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Barbra anne
St Louis, Missouri, USA
December 31
Goddess of the Cleavage,
that place.. that they dont pay me enough to go to!
Some random twenty something with one hell of a big mouth and an awful lot to say. Been w. the same person now for over a year, Aaron is amazing, he keeps me in check and incourages my outburst aswell. Together we are trying to no kill our 4 girls, Sabryn (8) Kailynne (5) Isabella (5) and Adrianna (4). Im always looking for ways to improve myself, sometimes those improvements are just a lil to lofty, but I make due. If you wanna know something, just ask.. Im an open book, but if you know me, remember me, liked me, lost me, found me again, you already knew that didnt you.


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FEBRUARY 23, 2011 11:05PM

Day 2, you arent really going to post that are you

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Yes, it is day 2, and as Aaron sits next to me watching the 3rd or 4th hour straight of NCIS, I am back with a picture that makes me look horrible and shiny. But hey I look better than the devil woman next to me. He seriously doubted that I would put this picture on my blog, he should never doubt me.



Yes thats Hilary. And yes I did draw a little hitler on her.

Todays picture is of you and a person you used to be close with. Shes the only person I would say I used to be close with. I mean 13 years is a long time to build a bond with someone. Im not gonna re hash it out, you want to know whats been going on, why it all fell apart then go back a blog or two and read about how easy it is to unfriend someone.

What I will tell you is about how my friend Carla and I have decided that there have been a lot of "signs" lately. Me forgetting my badge 2 days in a row and dreaming about calling in is a sign that I really need my vacation, which starts Saturday at 1:30pm. Like a person I hated in highschool suddenly almost 15 years later decided to friend request me on facebook and I couldnt even deny it because I keep getting errors. Its a sign that it was never meant to be. And finally when I came home today I found another one of my picture frames knocked off the wall and broken. This one just so happened to have pictures of just me and Hilary in it. Signs people, telling me its time to clean house. Im printing new pictures and buying new frames, taking down the old ghosts with their devil horns and gappy teeth and moving on with my life.  

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Take Brian B. and me?
I jest had fun reading.

I got a bible from a wild cherry tree. I don't know where it's from. It doesn't look as if any wino read it. Most black bobles have cheap Port Wine drips,
and bottom round wine glass red stains. Maybe it was my daddies. It has red letters whenever so-in-so said ~ Jesus said. Love one another is Red.
Red letter for`
Love neighbors.
Neighbors are the human race. No borders, labels, and a cop badge who may be a goon.

My Father stole a bible?
He stayed at the 'Hyatt'?
Dad stole a toilet brush?
People rob under pants.
Send Brian B. post card.
Have fun. No forget tho.
No leave pants or a bra.
Maids send to Kerry L.
Be nice.
Kiss too.