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Anne Cameron Cutri
Northern, Pennsylvania, USA
November 09
This blog is about the journey from here to there. Early posts have devotional poetry and prose with scripture included. Many deal with the difficulty of having people in my life who are living with cancer and have died from cancer. Now I'm focusing on going back to college in my 50's and discovering a new path to direct my art--which is art therapy. _________________________________________ All of the artwork I created unless otherwise noted. If you'd like to buy one of my paintings or contact me to say oh, give me a million dollars to help me in my artistic endeavors : See my art and purchase prints here: orginals: merchandise: __________________________________________ The scriptures are usually taken from the New Revised Standard w/ apocrypha or the New King James.

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JULY 28, 2011 8:40PM

For You, Pat

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There was a field in my old town
Where we always played hand in hand
The wind was gently touching the grass
We were so young, so fearless

Then I dreamt o'er and over
Of you holding me tight under the stars
I made a promise to my dear lord
I will love you forever

Time has passed
So much has changed
But the field remains in my heart
Oh, where are you?
I need to tell you I still love you
So I reach out for you
You fly around me like a butterfly
Your voice still echoes in my heart
You are my true love

There was a field in my old town
Where in spring all flowers blossomed wide
We were chasing butterflies
Hand in hand 'til close of day
Your voice still echoes in my heart 
Movie: House of Flying Daggers
Artist: Kathleen Battle
Song: Lovers 

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cancer, family, love

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So very sorry Anne, I read your posts of your friend. Know that a friend is here, sending whatever healing thoughts I can.
Such exquisitely beautiful words, Anne. I see all of this and feel all of this with you. Another friend here listening and caring.
It's a beautiful song you selected for Pat. Both the lyrics and the voice touch my heart, and I'd like you to know that my heart has enough room for caring and healing thoughts.
Such love and loss and sorrow. Beautiful.
What a beautiful song and video. My thoughts are with you.
rated with love
Thank you everyone for your kind words, Pat went home to be with the Lord in his sleep last night.