Mining Neon On The Moon

At Last....Drama!

Alyssa Harelik

Alyssa Harelik
Dallas, Texas,
November 05
I have been writing for many years. A few op/ed articles have made it into my hometown paper and my book The Girl On The Moon was published in 2005 under the pen name Lizzy Morrow. I have a daughter named Sophia, a husband named Eric, four cats and I'm allergic to all of them. You can follow me on twitter @AlyssaHarelik In fact, I encourage it as I have many many witty things to report. If you follow me and your from OS, please let me know. FYI I was never a twittering gal before but I have to say, when you're stuck at home with a 2 year old all day, it's amazing what becomes entertaining.


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