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SEPTEMBER 16, 2011 7:09AM

Friday List: 10 Proofs That God Has a Sense of Humor

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10.       The wild turkey. Not the drink, the bird. I mean, a football on legs with a featherless head for a handle? You gotta have a sense of humor to create that. Well, OK, the ostrich. The only creature more bizarre looking than the wild turkey. And penguins, the marriage of formal attire and comic gait is clearly the work of someone with a sense of humor. 

9.         The life cycle of the praying mantis. (Actually, that might be proof that God is female . . . . ) 

8.         The noises that stomachs make when digesting food. Not quite as high-pitched as whale songs, but just as surreal. 

7.         The idea of Celebrity. People who are well known for being well known, who are followed for being followed. I mean, I was in the supermarket checkout line a month ago, and there was Lady Gaga the magazine. Wow. Tied with Fashion.  

6.         Electronics, our umbilical cords to a wider world—and the wired cages in which we are trapped, preventing us from experiencing the real world; the key to a vast repository of knowledge hidden beneath endless YouTubes; the information-entertainment-communication media on which we depend which works or doesn’t on the basis of an implacable whim that does not respond to sacrificial offerings or ritual observances, that taunts us with compatibility issues, and that sacrifices us on the altar of upgrades. 

5.         Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Mark Harris; Will Rogers, Stan Freberg, Tom Lehrer, politicians (sigh); Charles Schultz, Garry Trudeau; the Marx Brothers, Mel Brooks, Some Like It Hot, Rosalind Russell, Tracy and Hepburn, Cary Grant, Hugh Grant, and Lou Grant (in Mary Tyler Moore, not Lou Grant); George Carlin; Dr. Seuss, Bugs Bunny, the Roadrunner, the Animaniacs; Laugh-in, SNL, and many, many more (these were just off the top of my head). 

4.         Babies. God takes all of our seriousness of purpose and prideful demeanor and devotion to ephemera as though jobs or status or dignity were really, really important and puts a baby in front of us and all we can do is coo and gurgle and smile and act like complete idiots. Precious cosmic irony there. 

3.         The differential stimuli for and rate of arousal for men and women. (Turns out that that sense of humor was a wicked one.)  

2.         The Tenth Commandment (or Ninth and Tenth, depending on how you learned them). No coveting? Humans are a mass of coveting. 

1.         The First Commandment. “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”? Ha! Talk about setting humanity up for a fall! 


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I may have to make my own list, although there are a few on yours with which I heartily agree.
Number 4 is the truest truism. To number 5 I would add the Beatles.
I got coveting in my DNA, And number 1 is SO true!
This is a wonderful list, especially the turkeys. I just watched a PBS Nature special called "Clever Monkeys", free streaming online as we speak. We like to regard ourselves as the most intelligent species, but much on this list also applies to primate society, especially 4, 3, and 2.
Thanks for this. I need a few laughs these days! Number 10 and Number 4 tickled my funny bone. To Number 5 I would add Molly Ivins and Andy Borowitz. And you're pretty funny, yourself.
I there is a God. or Gods, I thank them all for putting Mel Brooks on this earth. He has to be one of the funniest people ever!
Great list AtHome and I really like your sense of humor as evidenced by your Point 5. To that I'd add P.G. Wodehouse, SCTV and Lucky Jim.
What a guy, God is. So funny.
Electronics, our umbilical cords to a wider world—and the wired cages in which we are trapped, preventing us from experiencing the real world;

Loved the way you put this!
From all my feathered, finned and furry friends, I thank thee for your 10 proof spoofs. :) TGIF...
God is Rodney Dangerfield.
Hilarious post! Do send it to McSweeeny's list section.
HA! Fun one, Pilgrim...
The greatest proof to me that God has a sense of humor is myself. As the butt of many of God's best practical jokes, I am positive He has a rather wicked sense of humor.
You're certainly in a happy mood today! Your list makes me smile.
Based on your list, Pilgrim, God has not only a sense of humor, but a tremendous amount of patience as well.
Assuming God is playing games, my personal experience has been his funnybone is extraordinarily sadistic. But, since the difference between comedy and tragedy rests on one's point of view, one could take a charitable view of all the highly amusing misery in the world.
Love this list . . . would add the platypus to #1 - I mean, come on!
Great list! Hahahaha! You got me smiling~
11. AtHomePilgrim.

next time i feel crabbiness coming on, i'm going to come back and read this again. while coveting something. :)
I see God as a woman with love of bad puns and her peeps! I had not expected the Commandments #1, #2.
I like the way you think--especially 4 & 5!
I would add childbirth to prove that God is male. Who in his right mind? Great list. I agree babies are great proof. I actually found a praying mantis in my daughter's backyard last Saturday. I picked it up to show the kids and the baby looked at it for a long time, then said, "Hi!" like she had just seen her best friend. So funny.
I love posts like this and this is particularly fun. The Turkey as a foot ball is particularly good. Cheers!
Good ones. But you left out the SPAM problem and the sloooow servers on Open Salon. This really proves that God has a wicked sense of humor: we get frustrated with this site; complain about it, and yet we keep coming back. R
Personally I would swap out Lady Gaga in place of the whole Kardashian family. Tony Bennett asked Gaga to sing a duet with him for his latest album. That's gotta count for something.

Huge bonus points for including Stan Freberg and Tom Lehrer. [wanders off humming "National Brotherhood Week"]
I'd add Bach to #5, but get the point. Just being born out of all those possible sperm and egg combos is a hoot.
Wow. I sure hope I never find myself trapped under a YouTube. What is that anyway?

I'd add John Steinbeck to your talent list. I can't seem to tire of reading his work - similarly, Twain. (I'm still thinking about #3, which seems more tragic than funny but I'm almost convinced there must've been a good reason for that one...hmmm) - great Friday reading material P. Thanks!
"Electronics, our umbilical cords to a wider world..." Wow! That's a heavy duty line and concept. Sounds like the slogan for a very successful manufacturer of electronic merch!

Then, there is #3 - Ouch!

Great list!
So true Pilgrim. Ironic. A cruel joke sometimes. Fun post.
"I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors
But I think that God's got a sick sense of humor
And when I die
I expect to find him laughing..."
(Blasphemous Rumors by Depeche Mode)
I think you just refuted the existence of god.

you've been reading island news again, I see

#5, my son just discovered The Three Stooges, he can't stop laughing
One of God's nastier jokes is that the population is divided into two sorts of people - those who like a nap after lunch, and those who can't understand why anyone needs a nap after lunch - and they always marry each other.
I loved them all but 4 oh yea on 4!
Great list. Wild turkeys frequently visit my urban neighborhood; people slow their cars and drive away laughing.
Penguins YES! I never get tired of watching them!

I should have a bumper sticker stating "Born to Covet." =o) I look through a clothes catalog and end up wanting EVERYTHING. I covet the Mercedes driving in the next free way lane or parked next to mine....

To Number 5, I'd ad Monty Python.
And really, all of humanity at various times.

All physical noises have the potential of being humorous, depending on the context in which they're made.
rated Tee hee!
These were great! I think some of the animals He created displays his humor: zebra, giraffe, ant eater, elephant....
In a world of top 10 lists--this one is tops!
Nice. By the way, you might appreciate my post Ten Commandments Updated

This is just delightful!
Not only does S/He have an amazing sense of humor, but also enjoys a role of prankster extraordinaire...What's that phrase? "We make plans and God laughs." Something that I experience repeatedly, with amusement...eventually. Great list and fun post! I always enjoy your writing, pilgrim!
Perfect list I am sure Goddess got a kick out of it too.
Rated with love
To all: Many thanks for enjoy this little bit of silliness (and a merci to M. Chariot). Can’t tell you how pleased I am that you laughed or smiled.

u no me: Let me know when you put your list together!

Susica, Lea, and Gabby: All your suggestions of true genius are quite right--but I was simply cruising through the realms of Funny. And while Steinbeck is magnificent, he ain’t too funny.

Tor: Least you ain’t a pig--his butt gets smoked.

Jan: My, but aren’t we saturnine today! Sorry, I was just trying for a couple of chuckles.

Candace: You are, as always, too generous in your praise.

Janice: Agreed: quite the dirty trick.

Trudge: You might as well face it, we’re addicted to OS . . .

Stim: My favorites are either “Smut” or “Vatican Rag.” Or “Pollution.” Or “So Long Mom, I’m Off to Drop the Bomb” . . . Do you know Freberg’s “The United States of America: The Early Years”? Hilarious.

Vanessa: Three Stooges? It’s a guy thing. Sorry.

GeeBee: Ouch!

Shiral: I like your bumper sticker!

patricia: I think that Lezlie will argue that zebras are elegant.

Tom: Seems we both saw the need to update the Tablets:
Yeah, I do know "... The Early Years." Brilliant.