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March 09
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Artist, traveler to distant and obscure places, seeker of knowledge, lover of all things creative, explorer of all things of interest, partner, mama of 2 little ones adopted from China, activist on a mission to right all things wrong, fixer of all things broken and .... a truly horrible cook. I grew up in a little town in Ohio but left due to a chronic case of boredom.

MARCH 18, 2010 4:00PM

Hello Spring - Goodbye Snowmageddon! (with comic relief)

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Buddha in the garden with the first flowers of Spring.


Hello friends old and new....... I've not been here for awhile, but I'm just so damn tickled that the snow is gone and Spring is here. Happy Spring! Below are some silly videos I made to amuse myself while I was snowed in at home (just outside Washington DC) .


Snowmageddon The Movie; a completely ridiculous amount of snow.

In Hyattsville Maryland a totally average family digs out from under the DC Snowmageddon 2010  


Snowmageddon the Opera; The Great Escape 

 Two days to dig the Jetta out of two feet of snow. Now we answer the burning question; Can the car go?


Snowmageddon 2010; The Kai Dong Interviews

 6 year old Kai Dong on the Futility of Snow Removal and Successful Buddha Rescue. 

Snowmageddon the Finale; 3 feet under

 A blizzard, a cat and a Buddha say farewell to Snowmageddon 2010.

 Snow Lanterns

  The front yard after the first snowstorm in February. Buddha is buried just off to the left

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Yes I live in Cincinnati, last Friday spring sprung. The last of the snow melted in my yard. The temperature hit 60 degrees. The yellow crocus bloomed. And we had our first thunderstorm. It was marvelous.
Ah Artfish. I have often thought of you and wondered what happened to your writing. Glad to see a post from you dear. I remember the blue painting you put up once.
Good to see ya again here.
It was a mess, wasn't it? But today was 70 degrees in our area and it all seems like a distant memory, doesn't it? I love your videos._r
Ubr and Joan - thanks for visiting. It was an experience. We often have a big March snowstorm here in the DC area - but I'm hoping we've dodged that this year.

Mission - great to see you here! I've been living an alternate OS life on FaceBook. Honestly, there's a huge OS clan over there. Join us! We have some lively discussions - which actually work better on FB because FB notifies you if someone has commented on a thread that you're on.
If you see Buddha on the road, kill him. If, however, he is buried in snow . . . dig him out!

I love your productions. Your soundtracks are outstanding.

(And good to see you 'round these parts again!)
First off, the embeds display an error message, yet the vids play at YouTube just fine. But I'm glad I took a shot at clicking over to there because this was an incredible presentaion. I've got family near you who kept me apprised but up to now I had only seen stills. You know that must have been the "Buddha signal" that showed up in my plate glass right about the time you posted this. (Insert Twilight Zone theme here.) It's good to see you around, he echoed.
Hello Stacey Y! Interesting about the embed error. It must be something browser and/or OS specific, but I'm not surprised, I often am frustrated with inserting code or embeds into the OS editor, it seems very twitchy.

Interesting about the Buddhas - and I'm glad you enjoyed the videos. I don't have much time for creative things these days since the kiddies are my priority, but it is good to stretch the creative muscles now and again.
Good to see you again. That was a winter to remember, wasn't it?
love your photos, especially your blue buddha, gorgeous kai dong, and that last stunner of a shot. Reminding me of the wierdness of our ny winter - its been unseasonably warm, and no shoveling to date. I'm not complaining, but the cynic in me is waiting for the price tag to all this warm winter weather.