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Peter Roell
Cathedral City, California, USA
June 13
Born June 13, 1948 at Green Point Hospital, Brooklyn, New York. Attended All Saints Catholic School, Brooklyn, New York; P.S. 78, Bronx, New York; Sts. Philip and James Catholic School (Class of 1962), Bronx, New York; Cardinal Spellman High School (Class of 1966), Bronx, New York; University of California, Berkeley, California (BA degree in Fine Art, 1969, MA degree in Fine Art, 1971). View art at: and


MAY 25, 2010 4:02PM

September 11, 2001: Changed the World

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9/11: Changed the World - Forever! 


September 11, 2001:

Changed the World

From the September 11th Series

An iconic image of the unprovoked and cowardly attacks on the Unites State of America on September 11, 2001.  This was the first image I created almost immediately after the horrific events of September 11, 2001.  Shortly thereafter, I began a series of identical images with the wording in the paint can and on the earth changing.  Some of the variations in this series are:

  • Love – Saves the World
  • Heroism – Inspires the World
  • Religion – Divides the World
  • Islam – Convert the World
  • CO2 – Warms the World
  • Wall Street – Robs the World

I invite you to augment this list.

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neither cowardly, nor unprovoked.

of course, the vast majority of americans were unaware of what their government had been doing in the middle east for many years. the rest of the world did know, and were less surprised.

alqaeda had struck before, at the wtt and other places, with clear expressions of why they were intent on balancing the slate of destruction. but if only dozens die, it doesn't get big and sustained discussion on the mainstream media. and of course, no one was eager to publicize the source of obl's discontent, lest someone say, "you know, we would be very angry too, if foreign soldiers were propping up an american dictator."

as for cowardice, there was a time when giving your life for your country was honored. the cowardice was with bush and cheney, who hid from the vietnam war.
Have you ever heard of the song Imagine, by John Lennon? If you have'nt you should listen to it. The little variations that you posted beneath your art kind of reminded me of this song. John Lennon would have been devastated if he were alive when this happened