post made me think about this form expression. 

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Outside in the underbrush
there is an unseen warbler
and the sweet unhidden song
floats through the veil of green leaves
Very good verse here Arthur. I have not read this poet and now you have given me a gift this morning, and I can read some one I like already. I thank ye!
I love persimmons. I eat them after
the first frost, then they sweet. Possums know the sweet
They climb the tree in my yard
They eat and eat
I pick the fruits of the tree
make jam
good stuff
I like'em
You like home made jam?
I make much
with hot biscuits
Yum good
Ha! ha! Oho. yummy.
People and possums!
Otters love pumpkins.
Mission is cherry jam!
jane smithie no barks!
bluejay climb dogwood.
contantsandvowells yea!
Ya yodel with all species!
Mission sings like wrens!
Possum sing to otter bird!
P.S. I think I broke all rule!
I will be back if no in jams!
It is humid and sticky goo!
no sing in toilet-trees tho!
No use Exclamation mark!
so- feel free to mess it up?
I doubt Ya can screw it up!
Beautiful, beautiful thoughts. Love this.
Cardinal lites bright
Crabapple green mystery
Clown: red bowler blur
Redeye laborer
Back bent like sprung steel awaits
Anger, beer, autumn
Life turns golden then goes still:
September, the Midas of seasons
Your description of biting into an unripe persimmon evoked a memory from early childhood. I remember this, not sure if it was a persimmon, but I never forgot the feeling and I forget a lot of things. Must have been a persimmon.
Thanks for those pleasant thoughts.
This computer won't work on Labor Day.
It's a geezer who puckers a smile that stays.
It no speak ingles and no eat crickets today.
It must have gulped a persimmon or the figs.
I learned the word:`Mushi' is a word for bug.
The gadget might eat 'Mushi' insects for funs.
It chirp like crickets in the autumn boondocks.
Maybe it will soon croak like the old toad frog.
A contraption no blog if Ya toss in toilet-trees.
A inanimate object that's viewed as useless bog.
A man may be dismayed if he's deleted on O.S..
A bug on a Funnel Cake in a bad days economy.
A tinge of near despair? Then a women appear!
I goofing off before a walk in the harvest moon garden. No tongue can tell what pleasure it receives today, or tomorrow, and the age may come, but this is not a Time of sorrow. In these rural hit-hard areas, neighbors invite you for a bite to eat. One family who lost one of the old Wall Street downsized idea - now makes roadside waffles. Funnel Cakes! They sell down at the Potomac River where the angry canoe, kayak, outboard motor boat imbibers, teetotalers, beer drinkers, and people with sweet jam and marmalades manifest. Appear!
The tender folks.
They embrace to kiss.
Women press to breast.
Tears begins to dissipate.
Woe do go away right away.
My O day - it's no crime to love.
On Labor Day there are puffy lips.
Yes! I sure do hope so on Every Day.
Good News! Labor Day Sale. 50% Off!
All thee Sealy Post`turpedic mattress!
Beauty rest guaranteed on latex foams!
Pillows, coil pocketed technology, soft!
Hurry! Money back if not satisfied, yea!
0 % interest for 2- years! Next day delivery! Set up! Serta sleep!
They meant Biological ~ Seta ~ The stiff hairlike invertebrate. This bristlelike moss is in a liverwort stalk supporting the plant capsule.
Ad is for those who Labor each day in his unsustainable false economy. So - Rush to Labor Day Sales at local Mattress War'house DODs Discount Stores. No miss. No pay high high "discount" store prices.
lush, plush, firm, vera wang, twin, full, queen, king, and free pillows. Exceptional!
Sleep tonight!
No whine anymore!
Sing a Doxology. Nature brings blessing to creatures here below. All Heaven and Nature sings. raise Nature gifts that freely flow to critters who no nothing and n get sad if they were deleted for saying:`dang poop ants? O awe. O what terrestrial times. Breath. Be alive.

We may as well
eat and drink
and be merry
avoid strife
daily grief

This is banter. I could not get on the Salon's web so this is for my own edification o jumbo mumble. Cats have no views and opinions about fingering with paws and claws. Cats no lap from the toilet bowls like a politico and dog do. Cats and dogs have t all figured out. They nay all day, stretch and yawn, lick themselves, never eat salad greens, potato and leek soup, and hop when chasing a cotton tail bunny through the red bell pepper patch. We people poke red ants with Sassafras twigs. Big shot pundits tell possums what to buy and what to sat at Funeral Parlors.
So- draw skinny stick figures.
Go to The Taboo Cat House.
Follow a Erotic Wild Fox.
Watch Fox & MSMs TVs.
Retain balance and sanity.
Play a pump organ piano.
No view ant pornography.
Porn is war torn flesh gut.
Critters return to the soup.
In biology:`A primal pond.
The amalgamation of species diversity will reclaim a harmonized order that is charming. You may view the Moon, or write and be obnoxious like me. Life is negotiated. Specialized cells break through the arrogance. We recognize that even `bacteria, and know this 'miracle' is essential to build bone, and some basic cells give up their autonomy to become apart of a spider, a even the diverse types of Trees.
a human like ourselves.
We sure have inherited.
Arrogance is bad Hubris.
Creativity is foundation.
Common Sense is where?
Common is the collective.
Fruit must be very healthy.
Eat, assimilate, nourished.
Even fungus is an essential.
You know a scientist no tell?
Scientist are baffled by the fungus. 'Life is a Miracle' by Wendell Berry won't hurt a human being who will one day rest from all their honest struggle, toilsome grinds, and Labors. Contentment. I got the best poem from Geezer94 today. We need a return to consciousness.
Yes Geezer``!
Common Sense!
Happy Labor Day!
Fruit has an etheric sweetness. You don't need a gadget to feel the vital energy vim flow through your blood. Balance does need to be achieved. Physical completeness is able to rise to sweetness in all living things. Care for the soil. Minerals. Elements. Compounds. Elemental roots. Care for the diversity of the planet. There are a Plethora of great scientist ETC., who have mutual input wisdoms to preserve sanity on the Earth. Ignore them at our mutual peril. Muster the diverse collective Wisdoms. The Mothers and Fathers, Elders of Tomorrow too ... are begging us. Use our common senses.


become a looper moth and die from CEOs who ruin everything they touch and vainly espouse. So- drop a cabbage poop on a future autumn cabbage plant?
Look though the mirror.
A looking glass need dark.
A backdrop is black to reflect.
A magnifying glass shows detail.
Invite the chirping insect crickets.
Myriad. Count many diverse Ways.
Instruct us all. I pray gesture that too.
apology? Integrity. No pesticide inputs.
I have reunited with a 82- year old Friend.
I keep in thought ~ a new acquaintance midwife.
I'd not ramble today if I could figure how not to.
I hope I bantered above some old common sense.
Good Night. I sense Geezers and young still smile.
Smiles no go away. CEOs can't rob Ya from a smile.
Arthur James your last (lovely, lovely) comment (all your comments ever maybe), as well as the general feeling in the air called to mind a poem I like. Please forgive its length on your page: I won't be hurt if you remove it after you've read it:

This Year's Valentine - by Philip Appleman

They could
pump frenzy into air ducts
and rage into reservoirs,
dynamite dams
and drown the cities,
cry fire in theaters
as the victims are burning,
I will find my way through blackened streets
and kneel down at your side.
They could
jump the median, head-on,
and obliterate the future,
fit .45's to the hands of kids
and skate them off to school,
flip live butts into tinderbox forests
and hellfire half the heavens,
in the rubble of smoking cottages
I will hold you in my arms.

They could
send kidnappers to kindergartens
and pedophiles to playgrounds,
wrap themselves in Old Glory
and gut the Bill of Rights,
pound at the door with holy screed
and put an end to reason,
I will cut through their curtains of cunning
and find you somewhere in moonlight

Whatever they do with their anthrax or chainsaws,
however they strip-search or brainwash or blackmail,
they cannot prevent me from sending you robins,
all of them singing: I'll be there.
I like your work arthur....
Myopia and consonants (constants) and vowels.
I will try to vow silence. I'll just note-take thought.
Thee New Post today are full of treasured insights.
No person can put price tags on folks inner wealths.
So- Etc., I vow quiet. Myopia? I loved Ya Tijo burps!
If Ya ain't learning here? Ya learn where? Nowhere!
So- please Respect solitude. It's busy as beaver tree!
It damn gonna get busy as a ongoing box turtle huh?
We interact with competency in multiple varied ways.
Sometimes 'stuff' inside us is concealed? Or, manifest.
Mary Gravitt. I love graffiti!
I've met belly dancer bums!
Oh, what fun to call the #'s!
I spell check. Caul 0-o-o ha!
innocent goo food vacuole!
Hope! It's comprehensible!
I go to truck stop! O hurry!
I'll read pea/leek! O stalls!
If Ya gotta go? Go! O pee!
O.P.? war term:`Observe!
I'm behind! O obnoxious!
a shuck?
a love Ya?
O shuck Ya?
Ya understand!
Ya understand?
Ya understand who?

I read YKW is corky!
O coo coo and goofy!
YKW - Ya know who!
"Hello," she lied? You are someone I can trust, pick on, tease. scream with, and say:`
We a Morons!?`
Ya keep secret?
okay? shushes.
I spill 'goobers'
on:`court room,
on:`dentist bibs,
or `
on lawyer's brief!
all Lawyer's stink!
O, in my opine-do!
Lawyer are strange!
Please change view!
Capital Hill say:`f-u!
of course! Ya know it!
good night. Wo, wow!
this is soothing. my eyes were all jambly. now I feel ready for sleep.
That unripe persimmon might turn your mouth inside out, but oh, the unmatched sweetness of a pure and sun-ripened one. Unforgettable and replaces the bitter of the first.

You're too cool, Arthur James.