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Cherie Siebert 'artsfish'
DC metro area, Maryland, USA
March 09
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Artist, traveler to distant and obscure places, seeker of knowledge, lover of all things creative, explorer of all things of interest, partner, mama of 2 little ones adopted from China, activist on a mission to right all things wrong, fixer of all things broken and .... a truly horrible cook. I grew up in a little town in Ohio but left due to a chronic case of boredom.

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JUNE 26, 2009 5:52PM

Yep, I was there. I had Farrah hair.

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This image was previously featured in the December '08 post  Job. Jobs. Lots of jobs. All at once but not enough.
 (this post is a response to the Editor's Open Call to any of us who ever had Farrah hair) 

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now THAT'S some serious farrah hair.
and it required a serious curling iron too
Holy cow, I would have fallen for you at first sight (I was 22 at the time, and unattached!)
I remember this post!!!
Best Farrah hair and prettiest girl I've seen yet. You could have gotten the part on Charlie's Angels. Wow!
That's Jaclyn Smith hair! Hot hot hot!
Thanks all!

I remember the photographer that hired me for that shoot. he was all hands and inferences - so I told him that I was only 17. I believe also mentioned a very large boyfriend that didn't exist.........
Robin , you're right! I'd completely forgotten about Jaclyn Smith.
You and me both, girlfriend.
You were too cute!!! You still are!
some serious hair there. the best i've seen so far. rAted!
wow, seriously cute. I knew I should've gone to Ohio that year.
I thought that photo looked familiar on the cover!

You look gorgeous in every photo you've ever posted.
I thought I would vomit if I had to look at one more version of this haircut. You turned me back on the straight and narrow. I would have wanted to be friends with you just to get free drinks.
when I saw you posted for the OC, I thought, "Well, if anyone did it right, it's artsfish!"

Of course, I was right!

Rrrrrrrrrated! for doin' it right!
You guys completely crack me up, thanks for all!

I am now diametrically opposed to myself - my hair is about an inch long at most......... and a whole lot easier to deal with. In fact, my current styling technique is to simply ignore it.
Your style is fabulous - then and now!
Is this an old photo of Alanis Morissette ? looks like her
You're a cutie, all right. I would have been soooo dogging you... if you hadn't been in Thailand and out of reach.
Oh. My. God. (with apologies to Cindy Ross for the periods). You are simply gorgeous! I never pulled off long hair. Ever.
Love the photo: you standing on the wreckage of a demolished building, wild scarf, down parka, levis, Sorel packs, the super hair, and I'll bet some bright red lipstick!!! Rated
...and still hot after all these years.