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SEPTEMBER 2, 2008 9:04PM

Can it get any better? Palin a secessionist

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This just in - Palin was a member of the pro-secession Alaska Independence Party, which challenges the legality of statehood and favors becoming a sovereign nation. Further, they advocate taking Federal lands and returning them to the state and residents. Here's the link to ABC news, who broke the story (even Salon has not caught up yet). 

I can't WAIT to hear how they spin this one! Watch McCain turn on a spit and sweat!  


The McCain campaign  is just denying it and using Palin's voter registration as proof that she has been a Republican all along. (see ABC updated article here) And, more than one executive member or AIP has now confirmed that she attended meetings and in fact spoke at an AIP event earlier this year. Personally, I don't think a voter reg card proves anything. 

 But, whatever, the GOP seems to be covering it up, in spite of the fact that McCain didn't know and now is stuck with a self-involved, small-town machiavelli with deep closets full of inconvenient truths of the backcountry kind. You have to read Andrew Sullivan's reprint of comments by a Wasilla native very well acquainted with Palin, if you haven't already.

I will be totally surprised if McCain sticks with her, and I think even Rove would have lost control of this "bad-news buffet." But if they stay with Palin, it will just prove to me, yet again, that hypocrisy is the only thing Republicans do well, besides stealing and lying. 

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Just one more act in this continuing circus....
Can you imagine what the Right would say had Obama been a member of a similar party . . . . or if Obama had a pregnant daughter.

Now we hear that the earmark-opposing Palin hired a lobbyist that brought in $27 million in earmark dollars to her community of 6,700 residents while she was mayor.

And hell, Palin has only been in the spotlight for five days. Who know what else may come to light.
I take back everything I said about destroying Palin.

It's clear that left alone, she'll do it all by herself.

What could be better? An anchor to the McCain campaign, an indictment of his judgment, and the destruction of a relatively young republican politician.

And we don't have to lift a finger!

I love it.
I've often found in life that the bad guys (e.g. Republicans) get theirs in time, not enough time, but in time. I'm glad I'm here to watch.

Will this be another Harriet Miers? Will she drop out/be forced out? Will John McCain stop thinking with his dick?
Another reason to like Jake Tapper...
McCain and Palin?
Republicans flailin'
and I am watching with glee.
No tellin' how far he
and Caribou Barbie
will fall from their apogee.
I'm a Texas secessionist... We ruled ourselves before and will do so again. Take that all you sorry folks not lucky enough to live in Texas.
I personally favor the cause of session. If Ukrainians and Georgians can secede, why not Alaskans? If the American empire were to break up, it would be the best thing that has happened for freedom world-wide since the Soviet empire broke up.
Lt Bohica: It pains me to say that there are quite a few of us out here who, on occasion, have wished y'all would hurry things along a little. ;-)
Having read the linked article, I see that the one source for this story says that the AIP is not in favor of sovereignty, only that the process by which AK became a state is not legally valid and that it ought to be submitted to a vote. Party members hold a variety of views on whether state sovereignty is a good idea. Looks like the "spin" here is a spin on the crank of the rumor-mill.
Not so Lester. Here is a quote by the founding member of AIP, Joe Vogler.
"I'm an Alaskan, not an American. I've got no use for America or her damned institutions."
No, this is the real thing. I don't think even Obama's minister ever advocated secession.
Jeff- Caribou Barbie - love it, even if it is un-PC!
Yes, they say they just want a vote. But they are called the ALASKA INDEPENDENCE PARTY. That seems to imply where they'd like the vote to go.

Check out their website:
Jeff Schult, ya'll always say stuff like that -- but we Texans know it to be the green demon talking. You envy that we've got bigger and better ... everything. :-)
LT: Texas may have bigger everything...unless you include Alaska! So I suppose it is in the Lone Star State's best interest for the AIP to succeed with secession. Or secede successfully?

I'm a Peaks Island secessionist, myself.
Before Alaska became a state they almost cut it in half so Texas would remain the biggest state until they found out you would have two states bigger than Texas. Sorry, used to live in Anchorage.
This little quirk of hers is well known in Alaska. Many of us in South East Alaska would be very much in favor of seccession from Alaska, and most of us here didn't vote for her anyway. The Repubs have a bit of a bad rep here right now its likely that 2/3s of our congressional delegation will be in jail shortly, and the Governor's plan to send our natural gas stores to Canada to cook oil sands so we can buy oil from Canada seems a bit smarmy too. I'm sure there will be many more.

Interesting to watch the national GOP make asses out of themselves also. I used to be one.......not since the Shrub W was in office for 72 hours. I'm really sorry I voted for him the first time. Yu can fool some of the people all the time, but not me. Never again.
There are many times when I think of that map where the blue states merge with Canada and sigh... But it ain't gonna happen. The main point is, über-patriot McCain, with a fringe secessionist on his ticket. And they can't even fold it in and dissemble like with the unwed daughter. It's too rich!
Here's the map was thinking of:
The United States of Jesus Land.
Your map has possibilities - I would move to BC anyway, if I had the money to emigrate. I like that you gave Nunavut a whole other province. But I'm pretty sure that Texas would want to own Mexico, not the other way around. And it's only my opinion, but I think Kansas and the south, what you are calling the USA, would jump at the chance to be in the Christian Confederation of North America!