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MARCH 5, 2012 6:50AM

Candace's Say 33

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Yesterday, OSer Candace (aka Femme Forte) posted this fun OC.  It reminds me of the Proust Questionnaire, which I did this summer, but few of the questions are the same.  So, I decided to go for it. If you haven't yet, why not join in the fun?: 


1. Your main trait: Energy

2. The quality you like best in a man: kindness and a sense of humor

3. The quality you like best in a woman:  kindness and a sense of humor

4. Your main flaw: Too stressed out

5. Last time you cried: Yesterday afternoon, when I thought a pigeon on our windowsill was dying a painful death (luckily, it turns out he was just a young ‘un on what might have been his first trip out of the nest)

6. Ideal job: Writer

7. Scent of a place: A bookstore crammed with new books

8. Beloved movie:   “Lola Rennt” (“Run Lola Run”)

9. Book on the nightstand: The Norton Anthology of Poetry

10. First and best kiss: Weren’t from the same person

11. You couldn’t do without:  Stories to escape to

12. How you would like to die: After a long, full life, without too much stress or suffering for me or my loved ones.

13. Song you sing in the shower: Depends on the day, but usually something by Beyonce.

14. Your deadly sin:  Most often, gluttony.

15. Your not-so-deadly sin:  Cruelly criticizing celebrity fashion mishaps

16. Your motto: “Never stop trying to outwit your jailors.”

17. Ideal first date:   A stroll through an art museum. 

18. Favorite present:  Hard to say, because it depends on the feeling behind it…I guess the most recent favorite would be tickets for a family cruise.

 19. In the train:  I hope the toilet isn’t covered in pee this time.

20. Something you’d change in your body: My big arms

21. Your addiction: Chocolate.

22. Now on your left: The table where we eat (except when we’re lazy and eat sitting on the couch).

23. Now on your right:   The boyfriend’s laptop and, beyond, the window.

24. Now in front of you:  My computer screen. 

25. Now behind you: The back of the sofa and a blank wall that we will one day paint and put a nice picture on.

26. Names for your children:  I can tell you that they won’t be named anything particularly unique/original, much to my chagrin: the boyfriend and his entire culture are against crazy names.  In France, it’s literally illegal to name your kid something really unusual; generally you have to stick to saints’ names. 

27. 3 things in your purse:  A paperback book, my Ipod, tissue packets.

28. 3 places that fascinate you:  Paris, hotels, Mount Everest

29. 3 people you’d like to meet:  All of my OS pals – can’t pick just three!

30. 3 traits you hate in people:  Being judgmental, clingy, and/or lacking a sense of humor

31. Values inherited from your parents:  Sense of humor, the gift of gab, do what makes you happy, obsession with cleaning/order, a dislike for roughing it

32. In your past life you were: A starving artist who hung out with all Montmartre’s greats at the turn of the century, but never made it big himself. I’m convinced I died by being run over by a motorcycle.

33. In your future life you’ll be:   Hopefully a doted-upon housecat.  And then a few lives later, hopefully someone fully enlightened and able to reach Nirvana.


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Last tear I shed was yesterday, too, reading about your concern for the baby pigeon. I hope he's back this morning!
Chicken Maan - He isn't back today, but I take it as a good sign - since there were no predators around when he left the courtyard last night, I hope and assume that the little guy has flown off to some great adventures.

Chicago Guy - Right on!

zanelle - What would the world be without it!
So fun! I love these kinds of questionnaires--they're so revealing. How interesting that France prohibits weird names...(not so) secretly, I kind of love them for that, lol! :)
Must have missed FF's open call. Anyway, interesting answers, especially 16 and 32.
I did one.

We'll always have Paris.....

As an answer to #28

I'm going for the Cirque d'Hiver.

What a great list!
It’s literally illegal to name your kid something really unusual;

Man I would have been in jail twice.
Run Linda Run..:)

Love your last answer. A doted upon house cat is really something to look forward to.
"Cruelly criticizing celebrity fashion mishaps" is a public service.
I posted mine on Facebook over the weekend. I would have posted mine here today if I hadn't already posted something. Maybe tomorrow.
Man, just when you thought you knew some people...... r
I like that paris still fascinates you even though you lived there awhile

cool motto too
I love hotels, too! I don't know why. I like having drinks at hotel bars. Maybe I was a prostitute in another life?
7 and 19 cracked me up! And love the idea of 32...
Energized kindness w/humor, somewhat stressed by society,writing in a safe Nook of Timespace, yes, that is how I picture you. I love yr motto , which you have shared at my posts.

Chocolate is a gift from the gods I have weirdly not allowed myself in my own gluttony, of chili.

I am so cruel to the damn celebrities that I gotta change the channel or my chest will explode with angry envy of my pantheon of pagan images………..ay

Yeah! Right?= Hopefully a doted-upon housecat. And then a few lives later, hopefully someone fully enlightened and able to reach Nirvana.
Surprised (but not pleased) by French name tyranny. Love the vision of the last answer!