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February 19
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APRIL 19, 2012 8:50AM

bemused, amused, or confused-III

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Bemused- Do you notice that "white supremicists" have the least appreciation for european culture? As Sonny Davis famously informed Archie Bunker: "I know you're not racist because you're not superior to nobody."

Confused- If Republicans truly believe being a mother is the hardest job on earth then how can they believe that teachers are lazy? Is raising 5 kids really more important than teaching 35? unless of course they are your children.

Amused- the majority of supporters for Romney are really damning him with faint praise with statements along the line "well he's not perfect but he'll have to do".  I am amused that they would chose to board a plane advertised " not the pilots we really wanted but they'll have to do"

Bemused- I am re reading the Letters of Lord Chesterfield and the contrast between the level of education, largely self education, and the attention to style and responsibilities of a politician of the 1740's and those earning a rich man's pension today. I also might point out there is no recommendation to religion at all

Confused- Rush Limbaugh's comments on prostitution in the Secret Service orgy seem to infer that his listeners are all quite familiar with the use of prostitution- it is a given he is. So should I assume his audience are mostly male adulterors and their views on the dangers of gay marriage to their own unions the worst sort of hypocrisy?

Confused- fundamentalists believe that man was made the steward of the earth but they seem to have a different understanding  of steward- I understand a steward is a position of responsibility to maintain and improve not to consume and expect their Lord to replenish. There seems to be special leeway in interpretation in those who believe every word is divine that we who are more aware of man's hand and ignorance on the pen

Bemused- the whalers were warned "You can't be a saint in Bedford and a devil in the South Seas" but does not the same warning not apply to Los Vegas, conventions, "What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas" wink, wink, nudge, nudge- "Don't preach and exhort to sin with the same mouth"

Amused- America is  the "Greatist Country" depends heavily on how we measure, does it not? Liberals believe that its greatness lies in the continuing dream of what it might become but it seems Conservatives insist that we worship the mythology of the past even if it means banning books, subjects, discussion of the very first of the ammendments in their Sacred, Heaven inspired,  Bill of Rights


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Very concise. I find in extremely frustrating Romney wants to glorify his wealthy wife's raising of five children yet exhorts the merits of the dignity of work to other mothers in the country before they can receive benefits to stay at home, the role Republicans deem as where a woman should be, and with an aspirin between her legs for contraception no less. Truthfully I can or will not look at what Rush L says or does he is the exemplification of everything I abhor in a human being. Well done.
thank you Rita- I really cannot look at a photograph of Limbaugh, Aisles, Beck or Roves because I once saw a sea of maggots working the carcuss of a death bloated pig- but their names do come up
but how does that effect us, torrito?
Well done, Kenneth. Thanks for the laughs (dark though they may be).
you're more than welcome Ann. I hope others laugh even when its at me