Andrew Kaplan

Andrew Kaplan
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
March 15
Chief Idea Officer
Andrew Kaplan loves media, politics, sports and stirring things up. He worked in his career at HBO, The Movie Channel and NBC radio. He currently has a radio show on and blogs about his advenures in media. He is also a recognized expert in social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn.


One of the gifts of an actor is to be able to bring to life some role which will be memorable. Part of the journey to date have been to be in feature films such as The ChangeUp, Contagion and The Bay where if the editors are gentle, I'll be a/…

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FEBRUARY 8, 2011 4:15PM

2011 MediaMensch Branding

We are working hard on our branding and focus for MediaMensch in 2011. This includes new logo, new website, and missions. We are looking forward to providing top notch coaching and advisory services to our clients.

Out of the Box Thinking

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The 2011 Social Media Motorsports Summit is a week away and we are excited to have another great lineup of speakers including media and marketing executives from ESPN, SpeedTV, Ford Racing and cutting edge social media companies.

Last year of 40 people attended our event at the Westin Charlotte and w…

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DECEMBER 23, 2010 9:12AM

Social Media Trends for 2011

As we approach 2011, we will see new trends and ways in which we can take advantage of using social media to connect, brand and influence. Some of this has been seen in the way in which third party applications have taken advantage of the new commerce infrastructure and community built/…

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DECEMBER 22, 2010 2:59PM

The Fullest Shortest Day of the Year

Yesterday was the winter solstice, lunar eclipse and the shortest day of the year. I was also one of the most rewarding days for my "accidental actor" journey. My journey continues to bring surprises and new areas which never entered my mind when I started down my journey in the acting…

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Facebook Pages have allowed independent films to build audiences and fans throughout all stages of their evolution. This means that small films with no marketing budget can reach hundreds or thousands of fans around the world by simply developing a page on facebook.

Even in the earliest stages of film…

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OCTOBER 29, 2010 2:13PM

Barry Levinson - The Bay

Many of you know, I consider myself the "accidental actor", since opportunities to work with some of the leading actors and filmmakers in the world are happening without leaving the Carolinas.

Last month, I had the opportunity to travel to Georgetown, SC to work on a film with legendary director Barr…

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SEPTEMBER 9, 2010 3:10PM

Remnants - Trailer 1

Film Trailer from 'Remnants' (2011). My role was as Dr. Wilson, head of the national academy of sciences. The movie was filmed in North Carolina.
MAY 30, 2010 12:53PM

My "Junior Year" in NASCAR media

The Coca Cola 600 weekend in May 2010 was the beginning of my third year in my journey in NASCAR media or what I call the beginning of my "Junior Year". This means I am able to have a deeper understanding of the sport, the sponsors, the brands, the drivers…

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The journey in electronic communications began back in 1991 when I was advising my clients to adopt a new form of communications called MCI Mail (e-mail). On the heels of the fax revolution, many clients were slow to adopt and adapt. The clients who did saw great savings and a growing…

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We kicked off LinktoCharlotte Live! events with a dinner at the Dilworth Neighborhood Grille on March 31. To be on our mailing list join our new meetup group at

We had a dinner with great conversation and networking. We learned about green technologies from John/…

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FEBRUARY 21, 2010 9:45AM

The Emerging Charlotte Film Community

North Carolina and especially within 60 miles of Charlotte has a tremendous amount of emerging talent in the film community including actors, directors, producers, voiceover specialists. With the advent of digital video cameras and editing software, it is now easier to create independent films. With…

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Walter Cronkite was the north star. He pointed the way with his humble, passionate intelligent reporting. He was my first real reporter and anchorman who I watched and listened to each night.

A true reporter from the Tiffany network. Something out of the world. He brought emotion and level-headedness…

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JULY 1, 2009 10:33AM

Social Media for Realtors

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to present social media concepts at a technology open house for the Charlotte, NC realtors. Over 200 realtors attended this full day program taught by a team of instructors on topics such as twitter, facebook, and tools such as use of video and digital…

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Lori Banks is one of the founding members on LinktoMotorsports. Lori is a devoted NASCAR and Indy fan. She grew up in a family that raced. Today she travels to many of the races with the Woods Brothers team. Lori can be found in the center of many of the events…

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JUNE 2, 2009 4:14PM

Filmmakers and Social Media

Most film watchers are focused on the top grossing films of the year from major studios such as Disney, Paramount, Universal etc. However each year hundreds of films are produced which are of high quality and need to find their niche audience. These include feature films, short films and documentarie…

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MAY 28, 2009 3:04PM

The Flip

At the Coca Cola 600 race ,we had a chance to work with handheld portable HD video camera called The Flip Ultra HD. This camera takes two hours of video and then connects directly to your USB port of your computer to upload video. It is one of the simplest video/…

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Photo: David Reutimann, Winner of the 2009 Coca Cola 500
(photo by: MediaMensch Networks/Andrew Kaplan, all rights reserved)

During a two day, rain soaked, rain delayed race, David Reutimann was the winner of the Coca Cola 600. He stayed out in the rain for hours. Here he is sitting on the grou/…

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We caught up with NASCAR legend, Bobby Allison at the Coca Cola 600. He is the Grand Marshall for the race.

We are experimenting with ways in which MediaMensch Networks - LinktoMotorsports brand can use technology to capture the race week.

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NASCAR is all about its fans and it is also about about its brands. The sport runs on brands from Office Depot to Coca Cola to M & M's. If you are around Lowes Motor Speedway for the Coca Cola 600, scan around and count the number of brands you see./…

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MAY 21, 2009 10:24AM

Burnouts, Speed and Ingenuity

Speed Channel's PASSTIME show taped 10 episodes over two days at the Zmax Dragway in Concord, NC. It is a show in which vehicles from Motorcyles, SUV's to Volkswagens are entered. There were 2 celebrity contestants go against the "house" Ken Herring. They have to guess the times of the…

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As a social media advisor, I am asked all the time about twitter, its value and its return on the investment in time. Where Twitter may excel is to connect you with a knowledge economy or engage you in conversation.

Many of you have set out to twitter and have collected…

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Winner Tony Stewart and his teammates in victory lane at the 2009 Sprint All Star Race Tony Stewart took the lead with only 2 laps to go in the race. He held on against Ryan Newman. This was the first and special win for his new team at Stewart-Haas racing./…

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