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MARCH 19, 2009 12:41PM

Project Runway loose cannon shoots cats

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From the AP wire:

Mar 19th, 2009 | NEW YORK -- A "Project Runway" finalist is accused of using her cat as a weapon during a spat with her ex-fiance.

Kenley Collins told the New York Post that the Brooklyn police report exaggerated the incident. She calls it "a miscommunication."

According to the Post and Daily News, Zak Penley told authorities Collins woke him Tuesday by tossing the cat in his face. He said the cat-apault was followed by a laptop toss. Three apples and some water also made it into the mix.

Penley called 911; Collins was charged with assault.

Collins had a sharp-tongued reputation on the Bravo TV fashion-design competition.

Penley, an artist and musician, wrote a song called "CAT?" for Collins' "Runway" finale.


This girl was  so immature, I could hardly bear watching her on the show. This incident seems entirely in character for Kenley who is an 8-year-old- pretending to be an adult. Abusing an animal in the process of abusing a lover and then passing it off as a "miscommunication." No wonder she had a bad relationship with her parents! 

And, aren't you just sorry that she won't get married and get renamed: Kenley Penley? :) 


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Letting my snarky flag fly.
The "Kenley Penley" is probably why she was dating the guy in the first place. Significant Other and I love Project Runway. Early on last season we actually liked Kenley. I loved her early 50s schtick and she seemed like she'd be fun to hang around with. Wow, did that change quickly. By the end of the season she seemed like someone with a serious personality disorder!
Susan- PJ producers probably loved her as the show villain, but she lost me when she dissed Tim Gunn to his face.

Stellaa - Yeah, this story just begs for puns.
Oops, I meant PR producers. Spell check didn't catch that one.
Disclaimer - I did NOT bribe the editor to put this on the cover, it has absolutely no redeeming value except as a gossipy laugh about a reality show celebrity. Just so you know that I know.
Will the cat be given a better home?
Hawley, I would be scared for a cat in her presence! I hope so!
Kenley is a pussy.
Yeah, dissing Tim Gunn was the final insult. I love Tim and he was trying so hard to be fair and pleasant and freaking helpful! She wasn't just a beeyatch, she was stupid.
I love Tim Gunn. I actually considered debasing myself on national tv to get on TG's makeover show. I want him to adopt me!
The "Sauce Pro II." (Ha!)
I'm an elitist snob and I'll say it first before anyone else does.

I have no idea what "Project Runway" is.

And don't tell me. Spawn of Satan is asleep right next to my screen, and I don't want him getting ideas about cat throwing. He's sufficiently perky already.
Bryan- Project Runway is (was) a reality show on Bravo that had fashion designer contestants make outfits every week. For a reality show, it was pretty good. There was still the villain element that most reality shows depend on and Kenley was one of them.

Sao- I wish I could take credit for that pun!
child woman? nope. would say extremely clever and diabolical woman if she tosses cats about to hurt people...who is she???
Snark away, Ardee. :)