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Izzy J.

Izzy J.
December 31
Izzy's the name, livin's the game! Pleased to meet you. I'm sixteen-almost-seventeen years old and I am perhaps the most boring and average teenaged girl you'll ever meet. But, you know, life for a small town kid like me isn't what it looks like on Degrassi, and I assure you there are zero flash-mob dance sequences like Glee. But hey, here I am! I came to OS to jot down my opinions, rant to unbiased ears (or rather, eyes), and just have an outlet to post any funny stories, events, or thoughts that may cross my path. Enjoy my tumultuously boring, simply complicated life!

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2009 7:57PM

In your FACE, Movie Rating System.

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So I finally saw the well-awaited thriller Gamer today. Everybody was saying it really blew, but I actually kinda liked it.

I kind of get why it's rated R now. There's like, another mind-control game, and people are total cyber-sex-fiends. Plus, in the Slayers game, some guy gets teabagged, like in Halo.

I chuckled.

To top it all off, there was about 2 minutes of Micheal C Hall dancing about while Gerard Butler smashed some faces in. Simultaneously. Best movie scene ever? Maybe so.

I have to say though, I didn't see it... legally. We had my mother go in and buy the tickets, then ran into the theatre while the ticket-ripping guy went on a break. Luckily thr theatre wasn't empty and we were able to blend in throughout the whole movie.

We plan on doing the same for Law Abiding Citizen, and for Saw 6.

What is it with me and these horrifically violent movies?

Honestly, my favourite movies of this year we're District 9, which is aliens living in a slum and people getting blown up and heads getting torn off, and Inglorious Basterds, which is Brad Pitt and his baseball-bat wielding friends killing off Nazi's and pumping Hitler's face full of lead. Sorry if I ruined the ending for anybody. I just needed that bit to represent how incredibly brutal and awesome that movie was.

I guess I'm just a sucker for a bloodbath, psychotic as it may seem.

My friend Chelsea is the complete opposite. Her favourite movie is like, Flicka, and she cringes at CSI. As with me, I laugh at Saw movies and wait for months for horror movies to come out.

I'm yet to sneak into Final Destination. It's supposed to be gross.

I suppose if I keep this up I may need a therapist later in life, but til then, horror movies make for good entertainment!

Yours in human giblets and profanity,


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