August 30
I'm just ... me. And this quote, from John le Carre, really resonates with me: "Coming home from very lonely places, all of us go a little mad: whether from great personal success, or just an all-night drive, we are the sole survivors of a world no one else has ever seen."


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MAY 13, 2009 12:45AM

Footloose and Fancy-free

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Okay, I’m currently more along the lines of footstiff and fancy-unfree.

There are so many words bouncing around in my head, so many feelings, emotions, and thoughts, that it feels like a Pong game on crack is going on in my grey matter. Added to that I’ve been in camera geek mode the last few weeks, so my verbal skills have degenerated to a point where, if someone asks how I’m doing, I’ll answer with “the sky smells purple”.

Apparently I’ve been living life on a more visceral level, where scents have emotions, colours have taste, and words make pictures. (Honestly, this is how I normally operate, I’ve just become really great at putting up a normal façade.)


This article caught my eye today:

Footloose anyone?

I must admit, I admire the kid for looking at the consequences of his action, and then still following his heart (or gut). The school however? They can suck a bag of donkey dicks.


As for the camera geeking stuff? Here …









My thoughts may be all a jumble right now, but I truly am enjoying the scents, colours, and sights. Even if my words do come out sounding like gibberish.

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your doing fairly well with the
I envy the world you live in though
and rated for the sky smells purple
Your pictures are very dynamic.
"it feels like a Pong game on crack is going on in my grey matter."

so that's not just me?

pong game or not, your pics are rockin.
Wow - for a camera geek, you sure do write pretty!
Yes, you paint the world with your photos.

It is the colour that grabs the soul; the face that fills with emotions; and the light that bathes us like tiny, frighten children.

Oh, yes, I too remember the time when the world was young and free, the wind clean and the dreams you and I had were real. Ouch! I yell as Mother Earth pinches me and I weep for those who feel no pain.

The color illuminates my face and it's the carnival, 1974, and I win and receive a beautiful gold fish in a delicate glass cup.

And the love of life and rain, mountains that loom, and the shadows of our lives stretch as fair as your mind will let it...
Your photos are vibrant, full of life!
Ah shucks you guys.

Trig - don't envy my world. The grass is always greener, no?

Suzn - thank you!

Nan - nope, not just you. (Glad to know I'm not the only one playing Pong with myself.)

Owl - heh. words, scents, pictures, it all blends. I just try to translate from Anni-speak into english (or a close approximation thereof).

Luis - yes, in my mind, the world does indeed stretch far.

Msr. C - thanks for dropping in. YAY for life!
Anni, that first picture blew my mind, then the rest, the color is
amazing, so saturated. It's like how you are as a dancer translated
into photography. You are dancing your photgraphs.
First off, you go Tyler Frost, you were a brave man, to go and dance, at your girlfriend's prom, when you knew, your school, full of those church folks who believe dance leads to other things(aka drinking Diet Dr. Pepper without any clothes!! THE HEATHENS!!!!) would suspend you and not let you graduate.

Yes, the father should sue...

Second off, lovely pictures. *nodding*
That first photo is like so Salvador Dali....
ah, Ren Faire, that first picture is fantastic, the colors so rich and vibrant and the composition, it reminds me of some of the elaborate representations of draped cloth you see in 17th century paintings, too cool
normal is vastly overrated...
You do nice work when your gray matter is scrambled. I usually just sit and drool.
I want to be you for a day.
Hmmmm... seems like the way Jimi Hendrix might post if he played with a camera instead of a guitar
I loved the clip from Footloose. Whenever I'm upset I do the angry dance too.

BTW, not only does the sky smell purple, that may be the most coherent statement I've heard all day. Shows ya what kind of day I've had.
Yeesh...I read the article. Some people just go overboard. My experience is if you are too strict you are inviting rebellion. I saw this happen to pastor's kids over and over again. I purposed not to do that to mine. My daughter went to so many proms I lost count. She didn't rebel and she's a wonderful adult. When will they ever learn?