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November 04
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APRIL 28, 2012 1:02PM

WHERE FLOWERS BLOOM...personal sanctuaries

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 I used to LOVE to garden.
Not so much anymore. 
I've let nature take over my yard
It pleases me and my knees.
Photo on 2011-06-08 at 08
My patio in New Hampshire:
June of any given year.
However,  I still marvel at the immaculate plots 
and manicured lawns that are cared
for by the artistic hands of urban gardeners.
They are prevalent in the seacoast cites of New England.

The following poem is dedicated
to those who pinch and prune to perfection. 

Cultivated by artistic hands

Pockets of excellence

Are tucked away behind Brownstones

In alleyways, along fences

 Beneath windows.


Contained specifically for

Adherence to the limitation

Of space and light

Small gardens flourish

Where concrete brick and mortar dominate.


More than creating a living palette for

Personal expression

Urban gardeners also yearn to

Till, grow and nurture.


Hand tools are retrieved from storage.

 Phones are silenced. Messages forwarded.

Music is heard.


With sacks of soil, flats of flower and herb

 Plots are transformed until

 Color is balanced with texture

 Size with proportion.


In pots or boxes, on patio or porch

Blooms are pruned to perfection

Then punctuated

By sculpture and settee.


Neither Mac nor PC, are invited here.

 Books rule!


Such are these fertile oases

Tranquil harbors which dilute the cacophony of the city.

Intended for respite to refresh and reflect

They are sanctuaries for human, bird and butterfly.


In-laws' front entry in Japan:
There is small court yard and entrance to 
guest house. Cared for with diligence and detail.
The "poem" is written on the sign post.
Nothing more needs to be said.

Photo by Pete Brandt
Casita on the way to Zoni...Culebra, PR.









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Beautiful post well illustrated and deeply felt Ande.
thanks for the smile.
I'm smiling too! I could almost feel the dirt on my hands - such a wonderful feeling.
I love your in-laws place.
Lovely. I've always loved Japanese gardens. ... This poem came in the nick of time for me, Ande! I needed the inspiration. My husband, son and I are cleaning up our backyard garden today, then relaxing with a steak and salad dinner tonight. I'll be thinking of you. :)
Great poem. There is something special about these little "secret gardens" tucked away where least expected. My office in NY used to overlook a brownstone garden on one of the adjoining side streets. It made my office a peaceful oasis and with the window open I could hear birds and wind rustling in the trees. R
Very nice patio and urban garden, many thanks for posting, it´s peaceful and pleasant just to watch the photographs of something so well kept.
Lovely, thanks for sharing!!!
Thank you for sharing this.
Great poem and, by coincidence, I've got to go weed.

I'm not a gardener, just a guy whose front yard is going to be cited by the neighborhood yard police if I don't go clean it up.
This is in every manner gorgeous. Rated.
Lovely, lovely, lovely. I take a different path each day on my walk so I can see another set of urban gardens here in lush, green Portland. Because my living situation is in flux, I did not plant a vegetable garden this year and it is gnawing at my soul.
Lovely images, Ande. We are both in poetry mode. Another synchronicity?
We seem to be of the same mind today and this journey with you was beautiful...I love the last sign!
The poem and photo are delightful, but I'm with you on letting Nature come up with its own surprises. I much prefer to see a wild flower peeking at me through some tall grass to some carefully arranged and cultivated domestic plants.
I like my small garden. I know everyone there and say 'Hi'. I can watch over them and care for them. A pleasure. Thanks for this beautiful post.
Lovely photos. Especially like the one of your in-laws in Japan.
Lovely! Thanks so much! I love your lilacs.
Tended to, left to nature, newly blooming or quite mature - as long as they have a welcoming feeling, they are all pieces of heaven on Earth for me. Lovely poems, lovely pictures. Thank you, Ande.

Love yellow flowers especially.
[r] Ande, sorry to be so slow getting here. LOVELY AND REFRESHING!!! Thank you!!! What respite for all that is worrisome in the world. best, libby
Very pretty. Thanks for sharing. Duke
Good lord, do I love flowers.... !!!! :)
Very relaxing to read -- and I loved the photos. You are so prolific that I am a bit overwhelmed, but I WILL try to get to all your posts. :-) R
LOVE and envy the patio Ande.

Where I live, you simply don't sit on the patio in June unless you're a rattlesnake or you enjoy the smell of burning flesh - your own.
Thought I would find you someplace near the flowers and I was right. Can I join you too?
I am counting...three of my comments eaten!! Is it a Southern Hemisphere thing?? I hope not!!! Well done, Ande. If this comment posts, then I will be so happy!!