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AUGUST 21, 2009 2:34PM

Un - retooning Jessica Rabbit

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 I created this from a drawing I did 19 years ago. I can't afford expensive as hell photoshop ($1,000.00+) so I used the freeware Sea Shore which is a watered down version of Gimp which is supposed to be "Better than Photoshop," but I can't confirm that because I don't have the right version of OSX to run Gimp on my Mac.

A couple of hours later




Slower version in 2 parts



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You already know how awesome I think you are kiddo. Who needs expensive software with talent like yours.

FINALLY, I get to see you in action. Incredible. Simply amazing.
I could watch this all day.
Hey! Nice work and cool video.
BTW I fucking love to watch you color :-)
Oh that was LOTS of fun to watch and thanks for the great music too. Rated and posted. Never can tell who's reading the Facebook pages.
I do love the sexy 'toon ladies!!
Very interesting. I can definitely see the resemblance! You are so much fun!
I will never be able to watch," Who framed Roger Rabbit," again and not think of you :)
Still not as hot as the real you......
Thanks. Cool video. I sent this to my graphic designer daughter.
Hey kiddo. Congrats on the EP - you deserve it for this.
That's cool as shit!
Thanks for the education! You're amazing! I'll be sending this to my artistic daughter who is now a graphic artist.
Man, I fuckin' love coloring too!

We need to track down some OSX, y'all.

"only the shadows of their eyes."
Perfect musical selections to acompany a revealing glimpse of the artist at work.
What fun to see the mouse behind the avatar! Reminds me of the graphic design channel our graphic artist friend is always wishing for. Have you seen this one? That video immediately came to mind while watching you working away so skillfully.

I’d never heard of Sea Shore before, but you certainly make a great case for it!

Wow! You are just full of talent, lady! Fascinating.
Thanks Bob - I added that photo... lol!

Jimmymac - indeed you see right through the colors to the essence

Connie Mac - We need to get together with a 64 box and about 10 coloring books!

JRDOG - Thanks, cool! Circulation is great!

Skip - don't we all. But you know the only sexy man cartoon I can think of is Shrek 2 when he turned handsome....

Dr FeelGood - you shameless flatterer! ;-D

Love Grandma - no I had not seen that, but it's a great idea. Could be my next project.

Marcelleqb, David, Life is Good, Cap'n, Chuck, Ron, Wanderer - Thank you, I'm glad it was fun to watch. This will be part of my resume package for landing a new gig.
Incredible! Loved watching you create!
Awesome resume, seeing a real graphic artist in action is CraZy. Your work in video is a great glimpse into your mind and its workings as you bring to life the images in your head for the consumption of 'Us'.

I gotta check out that freeware!
Great job!
Glad you found something new to play with kid... I looked for my copies of CS4 for you. But see you found one of the freebies I mentioned to your liking, cool!
Video editing is fun too! Just think, a few of us did this by hand for many years... Storyboards that became reality, used to be a craft few could do.
I used to paste shy young lads faces on/in Rock/Hair bands, and make life size cutouts for bar mitzvah's, parties, whatever, just for kicks. Man the fun I had, and the frauds created, most viewed illusion as reality. Funny, they still do today!
Me t'inks you would have done well in that era, look what you do now with a simple program and dated OSX box. Students can purchase the whole set now for under 4 bills but... another time/story. Welcome to the wonderful world of illusion Linda!
This was off the chain. Well done and congrats on a well deserved EP.
Wow. Just...wow. I am sooooooooooooooo impressed. You rock on so many levels.

Rated, natch.
Here I was, waiting for your rendition of the infamous "car wreck" scene and all we get is a shoulder shot? Hahahaha, nice work, by the by.
Cool!!! Congrats on the EP
WOW.. I need this program... My paint program does do this.. and I can't get my winkles out... LOL.. Totzaon