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Anna Voy
December 31
My name is Anna Voy and these are my stories. I grew up, the youngest of four, in a small lake community in East Texas. My family wasn’t like yours and I can guarantee that. I’m not implying that my family has the market cornered when it comes to being weird. We all have dysfunctional families, but no one’s is dysfunctional in the same way. I feel I can pretty safely assume that my family’s weirdness is unique and is fully responsible for shaping me into what I’ve become. I’ve grown up to be somewhat adjusted, however I keep my quirks intact, fully aware that they are a product of a strange and warped childhood. Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: I don’t consider myself abused; rather I view my childhood as a series of strange adventures played out in unconventional ways and perceived through the layers of conditioning that we all inevitably pick up from those who raise us. On sunny days my mind trails back to these soggy memories and I almost swear I can smell the moss of the lake and hear the sounds of the motor boats as they speed rebelliously by the “Caution” buoy. These are the stories I remember…


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MAY 2, 2012 4:39PM

Open Salon...I've Missed You

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Let me start first with I'm sorry. Let me follow it up by saying I love you. Now if you're thinking this sounds like I'm trying to get back a long, lost love, well it kind of is. I haven't posted on Open Salon in over a year. You’re asking yourself, "Anna, what happened? Were you kidnapped? Did you come down with a rare disease that has just been cured? Did you give up writing?"

The truth is life happened.

Shame on you for thinking I'd give up writing...

So here's more of the truth: I had a baby!

That's pretty much what happened to me.

I've heard people say before that they had all these aspirations to write, travel, go to school, but that they had kids and they just couldn't get to them. I get it now. I used to think those people had given up. Now I get that your brain cells dissolve somewhere between the midnight feedings and the zombie hours spent putting diapers on backwards. I get that you want the best for your children, you want to give them everything, you want them to be proud of you and all that you've created, but you also just want to do the dishes and go to bed.

Also, I didn't just have a baby. I also worked and worked and worked in order to save so that I could resign from my job. Then I moved far away to  support my husband and take care of our child full-time. And I've been telling myself that if all went well, when everything settled down, I would write.

So here I am over a year after my last posting ready for you. Ready to write. Ready to be welcomed back into this community that I've loved and missed and only had a split second every few months to check up on.

Hello Open Salon! I've missed you! I'm back.

I'll be posting my next lake nostalgia story starting next week. Until then take care and wish me long, uninterrupted nights of restful sleep. I'll be wishing you the very same.

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I've missed you : ) ...and was just about to pm you to see if you're alright....
A baby! You moved! Wow, a big year for you, indeed.
So glad to see you here again, you are one of the best storytellers around.
I'm not just saying this, but I really did notice you weren't around! I missed your posts and I am so happy to know that you've been away for a really great reason. Now get writing. ~r
Congrats on all you have done. You deserve it. Rated with a Jali smile of course.
It it truly wonderful to get your warm welcomes. I can't wait to start catching up on your postings as well.
Just Thinking, you're still as thoughtful and supportive as I remember.
Joan, that is truly wonderful to hear.
Tink and Jali, thank you both so much!
It is nice to be back!
Wow! That's a good reason to stay away. Congrats and write the details.

BTW, whenever anyone says, "I missed Open Salon," I say, "Swing again, maybe you'll hit it this time."
I look forward to reading your posts!
I'm so glad your rare disease was actually a baby. Welcome back!
Cranky, that's hilarious!!!
Nile, thanks so much!
Bell, yes having a child is pretty much a disease that won't kill you but will make you fatigued and thoroughly happy!
that's what i call the really big journey....
Every time I went through my list of favorites to see who'd posted something new, I'd look wistfully at your avatar and wonder where you'd gone. I am SO HAPPY you're back, and congratulations on your baby, and on getting through a VERY busy year! All the best to you, and I'm looking forward to reading your next post! Yay!
Alysa, that is so sweet of you to say. This is exactly what I'm talking about! You all are awesome! I'm so glad to be back!

Ben, it has been the best year of my life!!!
Welcome back to you and welcome to your baby!