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APRIL 15, 2011 4:21AM

The Toxic Censorship Of Huffington Post

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First off, let me say I love Arianna Huffington. I wouldn't go listen to her speak in person or anything but I pretty much stop down when she has something to say on TV. She "gets it" in a way that is refreshing and satisfying. Go Arianna!

I've seen some people on the left slam her pretty bitterly, falsely questioning her motives and commitment to progressive causes. To me, that reflects more on the accuser's defects than it does on her. I could live in a world of nothing but Ariannas. But life is not so simple.

Where I part ways with her oftentimes is in the solutions. One thing she cannot abide is "toxic dialog" and I understand completely what she means by that. Our discourse has been overrun by disingenuous and inflammatory comments without any intent of being constructive or truth-seeking. Those people are like acid eating into our souls with no possible good coming out of it.

It's beyond infuriating when someone burns down the house you're trying to build. One cannot both build and defend at the same time and these maniacal predators take advantage of this to practice their art of destruction. Such actions are intolerable and if allowed to continue are a threat to society as a whole. I think Arianna and I are eye-to-eye on that assessment.

What? Me toxic?

But her so-called solution is just as bad.

You did not hear Gandhi or Martin Luther King talk about censoring the hearts of their fellow man and God knows the toxic dialog they endured. Instead, they spoke of changing hearts knowing that would lead to a change of speech as the mouth is the overflow of the heart. What they did not do is foolishly hold themselves up as arbiters of what is good and true as no human can possibly make that claim.

Not that that stops Arianna and her many minions from doing just that. It's a false paradigm as she attempts to create a place of only "constructive" dialog. But one cannot make a difference only hearing what one wants to hear. One must let the chips fall where they may and trust in nature to sort it out the good from the bad so that we may all learn. That learning never stops.

I've had many comments censored at HuffPo and for a couple of years I stopped commenting in frustration. I also noted many other commenters complaining of and confused by similar treatment. "What did I do wrong?" The answer, of course, is nothing. Oh, the lament to be held captive of little minds!

But I've been sneaking back on lately only to be wholly soured once again. Arianna posted about a baseless lawsuit against her. Here is the gist of the suit:

NEW YORK — A blogger and labor activist has filed a lawsuit against AOL and the Huffington Post for not paying freelance bloggers while benefiting financially from the content they create.

Jonathan Tasini's suit, filed Tuesday, seeks class-action status on behalf of more than 9,000 writers and other content providers and asks for at least $105 million in damages.

The suit names Huffington Post co-founders Arianna Huffington and Kenneth Lerer as defendants. AOL bought the Huffington Post for $315 million last month, which Tasini said prompted the lawsuit.

The suit claims the Huffington Post has been "unjustly enriched" by luring contributors with the prospect of exposure but keeping the financial gain from their articles.

She was mocking of the suit and rightly dismissive of it and I say this as one who provides free content myself. So to provide a satirical statement on the mentality of Tasini's lawsuit I posted this comment:

[Comment withheld pending payment]

Now, I thought that was pretty damn funny expecting to be paid for a comment and was also very biting on the whole something-for-nothing expectations of the suit. Instead, it got censored, deemed an attack on Arianna by the deaf, dumb and blind munchkins upon whom she relies to make her world pure and holy.
No, it's a fool's errand you pursue Arianna, both perfidious and self-defeating. The only thing worse than toxic dialog is toxic censorship, as bad as any state controlled newspaper or two bit dictator looking for the same sort of paradise through baseless repression.

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Oh, dahling! I'm trying to fix the evil of the world!
You can't fix the evil of the world but you can mock it!! ~nodding~

Except it seems on Huffington Post!! **Comes back from a none too enjoyable trip there** I wondered why I hadn't been there!!!



EEK!! Ed I Tor here might delete ya, but at least she doesn't edit the comments cause if she did, I'd be remove EVERY DAY!! :D
Mr. Tinker, we are currently debating whether or not to censor your comment. Seems a certain Mr. Cheney was offended by your statement and also by the generally disrespectful tone of your blog.

Sincerely, OS Minions
~Taking a bow~ Thank you, I worked many hours crafting my comment!!!! I will gladly pay you 1 shiny nickel for removal and banning of I, now forever known as Huffington Kitty --- star of beloved videos such as KITTY PLAYS DRUM and the viral sensation KITTY BITES LITTLE KID....

Thank you,

Your friend

Assathor Dumensquat
I still say that I'd still pick Kerry in a knife fight vs. Huffington.

She might have the meaness, but Kerry has the Cobra Spirit, plus, Joan Walsh would spike Huffington's juice bottle!! DOWN IN 12 SECONDS!!


Ed I Tor would just nuke her from afar, just to make it fun and exciting for TV!!

Mr. Tinker. This is to notify you that like any California jury we are deadlocked concerning your possible comment deletions. 2 are for it, 1 opposes it and the other 9 are too confused to formulate a reply.

Sincerely, OS Minions

P.S. Kerry informs us he's never lost a knife fight but that Arianna gives him "one helluva boner!"
you will find a lot of Arianna haters here on open salon. I used to post on huffingtonpost but yeah, the censorship is pretty heavy there. its censorship with a smiley face, flowers, and perfume on top of it. still smells like a big piece of @#&% to me.
for example, arianna refuses to publish a single article on 911 conspiracy theory despite zillions of very intellectual writers on the subject.
meet the new boss. same as the old boss. I hope we dont get fooled again.
the only thing I like about huffingtonpost is that its a race to the bottom for journalistic corporations. shes in the middle of some arbitrage against media behemoths like Murdoch.
There is not much to say other than they are a bunch of assholes over there. Purporting to support progressive causes while still acting as a corporate whore. It's laughable to post a comment about arrianna it will be censored before it hits the floor. The critters at the censor desk are afraid to lose their jobs if they let one through. So what is the difference between that operation and the republicans? Nothing.
If you go onto Amazon and look at Huffpo banning comments you will find approximately 100 people complaining that they were unfairly censored. With this many complaints the censorship isn't just toxic, it's North Korean.
The Huff is hardly a venue for free speech. Most of my blogs get bumped too. I agree with knocking off posts that attack, incite, or have vulgar language. But they also bump good objective opinions and then at the same time let the obtuse, irrelevent, and jerky comments pass. You are wasting your time on that blog. I am going to find another one.
Arriana Huffington is the rich wife of a Democrat Congressman who was bored and had nothing more to do with herself but create a neo-journalistic endeavor called the Huffington Post, one of the most biased and non-ethical publications that has stained the minds of all gullible enough to read it. Even Politico characterized the Huffington Post as not being truly journalistic due to the degree of heavy orientation to a very obvious and predictable destination of liberalism that is devoid of professionalism. Pick your poison. Choose your brainwash, but don't legitimize it with your ignorance!

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