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FEBRUARY 15, 2013 7:59PM

Good news Friday: Hermes the cat has a new home!

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Well, it's been a tough week and a half around here.  So tough that I've actually gotten kind of mean.  So tough, that I'm glad the boyfriend is off to a family reunion this weekend and I get some time to just curl up into myself and not have anyone to snap at. 

But just now, I've gotten some news that's made me a lot less snappy, a bright ray of sunlight that's pierced through my stormy thoughts:

Hermes the cat has found a new home!

It's taken almost a month, and there have been a lot of ups and downs in the process of trying to find a new family for my brother's cat.  We've met interesting people, I've had personal information posted without my knowledge on Craigslist, we've had some hopeful moments, including finding a person who seemed like the perfect new human pal for Hermes...who then just didn't show up to meet him or my brother.  The best part of this search has been seeing how kind people are, how willing to reach out and do whatever they can to help.  So many of you guys here have offered your support, good wishes, and have also lent a hand in different ways.  My brother was so moved by this, and impressed. I was also moved - but not impressed; I know that being a part of OS is about so much more than just blogging and the occasional dust-up. I know we are a community, and look out for each other when we can.  

In fact, despite all of the wonderful, resourceful animal rescue people we were in touch with, and despite real-life friends and family spreading the word in "the real world", it's thanks to this online community that Hermes found what I hope will be his happily-ever-after, forever family.  

Since I"m not sure how much information I can share, I won't go too into details, but I will say that a blogger on Our Salon, where many of us also blog, contacted me last week after reading one of my posts about Hermes.  She and her family live on a farm not too far from where my brother is. Despite certain challenges, like Hermes' not being too fond of men, and her having a husband and other male family members, she felt moved by Hermes' story, and wanted to take him in.  After exchanging phone calls, emails, and photos with my brother, they decided hers would be Hermes' new family.

I can't say how grateful my brother and I are to her and her family members.  I can't say how much we wish them - and Hermes, of course - well.  It's beyond measure and beyond words. 

Even if you aren't much interested in cats or animal adoption and such, I think there's such a great lesson to take away from this experience: Life may not always bring or be what we expect, and sometimes, no matter what we do, nothing will make a situation better.  But if we can at all, it pays so much to try.  Sometimes, wondrous things will happen.  

 Thank you so much again to all of you: your words, good thoughts, and help, have meant so much, and been such a comfort to me and my brother during this chaotic, tough past month.

Wishing Hermes and his new family a life together filled with love, laughter, health, happiness, and purrs.




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Long Live OS! Long Live Hermes!
Btw, long live being FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To be a cat owner (owned?) is to be a part of all cats. So this is very good news!

This is really good news for you, your brother and Hermes. I'm happy for all of you and for the way it happened.
I tip my hat to you, ma'am.

You stuck with it and you persevered!

I had a feeling Herme's good looks and your turning over every stone would come through.
Yay, Alysa, OS and Hermes! I just got email about this from my animal rescue friend (the one I'd hoped could help with Hermes; I know she really tried.) Big whoops of joy from my Rescuer Friend and from me, too! This news brings bright light in the dark days of Winter. Hoping there will be more good news for YOU soon!
Great news about Hermes and I'm glad that it was your blog participation that did it! (But take it easy on the boyfriend.)
So happy Hermes had a happy ending.. Wishing the best to you too.:)
Terrific news. I've been wondering about Hermes and I'm so glad this turned out well.
Home Sweet New Home. Good job.
Wonderful news, Alysa! Especially heartwarming is that this all took place IN HERE. You done good, my sweet.
ah, he is SO PRETTY!! i bet he will thrive on a farm. i am happy for all of you, alysa.
What great news to start the weekend--and kudos to you Alysa for your efforts on behalf of Hermes.
Gorgeous cat, and a great story. Thanks~
oh but wait, alysa. there are other lessons, too.

the Internet should get some credit for this. I am getting goddamn mad at these people , these quasi Luddites, who say "oh the computer aint worth my time. I prefer not to allow it into my life." Like a certain old hippy dude I know . I am mad at him cuz he is a talented writer languishing away in obscurity. Damn fool.

Also! I want an immediate END to this dichotomy of REAL WORLD VS. COMPUTER WORLD.

Look: a computer is a real thing. it runs on electromagnetic waves, which are real. it connects people, who are real. Nuff said!

Hermes will live happily ever after, and I sure hope you will too, alysa. If you need any of us fellows to give a good beat-down to anyone giving out your info, say the word! Snappy,hm? YOU? Yes I believe it.
What a beauty I am so happy he is on to a new life!!
Poor Hermes has had a wild ride... Glad you like his adoptive family. When these cats get under our skin....OH!! It's like our kids!!
This is great news! I'd say more, but the cat (Hermes) has my tongue.
Thank you all so much again for your support - and for your commenting here and sharing the joy!

Trudge - Thanks for those times you rated to keep my posts about Hermes in the feed!

another steve s - Thank you in particular for your ongoing support and your great advice about cat adoption.

Eva - I can't thank you enough for having put me in touch with the impressive network of animal rescue people that you did. Thank you. I've contacted them by email to let them know about Hermes' finding a new family.

Abby - Your support has meant so much, and thank you again for getting in touch with a mutual friend for me.

Thanks to Bellweather Vance, for writing that delightful, "Andersen Cooper look-like" description for Hermes, which we used in his Craigslist ad and in posts here, and on Our Salon and Red Room. It definitely got people's attention!

Thanks to Poppi Iceland, who put me in touch with a friend who was looking for a cat, although in the end unfortunately we realized Hermes wasn't the right match. I hope she'll find a cat friend soon!

Thank you all so much again. Your support and help have meant so immeasurably much. And my brother says "Thank you", too.
Hermes is just shy. I think she like the fellas just fine. Either way, this is a cool story. Nice to see some good OS mojo story.