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September 24
Desert monk, mendicant, progressive pilgrim, aficionado of the arts and far too opinionated Zen practitioner, described by friends as just another Renaissance Man with attitude standing at the gates of the rodeo, rice bowel in hand, insulting calf-ropers, bull-riders and bronc-busters alike.

Many of Obama's true belivers are getting more and more frustrated and angry with the right AND the left over what increasingly appears to be an unresolvable stalemate over health care reform.  Some are starting to scream that we of the left should line up with "our president" despite what… Read full post »

In response to a series of stories, one of which is featured below on Fox News, upstart Texas State Senator and radio talk show host Dan Patrick (R-7th District/Houston) [pictured at right] appeared on Fox News with the notoriously obnoxious Glen Beck, presuming to speak for the people of TexaRead full post »

"As Chairman of the Domestic Policy Subcommitee, I have sent a letter to the SEC asking for documents that relate to [the NY Times] report that they were told to 'stand down' rather than enforce the law against the Stanford Group going back to 2006. If this is true/Read full post »
Posted in Anti-Immigrant by Casey Sanchez on February 4, 2009

This afternoon in Maricopa County, Ariz., more than 200 Latino immigrants were chained, dressed in prison stripes and forced to march down a public street from a county jailRead full post »
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FEBRUARY 10, 2009 11:18AM

Alex Rodriguez Comes Clean; Steroid Use in MLB

In a December 2007 interview with CBS's "60 Minutes," A-Rod denied to Katie Couric that he ever used steroids (watch the eyes) :

Monday, he admitted to ESPN that he had used steroids way back in 2003 when they were still legal (yea right).Read full post »

(Not what I'm hearing)
Stephanie Sanchez / El Paso Times Staff Posted: 02/02/2009 12:00:00 AM MST
EL PASO -- A riot at the Reeves County Detention Center in Pecos [Texas] was under control 10 hours/Read full post »
From a distance the world looks blue and green,
and the snow-capped mountains white.
From a distance the ocean meets the stream,
and the eagle takes to flight.

From a distance, there is harmony,
and it echoes through the land.
It's the voice of hope, it's the voice of peace,
it's the voice o… Read full post »
I just wrote an editorial/book review for on the military manual, Counterinsurgency Warfare; Theory and Practice, by David Galula, with a forward by General David Petraeus [pictured at left]. Lacking other more significant resources, the book review/editorial is my heartfelt attem/… Read full post »
DECEMBER 1, 2008 1:52AM

Goodnight Mumbai

And goodnight to George Harrison where ever you are.
The Hunter

The Hunter RQ-5A is a tactical unmanned areal vehicle (TUAV) produced by Israel Aerospace Industries. It can achieve speeds up to 126-mph and was deployed in Arizona by Homeland Security's U.S. Border Patrol. The Hunter may now be operating along the Texas border as well./… Read full post »

Yesterday, I took a day trip with my dogs to Davis Mountains State Park and Indian Lodge. When the park was getting ready to close I drove back to Fort Davis and decided to take the "scenic route" out highway 166 to Valentine. After dallying around at the road… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 15, 2008 5:34AM

A Natural Born Citizen

As a follow-on to my previous post about Alan Keyes and his legal challenge to Barack Obama's right to hold office as president, I've decided to blog a few sardonic words about the absurdity of this constitutional notion of having to be a "natural born citizen" to become president.  Also, I… Read full post »

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NOVEMBER 15, 2008 1:41AM

Alan Keyes Files Challenge to Obama's "Natural Born" Status

It's the birth certificate issue again.

Alan Keyes, 2008 American Independent Party candidate, filed a lawsuit in California Superior Court Friday challenging Barack Obama's right to serve under the Constitution that specifies that candidates for the presidency must be "natural born" citizen… Read full post »

While I grieve and let go this evil that has possessed my soul over the last eight years, this cynical regime that exploited religion and instilled in me hatred for its leaders, I recall that even more immediately Barack Obama and his family will need time to let go andRead full post »

This word just in:

According to a report appearing in this week's Austin Chronicle, The Second Coming was missed by most "Christians" who apparently have been irrevocably left behind. It has now been confirmed that The Rapture occurred in 70s at the height of our greatest… Read full post »

The title song of this album was recorded live in Luckenbach, Texas, in 1974 or 5? If Gary P. Nunn seems to have been dragging through this version, it's probably because he was. I was there that night drunk, whooping-it-up in the background during the recording… Read full post »

I think we should send this one to Rev. John Hagee, "psychologist" James Dobson and televangelist Pat Robertson just to provide them with a little "liberal" distraction during the presidential campaign via Martha Stewart and the Demon of Body Art who lives in Peanut Butter (be sure to/… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 25, 2008 7:31PM

This is a Network moment!

This is a Network moment, folks. Don't let them get away with this. Contact your members of Congress and get into their faces -- or go back to sleep while your children curse you from the future.


The unsinkable Buddy Sattva, my Yellow Lab, had a recurrence of a tick-borne disease, ehrlichiosis, one that's taken many of the local dogs here in Balmorhea. The picture on the right was taken in Pecos City Park on Thursday. He was so worn out by the time we… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 25, 2008 4:36AM

Sitting Through Another Great Depression

9/20/08 photo taken in Fort Davis, Texas, by Cliff Hammond

Zen is a Japanese word translated as "sitting," or "to sit," or simply "sit." It is associated with a specific form of meditation which is best leaned directly from Zen masters, such as the late Shunryu Suzuki.… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 13, 2008 7:43PM

Attention Sarah Palin

Attention Sarah Palin
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SEPTEMBER 13, 2008 5:57AM

Geraldo on "the Surreal" from the Eye of Hurricane Ike

09/12/08, Friday Afternoon; Galveston, Texas:

12:30 AM, Saturday Morning, at the Height of the Storm:

There he was, early the next morning in the dark of the storm, holding on for life to a palm tree while broadcasting live with 120-mph wind gusts, lightning flashing, driving rain… Read full post »

Charley James of the L.A. Progressive was able to do a little investigative journalism during the Republican National Convention and has begun to uncover a personality in Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin that indeed may be suitable for a Republican redux of it's infamous "Southern Strategy."&nb… Read full post »

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AUGUST 31, 2008 1:27PM

Crashing Funerals

I am getting old, so before I pass... that is, before I pass away I thought I'd go up to the attic and reminisce by digging through some old trunks up there. You know, the usual morbid ritual.

To my surprise I found a long lost photo folded into my… Read full post »

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AUGUST 31, 2008 12:50PM

Michael Phelps as a Youngster: For swimmers only!