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JULY 4, 2011 11:45AM

Happy Fourth!

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Happy Fourth of July dear friends.

Whatever else one may think of how KP presents herself, she has some glorious pipes. This video represents a small vignette of finding the good in others, and encourages teen self-esteem and self-worth without putting the other down to get there. I think it also is a cool video for a Fourth of July contemplation.

I encourage you to click through and view this full screen and at 1080p HD. 

Have fun, and be safe. 

L, b 

(still doing research on my next post) 

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Bizarre, corny but loads of fun.
Thanks Tilapia, and I agree, some goofy corny fun, syrupy stuff covering something more basic.
- seems like you and Elmo agree, b. Hope you are having a good holiday weekend.
Thanks Catherine, is there a Sesame Street version of this? If so, I was unaware. Happy belated Canada Day to you as well.
I researched the dictionary for bbd.

I Wiki-Pea dada the encyclopedia's.

I found a name that rhymes with f`_rt.

My first name rhymes with `_art. O, bbd?
And to you Bernadine, be happy and safe.

Art, it must mean we're spiritual brothers. Maybe I need to add to Wikipedia to update what shows up when someone searches for bbd. When searching for Art James on Wiki, it pulls up that dearly departed game show host...or at least it says he passed away. Maybe with a long white beard he just dropped out of sight? (He was Russian, btw.) Have a lovely day with your family Art.
nothing like a little pop rock and singing it with the whole of your lungs on the 4th. here's to beltin' it and waving sparklers, friend.
It is a good song with a good message, bbd; the fireworks shooting from her breasts, though--got to be a sly mock of the folks who dissed her Sesame Street appearance.
July Second
To July Fourth
Song and freedom
East South West North!
What's not to like? I'll never understand why they kicked her off Sesame Street. I thought they accepted *everyone* there.
Happy 4th to you~
Candace dear, I imagine she used all the air in her lungs as well. Some belters are hard to listen to, she's got some range. Thanks as always for coming by.

Jerry, that must be what Catherine was referring to...and I'd be happy if that was indeed a sly mock. Thanks for the enlightenment.

mh, you always enthrall with your occamish quadroquatrains, firecracker metaphors with letters that sparkle.

Joan, more confirmation from the Sesame Street reference, I see I need to do some research. Since my kids are now 23, 21 and 20, it's been a while since I've had SS on the TV, though it was on a lot when they were little. Happy 4th to you too. xo
I love this video!! Thank you!
Thank you zanelle for stopping by. I think it's an encouraging song/video and I like it too. Have a great day in a beautiful part of our country. I love Alpine, wish I had some Alpine apples right now.
Kate Perry is married to an outrages UK tv joker called Russell Brand.
They live just up the road from me.

Weird but true.
ah, maybe that explains the similar upper inner arm tattoo they both have...although I think hers is in Sanskrit, no idea or interest in his though. Thanks for coming by, and a pre happy Boxers Day to you Creekend
I love this one too and posted it also. Happy 4th!
Hello Dear One! Happy 4th to you and yours :) I just stopped in whilst waiting for the hubby to get it together to go watch fireworks. Hope you and the wife and the kids are all well and happy. xxxooo
Great song there bbd...Happy 4th of July to you too on this gorgeous day.
schmoopie, thanks for stopping by...and glad you like the song/video too.

omg, gracielou I still love you. So nice to see you. We're all doing well here, though it's too damn hot and we're hibernating inside with the AC...though Popper the cat has to go outside once in a while to warm up. You should post an update with what's going on...I'll do the PR xo

Algis, hope you're well and happy too. Thanks for stopping by here as well.
My browser has decided on a course to embed fail. Same with the click-through. I'll get there when traffic slows down or whatever the hangup is. Meanwhile thanks for the good wishes and a hearty "backatcha."
Happy Fourth to you and yours, dear Barry.
Oh my gosh, I absolutely loved this. I have to say thank you for this because for one thing, you're right - I don't have a high opinion of Katy Perry based on some observations in interviews, so I wouldn't have sought out her music. Additionally, I never watch videos, so I quite likely would never have seen this. Having two daughters, their self-esteem and self-confidence is very important to me. One of my daughters is just a stick - thin as a rail - and her younger sister has always just been sturdier. I've often worried that because her older sister will never have a weight problem, if she ever got a little chunky, she would feel like the girl at the pool, hiding. Well, when that gal jumped in the pool - I just cried. It made me so happy! So, thank you for this wonderful lesson today. I've really only "heard" the chorus before and never paid attention to the lyrics....I won't be bored by hearing this song on the radio (again and again and again) ever again. Zowie...
Just heard this back to back on different radio stations. Nice drive to work.