APRIL 2, 2012 11:34PM

eye fone piks, phabulous flours and such

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4-2-12download 024

 The flower unfolds



4-2-12download 039

 Irises are up


4-2-12download 041




4-2-12download 010 

No clue


max 002 The family dog Max


  My niece and two nephews. Personalities exposed!

3-4-12 081 

My son on the right at a Habitat build

3-4-12 026


 Again, the boy, dorking around. We were packing up to move, this was his Great Grandmothers (fake?) fur. I think its real.


3-4-12 158 

My daughter trying on wedding dresses, the wedding in Sept 30. This is the one she settled on. Outdoor venue, the bride will wear cowboy boots.

3-4-12 164

My son and soon to be son-in-law loading up for the track. Problem was, my daughter and I were wedding dress shopping and she is the family dirt bike mechanic. Poor boys had a devil of a time without her. 


3-4-12 320

 My Momma reading her nook. She loves that thing.

4-2-12download 048

The stb son-in-law sent this a day ago. My girl goofing around.


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These were fun, love the flowers, still cold here. It's so cool that your son is working on a habitat house.

Snag the mink if it's not going to anyone and it fits you, they're really warm in winter and look good with jeans too. Just got my mom to give hers to my youngest, my mom is an elf and I got the monkey arms. Hate to see a good coat go to waste.
I like no clue. All very artful though!
Bleue, I do have it in the cedar closet for safe keeping. Maybe it could be shortened and re-purposed. Monkey arms? Comical! I run to the stubby side on limb length.
Thanks Trig! Wondering how that first one would look in an 8x10. I love the dewy droplets on the petals reflect the light.
Nice shots. That clemantis looks like a peony. At any rate, your flours are well ahead of ours.
Myriad, it does a bit. The peonies aren't blooming yet but are shooting up. Last year the clematis didn't do well, or it bloomed and died before I could appreciate it... Thank you for stopping.
Great flowers, great family... great coat!
I have no phone but there was a lot of sol and feeling in these.
Well done!
I LOVE your mom's crazy quilt! Want to make one just like it when I get done being scared of my machine.
Nice pictures :D
Really nice photographs. My favorite is the shot of your daughter in her wedding dress. It says so much just from the back. I also love the picture of your mom. Nice. ~r
jmac, the coat I've avoided. Kinda not me, but after reading Bleue's and your comments, I think I can work it with a pair of skinny jeans and stacked boots!

Linda, thank you! I was trying to see beyond the images, I'm happy this came through.
Julie, the quilt was hand stitched by my Grandma. But I hear ya, the machines are intimidating! For 9 years I worked as a supervisor in a convertible top factory, lots of sewing, still managed to avoid learning how.

Joan, in 6 months her Grandpa will walk her down the aisle and I'll be grinning from ear to ear and balling like a baby. And I still have to buy MY dress! eek!