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NOVEMBER 12, 2011 7:59AM

A Tale of Two Pears

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, . . . it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the [autumn] of hope, it was the [autumn] of despair. 

We have twice now had the most magnificent Bradford pears on the block, clothed in greater glory than Solomon in spring, brilliant with more colors than Joseph’s coat in autumn. The first split down the middle a few years back (after being saved for a few years by cabling), the second demised in this year’s freak pre-Halloween snow storm.  

Pear kaput 

Sic transit gloria calleryana. 

This is what it should look like. 

Pear in fall bloom 

Next post (perhaps tomorrow) will be more cheerful. Promise.  


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I am sorry for the loss of your tree, Pilgrim, but it is nice to see you back on the pages. We lost a bunch of trees in the storm, but none so big as yours. Our town, however, still looks like it was hit by a bomb.
Sic transit, indeed, AHP. Quam misericordia.
Grow. Again. Even in Loss.
Oh so very sad. Glorious color!
Ack ack ack. A stump. Even the word is ugly and sad.

While trees are individuals, when an old friend goes, a new one can take its spot. The tree I wrote about here, the one that went down in Irene, was recently replaced by the city with a wee youngin, a tiny three-branched whippersnapper who is presently at eye level with me. It was all here I am get a load of me you birds, then in two quick days, turned its leaves yellow and dropped them. That caught my heart and, now, I'm looking forward to our years together. The ground isn't frozen yet, now might be a good time to plant a tree. Who knows who might be at the nursery, waiting to catch your eye?
So very sad to lose an old friend like that. Trees can fool ya, green every spring, leafy every summer, you forget they are growing old too. I am glad you have the memories and images of such a wonderful tree.
Let me put this in a non-eloquent way: that really sucks.

If it is any consolation at all, next Spring you can start a new generation though.
Hold the beauty they shared with you in your heart and be grateful for having had them, Pilgrim. You are luckier than some even in their memory. 'tis good to see you, dear friend.
That is quite a loss. We love our neighborhood trees -- our old moss-draped oaks -- and in hurricane season I think most of us fear the loss of those than our (insured, rebuildable) homes.
Poor Pilgrim, poor tree! =o(

Darn. Double Darn!! I know how much you love trees, Mr. P.

I hope you'll be able to plant another in it's place before too long ... one you can watch grow and anticipate the beautiful photos and happy memories it will bring in the future.
Oh no! Sorry for the loss of such magnificent beauty.
You have my sympathy, I live in fear that the remaining trees in our yard will not last another season. It was not nice of Mother Nature to hit us with snow so early, sigh.....
Andy: It was a nasty surprise, that snow.

janie: You're sweet. The driveway lined with trees sounds lovely. Enjoy it every year you can.

Jerry: Yup.

JW: We move on.

zanelle: Life is beautiful. And evanescent.

heron: You're so right--"stump" sounds awful, don't it? We'll see what's to come.

diana: Enjoy the gifts while you can; all's we can do.

Candace: Indeed.

Scarlett: I dunno about that. Kinda old to be a daddy again.

Fusun: I think that's where I am, but thank you for the thoughtful suggestion.

Bell: Nah. I think they're worried about losing their collected National Geographics.

Shiral: The way of all flesh, you know?

Kate: Thank you for those kind thoughts.

Fay: Que sera, sera.

S'bug: Long's it doesn't fall on the house!