August 30
I'm just ... me. And this quote, from John le Carre, really resonates with me: "Coming home from very lonely places, all of us go a little mad: whether from great personal success, or just an all-night drive, we are the sole survivors of a world no one else has ever seen."


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JULY 26, 2009 6:59PM

My Saturday, in 5-7-5

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Eyes lock. Tentative  
smiling from across the street.
More looks. Then? A kiss.

Later … me, under.
You? On top, holding me down.
Smiles, sighs, and singing.

Looking up I see …
Desire. A smile. And joy.
Giggles come from me.

“Is something funny?”,
you ask. Almost like you’re shy.
My response? A grin.

After the laughter,
more kissing. Then more again.
Fingers pull on hair.

There is more talking,
more kissing, more, well … you know.
Alarm blares too soon.

Breakfast with best friend,
but only after more … more ...
Yes, this was needed.

Now I’m off to see
Blondie and Benatar, live.
The cherry on top.

(My weekend was pretty damn good, once I followed my own advice and let the sunshine in. How are y'all?)

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Damn, girl. That is a killer weekend. Good for you!
Wow Anni! That totally reminds me of a tryst of mine...
Glad you had a great weekend--you deserve it!

the sun shined today, I got out for a walk.

Oops, I mean, BRAVO!! GREAT POST!! :)
Now, that is one happy poem. Great for you.
Yes! Now that’s a post from the sunny side of the street.
It's good to know God doesn't hate everyone.
Huh. Guess that dating thing is working out well!
Woo hoo00000, a great weekend review!
Like dancing in a meadow.
Excellent - quite excellent!
Besides the fact that this is an awesome portrait of an awesome weekend, I do love the extended take on erotic haiku. Nicely done, as always.
Lonnie - yes, yes it was. :D

Spotted - I hope it was a good reminder!

Brian - walking is good, especially when the sun is shining.

Tink - I don't think I want to know your definition is of "let the sunshine in". o_O

Spudsy - there was more. But I wanted to keep those bits for myself.

David - yes, don't let it get out, but sometimes I post happy things.

Harry - no, but sometimes he does like to mess with us.

Wonderpony - well, one of them is working out. At least, in "that" way.

Scupper, Stim, Owl, and Lou - thank you all. (Sorry, no personal responses - the oven is dinging at me!)
Great! Rated for Blondie and Benatar! The cherry on top, for sure!
Let the sunshine in? Hell, you let it burn holes right through my mind. This was nice and, well HOT lady.
Let the sunshine in? Hell, you let it burn holes right through my mind. This was nice and, well HOT lady.
Damn girl, I need me one of these weekends. LOL