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October 18
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APRIL 21, 2012 9:23PM

Birthday Card for Designanator

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Happy Birthday John! 

As promised some years ago, here is one of my photos of Providence taken in 1976.  (full res here)



Born on April 22, the same day as Immanuel Kant, Vladimir Lenin, Odilon Redon, Vladimir Nabokov,  Charlie Mingus and Bettie Page, no surprise that you are massively talented in art and music, creative, hard-working, intelligent, not to mention a puckish sense of humor. 

 Have a fantastic birthday!!! 

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John - I also found my color slides of Brown and some shots of downtown, but I have to get them digitized - maybe they'll be ready next birthday!
Happy birthday to my favorite OS cartoonist. Hope everything goes your way today and everyday.
Happy Birthday John!
Happy Birthday, Designator!

Ardee, great picture. I like the tonality grey. Was this originally a color photo?

Trudge - no, it was black and white film that I developed and printed myself at RISD. Thanks for the compliment!
Ardee, thank you so much for the wonderful birthday greeting and post this evening!! I never realized before that those illustrious notables share the same birthday!

Regarding the photo, I know that exact spot very well from the old days of living in Providence. The church shown in your photo is Cathedral of St. John (what a coincidence about the name) the Episcopal cathedral along North Main Street that I attended one service at back in freshman year. I am looking forward to seeing those other photos you have of the Brown and the city!

Earth Day and birthday are off to a wonderful start--thank you!

Miguela, Larry, and Trudge: thank you very much for the birthday wishes!!
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, _||___||___||_
,,,,,,,,,, 0,,{/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/},’0

Glad I tuned in tonight and didn't miss it!
A little late to the party but here's a sincere wish for a Happy Birthday Weekend and many more creative years to come!
Happy Birthday! Hope it's fun.
Marlene, Linnnn, and CM, many thanks for the thoughtful birthday wishes!!

@Linnnn, you're right on time for the party as my birthday is the same day as Earth Day...and today! (Sometimes I call it B-Earth Day.) Thanks!
Phyllis, thank you very much for the birthday greeting!!
Jon, thanks very much for the wonderful birthday greeting!!
Happy Birthday to one of the most prolific archivists we are lucky to have here! Tho I see I am a day late : (
Truth to tell, peeps, I messed up and hit "Update" last night when I put this together and not "Preview" so the post went up early. John's Birthday is TODAY! This is the rare example of me being early with my birthday wishes.
Happy Earthday Birthday to one of the kindest, most creative, and respected bloggers on Open Salon. Thank you, Ardee. Enjoy your day, John.
"I wish you a haρρy birthday...and a haρρy great life" Designator..and Ardee what an excellent move..Sooo rated.
Love the picture. Happy Birthday, Designanator--you seem to be in good company.
Happy belated birthday, designator!
Happy Birthday Designator, hope it's a good one..
¡Cumpleaños Feliz! Happy Birthday!
Ardee, I have accidentally hit the update button on several occasions, too. Salon should think about putting the button in red with a warning next to it! Thank you again for the wonderful birthday post!

Sharon, Fusun, Stathi, JL, Erica, Rita, and Deborah ~ I am so touched by your thoughtful birthday wishes! Thank you, all!!
Happy Birthday, des. May your personal 'new year' brings you everything you want and need!
For a true class act---here's to a happy birthday! are the best.....Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Happy B-Day John!!
May your day be merry and bright!

How thoughtful of you to post this!

John, happy birthday!
happy birthday, john! OS wouldn't be OS without your postings!
Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a great day. Sorry I'm late.
Have an enjoyable day with many happy returns. Open Salon would not be the same without you.
Scarlett, Roger, Gary, Suzanne, V, Candace, MM, and Stacey ~ many, many thanks for your special birthday greetings!!! All of the wonderful comments have made this one very, very memorable birthday!
joy to you, john! thanks for being such a generous member of the os family! best, libby
I hope you had a wonderful day~ Happy Birthday, Designanator!
Libby and Joan ~ thank you so much for your warm birthday wishes!!!
Happy Birthday! Hope you had a fun one! Try not to get any ice cream in your Rapidograph!
Happy Birthday, D!! And thank you for being so thoughtful, R-D!!
Gah! I'm late, but happy birthday anyway, John/designanator! I hope the day was a great one, full of creativity and fun!
trilogy's b-day cake is unbelievable!
Julie, Sheila, Greenheron, Tom, Alysa, and Heidi, thank you so much for those special birthday greetings!!!