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FEBRUARY 23, 2012 12:54PM

Anyone up for a Manhattan meet-up?

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Hi guys,


After a good amount of planning and deliberation, I am coming to the NY area in mid- to late March, sans the boyfriend (for budget and cat-watching reasons).


While I'm there, I would LOVE to meet up with those of you who live in or near New York City!


I'd like to propose a meet-up on Thursday, March 15, in Manhattan, from about 6-9pm. 


If you can make it, please PM me as soon as possible, and I'll give you the details about the location, etc.


I'm really excited for my first multi-person OS meet-up, and I hope I'll get to meet a lot of you in person! 


 Also...this wasn't intentional, but doesn't this post kind of look like a skyscraper?!  NYC, here I come!

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How I wish. I have a feeling this will be a big success. Another reason I should have stayed in NY. Damn!
Cool! I would like to join.
Always New York... sigh

It's a fantasy destination for me, and will remain so, sadly.. for now.
'Meet-ups' are always so fun. 'Tis the season
Alysa, very nice to read your coming back to the city! Most likely I could meet from noon to a few hours into the afternoon in midtown--unfortunately, an evening on a work week day is a problem for me. BTW, the Ides of March is the same day!
You already know about me.
wish I could be there

So sorry I will miss this one! Have a great time in NYC.
I swear, open salon has gotten me wanting to move back east again, these meetups sounding so fun! Of course, all my family lives within a few hours of Manhattan so I want to move again for them too, but really, just for the OS meetups : )
I hope it's great and look forward to reading about it!
Rats. Ny is usually no prob as we live in NJ, but will be visiting in FL at that time.
How about a Copenhagen meetup? I'll be there in mid-May.
6-9 hm? where? what kind of venue?
i would need a beer or three to alleviate my social anxiety
& total surrealistic experience of meeting up
with what Mom would call "yer little friends on the computer"

I probably can't make it, but who knows.
What i am looking forward to is the gossip & pictures
& impressions of people, from you.

If i dont make it, consider me there in spirit.
I suppose i might wear my new hat to this.
In NYC, my big sis says, they all dress in black...?...
i have a black coat and black jeans that are a little baggy on me
since i lost weight...

Nyc is said to have alot of good bookstores, and i sure would
love to go off on an adventure to get some books.

Skyscrapers make me dizzy & insignificant, so i would need
someone to guide me. My agoraphobia virus may kick in.

Gosh i wish i could go...
So FAR AWAY.... tempting though. Oh! The woes of a budget!! :))
I'm trying to think of a reason my company would send me to NY. I can think of a reason for Maryland maybe, but I'll keep trying.
Too bad if not, really. I would like to thank you personally somehow for your Fiction Weekend. I could NEVER have grown like this on my own, and I really mean that! It's the college of creative writing class I couldn't have.
Do have a great sojourn (French!), no matter what! You've earned it.
I will make it...or die trying.

Every meet up I've been at in Manhattan has been a delight. The OS people are great at partying. Looking forward to it.
Probably not able, but have a great time!
I wish I could join you! From your bio, it sounds like we'd connect. Alas....Enjoy.
If I can get the wife's permission, I'm in.

Standing by for location and details.

I would SO LOVE TO MEET YOU. Any chance I can talk you into coming to Seattle?

I have a place for you to stay...

xoxoxo -Ingrid
... half your luck, Alysa!

Have a wonderful time!
Salon should let you use their NY office! Have fun!
there better be pictures posted to open salon for public scrutiny. I mean otherwise whats the pt! & wishin I could be there.
I will be there. Just let me know where and when.
Too bad....I'd like to make that one. did already. (Just suggested creating a post.)

I'm going to do my best!

- Beth (why am I signing my comment? Coffee hasn't fully kicked in.)
Hi guys,

I posted this last night (my time) and had a visitor here, so wasn't able to check back in and comment.

I'm so thrilled that some of you can make it - and I'm so sad that I won't be able to see all of you, of course!

Ingrid: That is an amazingly kind offer; unfortunately, this time I'll only be in the NY area. But thank you - and I hope we will get to meet in real life some day! Boy, do I hope!
Also, Beth, no worries - I just got done with one of those days, too.
Stim - I've never been to Copenhagen, and I'd love to meet you. I'd say yes, but unfortunately, I already have travel plans for mid-May...and nowhere near Copenhagen, alas.....
designanator - Damn! I was so hoping to meet you, not only a great guy, but a quintessential New York blogger!
ASH - Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot. I hope we'll get to meet one day, too.

James - If you could figure it all out, how could it would be to meet in real life! And not just because I love your new hat!
A tower of envy, this post creates in me! I will be looking forward to a FULL REPORT with photos of the meetup.
Alysa already knows this via PM but just so readers of her blog know also...I will be there, with the Lovely Lady Lucia. We are both shy people, so, if you see a 40-something brunette and a 50-something blonde trying to hide behind each other, you'll know you've found us.
vzn and Matt - No worries, lots of pictures will be taken!
I'm pea green with envy! So wish I could go. You all have a blast!
that hat is the man.
no not at all. actually, hard time discriminating between
long curly haired me (in need of trim)
and guy under hat.

would be beyond amazing, us mouses, us shy folk,
i see u are a "descendants" fan.
i loved that movie. the utter miscasting of clooney,
who pulled it off and finally won my grudging respect.
the people coming into coma lady's room and berating her
ha ...the wonderful pact between distant Dad and alienated
Trouble Daughter..the last scene , hangin out on on the couch
together as a family..........what is the competition, hah?
some damn silent film? oh how clever.
is there any STORY in it?
The help, huh. havent seen it due to fear of sugar overload.
What a nice surprise - I wish all those who can make it a great time.
A safe flight to you, Alysa.
This sounds like an escort ad on Craigslist.
Hahaha, Larry!
Alysa, I hope you have a wonderful time and say hello for me!
James - "The Artist" does have a story and is an impressive piece of cinema, but I just didnt' find it as gripping as "The Descendants." Still, I'm not totally bummed it got Best Picture....

Larry - Yes, it kind of does...though I think the meet-up probably won't end the same way....well, at least if none of us drinks too much....I guess you'll have to wait till we post the pictures.
I'm so there! Can't wait to meet you guys!