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March 09
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Artist, traveler to distant and obscure places, seeker of knowledge, lover of all things creative, explorer of all things of interest, partner, mama of 2 little ones adopted from China, activist on a mission to right all things wrong, fixer of all things broken and .... a truly horrible cook. I grew up in a little town in Ohio but left due to a chronic case of boredom.

JANUARY 25, 2009 10:34PM

Wanderlust; Inauguration 2009 photo journal

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Washington Monument
Where do we go?
WWII memorial
WWII memorial
400 years
the crowd
Ming yay
Obama was there
The benediction
View of the Lincoln
The moment

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This is a wonderful photo essay Cherie. Thanks for doing so much work putting this together. I know it was hard for people to get close, but in a way that really wasn't the point. The point was being there to see the spectacle the inaug. created.
Wow! Great photos! Thanks!
Superb..and gorgeous...thank you so much!
Dude. You so rock! Just beautiful, Cherie...
Wonderful! I'm so happy for you that you got to go. It had to have been an amazing event. I'm glad you took the kids, too. I don't know how much they will remember of it, but they will always know that they were THERE, they were part of history being made.
completely fantastic! thanks for posting these.
Gary - I actually went mostly to see the people. Obama's swearing in and the speech I could catch on TV, but not the experience of seeing all those people. Hee - I think where we were would likely be compared to "steerage" - but it was a great location for photos

Susan - I hope Kai will remember, I know I remember big events from when I was his age. He's so excited about Obama - he points him out whenever he sees his picture in the newspaper or even on a bumper sticker...

jane - the Metro certainly wasn't a place for anyone who either doesn't like crowds or being underground or both. L'Enfant was a slow crawl to get out of.

Thanks all!
Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful photo essay.
Nicely done. Great job.
So beautiful a rememberance and experience you and your family shared this monumental day. Love your photos and imagery.
Stellar post!
Wonderful photos, Cherie! Thank you, from a homebound west coast softie. =o) Between you, and Sandra and Liz, and the newspaper and internet photos and TV coverage, I almost feel as if I'd been there.

I feel as if my heart were about 500 pounds lighter, and as if the Berlin Wall I'd been carrying inside me for eight years had fallen at last to let the dusty sunlight stream in. Thumbed.
Amazing. You make things that are already beautiful even
more so.
I had chills all the way down your travelogue...
My spine thanks you so much for being there!
These are fantastic shots, Cherie! I especially like the panorama of the Lincoln Memorial. I thought you were carrying children; did you have a bag full of lenses as well? Splendid inauguration pics!
Totally cool, Cherie. I hope that you and the kids can share the memories for the rest of your lives.
Simply breathtaking Cherie.
I'll leave it at that...
Oh how absolutely WONDERFUL!!!

You add such style to EVERYTHING ... even an inauguration ... what an amazing woman you are!!!

Your children are beautiful and I think it's wonderful that you faced the cold & crowds to give them the experience. They are lucky to have a mom with so much of that thing you have that I don't know the word for ... but it's a combination of class & wonderfulness & truth & kindness (just to name a few ingredients).

:) Thanks for sharing these amazing family memories!!!
Fantastic, thanks so much for the work it took to put this together!
Cherie, Thank you for sharing your experiences. Your family was so fortunate to be there. I would have wanted to tag along with you, being there, but not in the crush of the crowd that was closer. Once again your photos have caught my heart.
Just gorgeous, Cherie! thank you so much for sharing it and I loved the flourishes you added to the pix. It made me teary all over again just to see these. I sort of think that will always be my response to any remembrance of this inauguration, even when I'm 80....
Yes you did! Wonderful.
Just beautiful. Once again, despite the charisma of the divine O., Kai and Ming steal the show! Thank you for a great piece. That middle shot of the Washington Memorial soaring encapsulates the day for me.

Wow, how nice. Thank you all for your kind words.

Rich - I have an expensive Canon digital SLR that stays at home. These images are all taken with my little Nikon. Back in the days of 35mm I used to carry all that stuff around. Now I'm too poor to buy lenses, and too child-encumbered to carry them around!
We all need a (corrected for blue shift) life-sized cut-out of Obama. Imagine the possibilities.
Absolutely gorgeous.....everything!
Thanks for posting these. You captured some parts of this that I had not seen.
This is gorgeous. I think your metro line was empty because Maryland wasn't under a blockade like Virginia! My plans were drastically altered as a result. Still, it was a perfect day and thank you for helping me to relive that historic moment. Only one week has passed and it's a better world than I remember living in over the least eight years.

p.s. your children are the cutest, and I really like the rug on your stairs.
Impressive blog and LOVED the photos!

Wow! Awesome photo essay, Cherie! I was secretly hoping that you'd go and bring back photos. How did you know? :)

Thanks so much!
Stacy - now there is a thought........

Red_sea_rose - true, but my county is also has the largest suburban African-American population. I actually think it might have been since we went late and left early. We were home having hot soup by the time the parade began.

Lisa - that is a really sweet wish I'm glad I could grant it !
I simply love everything you do, Cherie.
I'm a little late getting over here...thanks for transporting me back to what had to be one of the happiest, most splendid days in our nation's history. And you got to witness it in person! Lovely, lovely photo essay, and what gorgeous kids...wow!
Very coooool. How did I miss this! You are so brave. I would have died of claustrophobia. Thanks for the better than television tour. Fun to see your family, too:)
Great photo-essay. Thanks for the close up.
Verbal - :-) for you

Laurel - I wish i could have stayed for the parade! But the kids were soo good and it was soo cold....

Lisa - I am luckily somewhat claustrophobic -proof. I think you'd have to sove ma in a barrell and nail the lid on to kick it in. Besides - there was so much wide open sky, there was no feeling of getting closed in - except for in the crowded metro exits and entrances.......

Cap'n - I'm greedy - I want a ZOOM feature available for all photos on OS now.......
Fantastic pictures! What memories for you and your kids!