APRIL 16, 2012 3:10PM


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a Venitian door 


 If I were truly spirited,

I’d undo the past and leave this place.

I’d trade these dry, empty, proper walls

for fields of bubbling conversation,

absurd with generalities,

grammatically haphazard,but alive.

A noisy place filled with

a cacophony of pioneering spirits

who reject the suggested or imposed,

distain the safe, the secure

and dive





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I wrote a version of this poem as I was leaving my second marriage and heading off to grad school. I lept...
several decades ago...
several decades ago...
Jumping in with both feet always gets my heart started.
you leap so well here, too

I think you did. OS is filled with a cacophony of spirits. I liked this a lot. Hit a spot.
Free spirit you are!

I want to join you in your leap, beauty.
that's good. a simple direct poem that has left me neither confused or any more depressed than I already am.
And isn't that when you know it is over? When you are no longer afraid to fibr hrsflong into the unknown? R
After reading your comments, it appears I was preaching to a choir of leapers. There are some advantages to getting older and more reflective....what was once terrifying becomes a reminder to let 'er rip when the opportunity presents itself.
I have no patience with someone who won't jack the whole thing in and start over--I've done it many times. Lovely poem, and I like the dry, empty proper walls line.
Nice door, too--an important symbol. Heads up, it's always open.
wonderful words, I love the idea of a "cacophony of pioneering spirits"
rated with love
MWG: I hear you. Doors are meant to be opened, otherwise they'd be walls. I loved this door I found in Venice.

RP: Your appreciation is much appreciated, especially since you are a poetess. I merely dabble.
You accomplished your wish in your poem - why not in life? I get the feeling it all came out of you in one full wave of breath, and how lightened you must have felt afterward! All it takes is the first step.
Excellent poem!
Sorry I didn't see this sooner! I've leapt into something, and it's keeping me a little too busy right now. But I'm not leaving, just lurking while I leap. Take care, beauty!