MARCH 21, 2012 11:07PM

perspective is a wonderful thing

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life as a journey into there

bouncing off the gosh darn walls

stumbling blindly

maybe finding

somewhere new

fumble for the light

still to see what lay beyond

am i heading in or out?

i fake it hope to make it

look accomplished maybe polished

travel plans confirmed

seat of the pants

always preferred

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Particularly interesting post for me. Check out the banner on my blog and one of my early posts:
jmac, my analogy was more akin to a roomba vacuum...So true the wall bumping no matter where we are in life.

read and rated your post.
Perspective, yeah.

stumbling blindly

maybe finding

somewhere new

Things are always new, forever shifting like a kaleidoscope; the only variable is whether we recognize the newness for what it's worth.
Thanks, that pretty well describes my life!
"am i heading in or out?"

I don't know either!! Here lately, I've been trying something new, going in through the out door!! ~Dancing~ ":D


Cause I can!!!