JUNE 2, 2012 11:13PM

Farmer's Market Smack down Schmack down OC, huh?

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Intrepid urban explorers that we are, we set out on our Saturday morning adventure to the Farmer's Market. 
Smile trig!
Word of the week
  Aisles of produce await the eager shoppers
Beautiful flowers

A bountiful harvest! 

Pink Flamingo
Friendly helpers with carts transport shoppers' purchases back to their cars
Good Bye City Market
 Cool skyline in the parking lot
We took home blue berries, tomatos, corn on the cob and a couple of strip steaks from a rancher who raises grass fed beef. I think there's a few scraps left...

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And tr ig carried the bags. Way to go.

I want the flamingo even more, now.
Ha! I got first on both of them. Yes, a typical Saturday night for me. Stalking OS.
And he's quick to whip out his wallet, especially when I bat my eyelashes.
best response yet to call market open smackdown. Your entry will be considered. I should have carried your purse. . . too- Sorry baby
Only his wallet?

Sorry, had to beat Amy to that one.
You had me at the orchids!

Oh, and next time you SHOULD let your man-bitch carry your purse!

@ Phyllis: *Gasp*. I NEVER! (and I don't plan on ever, either!)
Amy, I'll be sure to snap a candid pic of trig toting my pink fossil purse, could be good blog material down the road don't cha know!
I made myself some Louisiana Hot Links... too bad I can't find any Boudain!
what a BEEAUTIFUL day you two had! wow, glorious produce. and only $1 for chard? Super duper. I need to get away from the computer and the job hunt tomorrow, and do something rejuvenating like that. You guys make it look good.
MUCH better photos than tr ig's, except for the first one. His first one is much lovelier than yours :-)
The orchids & zucchini flowers especially, are beautiful.
Thanks for this glimpse asia.
sorry, think I just dripped some drool on your veggies
What a wonderful world ... You guys are such a cute couple!
Well, it is clear who is the artiste in this couple : )
I vote for you and those gorgeous flowers ~ and lemons!
Nice. Off to check out the competition now.
SBA: "Man-bitch..." Out loud hoot.

asia: Alright already. Going to the Farmer's market here very soon! You've convinced me.
Now THIS is the beauty of this place.
Asia, keep that man in line.
Now off to see what his post looks like.
Looks like a nice trip!
So....trying to figure out the smackdown part...you and tr ig are staging some competitive farmer's market photography? Well. I liked his for the gross bucket o' octopii, but you have orchid pix. I like orchids. You win!
Flamingo schlamingo! I like to take pictures of fruit stands too.
Enjoyed this Asia, real nice.
Great pics! Sounds like a good meal planned also!
First, a big thank you to all for dropping in and leaving kind comments and rates. It was a fun afternoon once we found a parking spot! The sea of humanity isn't one I like to swim in and fortunately trig tackled that problem! I see now I forgot one of the pictures I wanted in there so I'm adding it to the bottom, its trigs fault, he was distracting me! "are you done yet are you done yet??" Not to mention that it was his idea after he had snapped several pretty cool pics. Proof that I'm always up to a challenge!

The farmer's markets are wonderful this time of year with the fresh produce and good pricing. Not to mention the people watching aspect. And I definitely could (should) have bought more items.

So go, snap and post! Trig's open call! heehee
Gorgeous photos, all of them. Well most of them. Okay all of them. What a great way to spend a Saturday morning.
I let you win... on purpose, yeah, that's it!

Fear I have created a monster!!
Loved the orchids and "Bountiful Harvest" shot!
I love your pictures. They're a good reminder that I should start getting up early on Saturdays and get to the farmer's market before work.
In the L.A farmers markets they overcharge for swiss chard!

Words of the week? Okay, then.
This was fun. Great pictures. thanks for sharing.
Whoops sorry asia..ah, wait, hold it...g-d-it, i got that ‘westin’ ad with the chick with the nice legs and the big f-ing umbrella.

In the ad space…

I love following your and trig’s adventures, even if it is to a g-damn farmer’s market, perhaps the most boring place on earth to a vegetab-phobe like me. I got a hippie sister who can do wonders with vegetables, but when I visit her, I gotta weed her darn garden. I despise vegetables and consider them a lower life form. Just above fungus. I also hate fish , by the way, so if you got to the docks with trig and buy some damn fish, I don’t wanna see it.

I do like flowers, though. I think trig should wear one in his hair, if he has any..hair, I mean..

He used to………
James you crack me up! Trig has some hair left, its rather unruly, much like the man himself.

And he fishes for his fishes. I know I know, you like ham!

Women everywhere are following you, even the "westin" chick, whoever that is, magnetic guy you are.
What's up with that guy's hair in the first photo? Is that real?

And he's strikes quite a pose with that curled pinkie finger, too. I guess that's from practice, right?
I forgot how hip so many places are west of the Mississippi. My family's from St. Louis.
Joisey! The lessons have been exhaustive, but you can teach an old dog new tricks when reinforced with kibble.

Hey Snarky, yes, amazing to me also. I grew up 10 minutes from Ann Arbor and we all thought we were too cool.
i truly doubt trig got any hair left, but i shall not pursue the issue.
that westin girl! it is not her legs. but what she does with them.
ask trig. whattaya want a gal's legs to do?
ignore the first three answers.

pound him with your lovely eyes. get him to spill.

just to tease me, i see the traveller's umbrella up there,
but no half nude lady.
ah well.

i am off to the land of damn vegetables soon.
i may become less 'red meat ' of a guy.
sister is gonna host me . in july.

thing with a veggie diet is the bowel consequences.
holy smoke! who knew?????????????????????????
What a lovely collection of food. I bet trig could sell the dancing onions there. They would fit right in.
I'm just gonna bow.
I may jump in lake.
I saw Serenita Lake.

Asatia Craig Onions?
You can chew raw.
They so sweet.

I'm off to market.
I bow a gentle bow.
I feel so speechless.

I love to be silent . . .
Looks like it was a wonderful day!