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APRIL 20, 2012 6:47AM

Kathy Griffin, the D-List Is Calling

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Sorry, Kathy.  No self-respecting gay guy, let alone most anybody else, is going to watch your new talk show.

In its premiere last night on Bravo, Kathy Griffin's hourlong show called, appropriately enough, "Kathy," lacked the usual pop and sizzle of her specials, her "Life on the D-List," her "Tired Hooker."  The skewer she uses to slice up her celebrity targets was missing, and what she did say was curiously blunted.

Worse, she brings in three "civilians" -- two white women and a gay black man (hitting a few demographics) -- to hear what they have to say on current events.

On the topic of nuptials, Greg, the gay black man, gives Brangelina a pass on deciding not to wait to marry after all, until all people are allowed the right to marry -- "I just feel like they changed their mind, like couples do" -- and allows that he'd have a three-way with them.

On the Secret Service-prostitute pay discrepancy scandal, one of the women says it makes the President's men hotter.

Kathy contributing that he's a "douche" didn't add much to the discussion, nor did her statement that "Real Housewives"'s NeNe Leakes is a "big scary dude."

I came to the show to hear Kathy, and Kathy is who I want to hear.  I do not need my Griffin diluted.

There were also long boring segments featuring the show's assistants, and what they would and wouldn't do.  Taking out tampons?  Shaving armpits?

On the promos for the show, Thursday nights at 10 ET/9CT, Kathy's 91-year-old mother, Maggie Griffin, advises her daughter to stop making fun of celebrities, to lay off the Catholic Church and "for God's sake, no swearing, Kathleen."

Kathy, you have to stop listening to your mother.

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Hi Kate,

I know!

Almost makes me want to hit the boxed wine -- hard.

Yes, but as far as I'm concerned, her mother is the best part of the show. Her 3 minutes at the end were the best segment. Poor Kathy is banned from interviewing real A list celebs, that's the rub.
I think Kathy Griffin is pretty hilarious, but I didn't think this show sounded even remotely interesting. Glad you are here to watch for me! Nice to see you on the cover, Andrea! ~r
I think Kathy may be going the way of George (Carlin). So damned funny in the beginning, but the longer he thought about "stuff" and tried to pass it to us, the more bitter he became. Bitter may be entertaining, for a while at least, but it is never funny. Thanks for your comment on my poem Andrea. Duke
I don't even know why I looked at this. Kathy never had "pop and sizzle". Her shows have always been a waste of air time.
I don't keep up with Kathy because we don't have cable and I never really liked her. I am surprised to see she is still around. I just didn't think she was funny at all, maybe I didn't watch the right shows and there for awhile I couldn't tell the difference between her and Andy Dick.
The angrier and more disgusting she gets the less people care. She is a sad person indeed.
In all honesty, Kathy Griffin never appealed to me either. My only hope is that she doesn't follow in the footsteps of Jenny Jones. Remember her? She failed as a straight comic, tried to do "comedy for women only," then became a "serious" talk show host.

As a talk show host she baited a gay guy into admitting his crush for a straight, but insecure, co-worker. When the straight killed the gay guy, Jones played dumb on trial (a testimony I saw on Court TV as it happened) and she disappeared from television due to the grace of God.

As long as Griffin doesn't do that, I can at least give her a modicum of respect. (And yes, I had to rehash the Jenny Jones thing. Never forget and never forgive.)
Griffin's insult comedy, her soft shoe treatment of celebrities, grew old pretty quick on TV. TV chews people up! It's a wonder her cuteness and charisma lasted this long. There's nothing D List about her. And something inauthentic the camera can't hide.