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MARCH 16, 2012 4:26PM

Why is it the women taking one for the team?

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I wish I understood what was really happening here in the United States.  I’ve tried to sit back and not judge - but just read and listen and really try and understand what is going on.  I’ve tried – I really have.

I’m a woman who is going to turn 60 years old this year, and I’m also a Lesbian. What I’ve come to understand is that my life is under attack from my government and from the factions of religion who believe they own the toll booth on the highway to heaven.

I understood that the fight for equal treatment as a homosexual would be ongoing my entire life – When I say I understood that doesn’t mean I understand – it just means I understood that people are ignorant and bigoted about things they do not understand or will not accept, or believe are against the will of this loving God they hide behind.

I have nothing against organized religion – it is after all protected by the Constitution. The thing I believe that is forgotten by the religious is that those who choose to not have their lives run by any religion are also protected by the Constitution.  It’s not a winner-take-all sort of thing. The Founders gave us the freedom to choose, and because some choose one religion and some choose another and some choose none – the Founders were also clear to keep religion out of government.   That however has gone awry with the current group of Evangelical Christians who believe they know the answer for each and every American.  This Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech that they tout as their right to force their beliefs on the rest of us was supposed to protect those of us who obviously are the sinners from these religious zealots, and from having to follow their religious views. Am I the only one who sees the danger and the ignorance and the arrogance in all of this?

My questions are these:  Why do they get to make the laws and how do we stop them?

And then there is this whole “War on Women” thing…  I cannot believe that I honestly have to march and make placards and write my senators and make phone calls and write blogs about how women are once again taking one for the team – so to speak.

Women who have sex are called sluts – and the men who have sex with them are called a ladies man or a stud.   Are they not just as promiscuous as the women? Should we not be making them out to be lower than the scum in the pond? Should we not be calling them male sluts and male prostitutes? No, we just give them more drugs to keep the penis working properly.

Women take birth control to prevent pregnancy and this is not to be covered by insurance.  Men used Viagra to keep their penis erect to have sex with women which is the reason women get pregnant - and yet – Viagra is covered by Insurance.  In what world does this make any sense? Oh yes – In the Christian – man world.

Abortion – In my mind this is just so simple.  If you don’t believe in abortion and you don’t want to have one – don’t.  Men or women don’t have the right to tell any woman what she can and can’t do with her body. Ask any woman who has had an abortion how she feels about her decision and I can almost guarantee you that there will be a look in her eyes that will tell you all you need to know.

There are so many things in this Country that we really need to be talking about, writing about, marching about, calling our Senators about, and yelling about.  Jobs, the economy, these useless wars, our infrastructure, the homeless, Americans going to bed hungry, the loss of our personal freedoms to name a few.  Important, life-saving things are what we should be hearing from our Presidential candidates. 

It shouldn’t just be the women taking one for the team, especially when women aren’t even allowed to play on the team.  Just sayin…

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Gosh Barb, you make all these complex issues sound so simple, so logical, so - so sensible. What's wrong with you?! Surely you're traveling on the highway to hell and not heaven. Good to know I have company. I just had an eerily similar near-argument about some of these very same things at a friend's house today. She chased me out to my car the whole time trying to convince me that Rick Santorum is "a man who celebrates women" while begging me to read his website.
I find this all so frustrating because it seems like we already fought these battles and made good inroads. And now it's beginning to feel like we're back at square one. So much for optimism.
OK..I am a christian man...and can't find a single thing to disagree with here.
Nice write.
Margaret - It just blows me away that there are actually women who believe that Santorum is "a man who celebrates women." How can they not see or listen? thanks for reading and for the comment...

jlartre - I'm trying to remain optimistic - it's just hard when I see all that's happening at the expense of women.. thanks for reading and for the comment.

J D - Thanks so much - For reading and for the comment.
Clear and concise. Now, if we could get someone to sensibly sit down and listen.

I don't know if anyone else heard this, but a week or so ago a group of girls were actually 'sighing' at Santorum because of the way he speaks of his wife. Which means we are raising another generation of women to believe they need to be taken care of by a patriarch. Yippee.
I think the wave of anti women's rights legislation points out there is no we in team. Just meat. As in, we are being treated like meat, again. Still, I know that the vast majority of Americans believe in using birth control and a woman's rights to have birth control. The little stinker tea party racist lawmakers haven't done a thing for the economy, lost on gay marriage, can't do anything about illegal immigrants, so they are targeting the one thing no one was paying attention to. This, too, shall pass. Hopefully, with a sharp stick in it's eye, or in it's back. BTW, Planned Parenthood has gained more support, more sponsorship and more good PR from their messing around. So, like their legislation seems to encourage gay relationships and promiscuity, it also seems to promote much stronger attachment to birth control and abortion rights.
(sorry, its eye or its back, and any other typos I missed before hitting post)
well, they say life's a bitch.
What a lucid post Barbara. It is hard to believe that long overdue rights granted in our lifetime are once again under attack on a variety of fronts. I'm hoping that this is the last gasp attack of the troglodytes but I'm sure not counting on it.
Phyllis – Thanks so much – Every chance I get I speak to my Granddaughters about being strong, independent women! The last thing we need is another generation of women believing they need to be taken care of by men..

Oryoki – Thanks so much for reading and for your comments. Planned Parenthood has gained support, and we can only hope it continues. I don’t understand women who don’t want the freedom – I really don’t.

MJ – ????

Abrawang – Thanks so much for reading and for the comment. It is hard to imagine we are once again marching and calling and blogging and fighting for what is rightfully ours… This too will pass, but we must be ever vigilant.
This is very refreshing language here Barbara, well done.

You've won as a lesbian, that's why the screaming is so loud. Sore losers, the lot of them.

And, you are far too kind- I have everything against organized religion, as the old Hawaiian saying goes, "The missionaries came here to do goo ... and instead they did very well." They make a good position, that's about all you can give them.

I am also so proud of most Polynesians, other than those caught up in organized religion. OUR "Mahu" (gays) have, and always will be, an enormous part of our lives. It is not stereotyping or an insult to point out they have nearly single-handedly saved our history and culture, fine caretakers, though certainly not all of them as a complex people has other interests, duh, of course they do.

Thank You again to all our sisters and brothers and cousins, and to you- may good fortune be with you as you enjoy the freedom you deserve.

Imua (Onward)
"do good"- talk about Freudian Slips!
I have that same feeling of horror at losing ground but instead of being tired I'm getting madder and madder. I'm sick of being nice about it, I happen to love God and used to call myself a Christian.

These people need to shut up about telling me what my granddaughter, daughters and I can do or calling any of us sluts. Especially a bunch of pervy old men.

No way am I going to let them put me in a cage again.
An interesting issue being discussed. Keep on posting as I am very entertained with this kind of content.