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OCTOBER 16, 2011 11:05PM

Who needs TV?

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  • Pretty strange. Apparently someone has made a home-made bomb (clear liquid in a soda bottle with a long dark... fuse?) and threw it out right in front of my house. The old folks across the street heard explosions over there (I didn't) and called the cops, who are now blocking off my street and huddling with the fire department, flashing lights and all. Nice quiet safe Black Mountain. If I don't show up on FB tomorrow, I guess it blew me up.
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      • Lois WDear God.... be safe!
        58 minutes ago · Like
      • Ardee Wnc I'd worry more if the cops and fire dept guys weren't hanging out and shooting the shit (I can hear them right outside my window.)
        57 minutes ago · Like
      • Ardee Wnc The bomb squad just showed up
        24 minutes ago · Like
      • LoisW. AAH!
        24 minutes ago · Like
      • Robyn  is Mimi inside?
        20 minutes ago · Like
      • Ardee Wnc No, she was screaming to get out. She's probably safer than I am
        19 minutes ago · Like
      • Ardee Wnc I will say I'm impressed with how seriously they're taking this. Seems the long dark thing coming out of the bottle is a hose, makes sense if you're going to light it. They're photographing it before they do anything, stalking around it and making notes
        18 minutes ago · Like
      • Ardee Wnc This is better than CSI, and it's all playing out just for me
        13 minutes ago · Like
      • Robyn  are they sure it's a bomb? maybe its some kind of drug paraphnalia
        11 minutes ago · Like
      • Ardee Wnc OMG, they are just saying it was a hack for an overflow of brake fluid and it probably blew off the car that it was attached to - HA! these clever rednecks around here, they've had the police going
        11 minutes ago · Like
      • Robyn  is Priscilla online? she has FD radio on her phone
        9 minutes ago · Like
      • Robyn  guess it's safe to go to bed now!
        9 minutes ago · Like
      • Robyn  maybe youcan get high off of break fluid if it doesn't kill you first
        9 minutes ago · Like
      • Ardee Wnc Everyone had a laugh over it, I thanked the cops and it's over
        6 minutes ago · Like
      • AJ Calhoun Holy crap! Well that was, in the end, entertaining, I guess. Wowsa...
        4 minutes ago · Like
      • Ardee Wnc Just another night on the mean streets of Black Mountain
        2 minutes ago · Like

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The cop said that local kids are making "reaction" bombs these days out of drano and tin foil. Never heard of that one, but I guess kids get into plenty of stuff on the internet.
This is why paying taxes is worth it. They really were taking care about this, and since it was right in front of my house, I appreciated it!
Let me know if you get bored again. I'll throw another bomb and keep your cable bill low.
My kid went through a phase... yeah, ball up foil, put into a sealed two liter with drain cleaner (they had a favorite kind) and it makes a hella explosion. Who needs TV? True dat
Harry, i'm not surprised at all that you're hanging soda bottles off your leaking brake system. But yes, the whole thing was very entertaining. Thanks for the show!

Trig, I guess they got bored with mentos and coke, huh? I'm feeling glad I never had kids right now.
This brought back a memory of the day one of my students (high school principal) dropped one of these in a trashcan during lunch in the cafeteria. I can't begin to describe the noise it made and then there was total silence for about three seconds and then everyone started screaming and running as "smoke" wafted upwards. Thank God for video cams!

Glad yours was just an adventure.
Grif, I didn't know you were a high school principle, interesting. Yeah, false alarm is better than a big boom, no doubt about it. Thanks for coming by!
Lot more excitement in your 'hood than mine tonight. Sports recaps, football highlights, belch. Gimme a good bomb scare anytime.

~waving from waaaaaay over here in san diego~
Heeeeyyyy Candace ( I'm waving back) Yeah, Sunday night tube is the pits. Obviously, I'd rather spend the evening on FB and OS.
Good grief. What is a hack for an overflow of brake fluid? Why can't kids these days just relax on a mattress with a big doobie, like we did?!
Ardee, glad to read you're o.k. after that scary episode! Figuring it was the work of kids, I have to say they were left to their own devices (and vices) long enough to put together a bomb while their parents thought they were just outside playing. Hoping this is not the start of a budding Unabomber!
Hey, guys relax. It wasn't even a drano bomb, it was some redneck trying to fix his junker with a soda bottle and a little bit of hose. The explosion was the bottle getting blown off the car under pressure. These guys get their buzz with a 12 pack of Budweiser, and spend more time under the hood than copping a buzz. All is well in Appalachia, I promise :)
Ardee, something tells me this auto repair technique was not from Motorweek on PBS! I'm happy to read about the update on this!
Read this yesterday and I'm glad you're okay, Ardee. Kids today.
I assume you survived dear.