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I'm a high school English teacher who teaches on the South Side of Chicago. I'm from Arkansas. I'm a white lady whose last name is Japanese (thanks to my Japanese Yankee husband). My brother in law says I'm a sitcom waiting to happen. I'm married and have a little girl who is three and a half, and a baby boy who is nineteen months old. I have lost 76 pounds in the last year and a half, and barefoot running is my new obsession. So much to share!


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DECEMBER 27, 2008 4:22PM

Hideo Update

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hideo yawn 12-24

Hideo got to come home from the NICU on Christmas Eve afternoon. He is so sweet-tempered -- he sleeps pretty well and is eating really well. I forget how fun it is to have a newborn baby -- but boy it's tiring, too. But I think everyone is adjusting well, and my pain is definitely better.

Emiko is getting used to having a baby brother. She will look at him, say, "Baby!" and then she tries to steal his blanket. Occasionally she tries to poke him, but she says, "Gentle. Gentle," while doing so. Very cute.

We all had a very Merry Christmas -- hope you and yours are having a great holiday season!

hideo christmas


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Oh, yes, little babies are so sweet! Congrats.
Congratulations! Beautiful....
Such sweet beautiful pictures. Thanks ;0)
What precious pictures! What a precious baby. I'm so happy for you and your family, Amy. I hope that you're feeling better, too.
Great photos, love the names.

My mother-in-law's name is Miyako, if we had a girl we were going to name her Miyako or at very least her middle name.

Rated for adorable.
Ah, goo-goo-boo-boo-gee-gee! Adorable.
BTW – If you want to make your pictures bigger and don’t know how, go to this post by Rob St. Amant.
Soooo adorable! And look, a Razorback's hat! Woo pig Soooieee!
Oh, baby mouths are the best! I know he is getting lots and lots of kisses! He is adorable, and Emiko sounds like she's doing great as well... So very glad you're feeling better as well!
Congratulations, he's so cute.
He's a sweetie -- hope all continues to go so well -- his sleeping is surely a blessing. You certainly must need a break from the pain, so glad to hear you are getting some relief. Happy New Year, Amy!!
Hey Amy, I came around looking for you. I see you've been busy. Congratulations on your glorious new baggage :)
I miss my daughters being so small. That little hat IS little. And he is so cute.