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SEPTEMBER 3, 2010 3:21AM

Wait, You're in the NFL Now?

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raidersSomething I've always truly, deeply treasured - like the love of my freakin' parents - is giving credit where credit is due. This can be a pat on the back, a "hey good going buddy", or even a 3rd grade style gold star.

 Anything. Just a little properly attributed recognition is nice.

 I am, as you might imagine, especially touchy about this as my job. I let a lot of recognition pass me by, simply so as to not cause a stir. But guess what? Those kick ass projects that I complete go straight on my resume, because I did them dammit, and didn't get paid enough to keep my damn mouth shut. 

That was a digression of slight anger, please excuse me, because I do have a corresponding point.

The description of one's favorite sportsball team as "we" boggles my mind.

BOGGLES, I tell you!

It's like my brain is on 80s commercialized illegal drugs, with the misunderstanding of how all of a sudden, through the mysticism of imagination, you and your team (i.e. we) just scored a touchdown.

'Cause...I were to me...drinking a beer. I don't see you exibiting any specific athletic skill, nor are you even in the stadium. 

So "we" won the game? You're in the NFL now? I had no idea my friends were in the NFL. 

If you did win, and I'm sitting here next to you, can I win the game too? Can I be part of "we"? I can't, because I probably don't even know which sport we're watching. So to me, all sports are "sportsball".

(At this point I have to pause and say that this logic does actually apply to college sports of the college that you went to, because technically you did pay into that empire and have thereore contributed, in a financial way, to the success of the team).

 Maybe you're thinking, "oh but the camaraderie of fandom contributes to the motivation of the team!" 

Maybe so, maybe no. I still have to wonder if the team can hear you in a bar in Westwood when they're playing in Pittsburgh. Maybe it's okay because the Neilsen ratings can hear you, but you don't get your own specific rating point if you're in bar. Rating points = love.

Of course I'm going to have to turn around and play devil's advocate on myself because there really is no harm in this whole practice of taking credit for the team's work. Unlike me, the team is getting paid millions of dollars. I'm not getting paid millions of dollars for other people to take credit for my work and join my "team" willy nilly with reckless abandon! If I were, I'd happily give away the rights to my life, work, and possibly my first-born (joke's on them, there won't be one, suckers). Yes, at some point, I can be bought.

And so, I'll spend the next football season with the phrase "we _____ in that game" grating my logic-feelers. And maybe, working on getting paid more so that other people can take credit for my work. Ah middle management.




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You are so right. Fantasy football and other fantasy leagues have just made it worse.