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A hundred odd jobs, some more odd than others. 30 years self employed in various building trades, sales etc. Lots of college, lifetime musician etc.


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APRIL 18, 2012 3:55PM

OmphaloSkepsis, the Secret Behind OS

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Where has the good stuff gone?

I think I have participated in maybe one or two of these confounded OS meta posts in three years. I'm not participating in this one either. You've misunderstood what I'm not saying altogether. It's a joke. A social experiment.Here's the numbers. ZIP. Really? Can't you take a joke? Writing about blogging about posting about writing. It's either that or writing about making the most private functions the topic du jour. Here's what I do when I hope nobody is looking and now I'll tell you instead but it's sort of a secret does anybody else do this or have you heard of it? Tide or Clorox?

I just plain cannot take it anymore. I'll explain it by saying I cannot explain it. If I see one more self indulgent quasi meta it's not really meta I just wanted to say does anybody know how you get an EP I don't really care about EP's it's just that I was thinking maybe somebody else noticed that's all I'm sayin' sort of posts, I might just 2009 flounce myself out of here and going sailing I don't have a sailboat that's crazy not really, well yes really I do not have a sailboat, but what if?

Send me a PM please if you see some good spam or something else better to read, yeesh I need a break.

From an online dictionary where you can look up particular words and stuff which is what people used to use to communicate but thinking about yourself and then denying you're doing it is a lot more popular way now of reaching out, here comes a big word I learned when I was 12. A substitite teacher ran a couple of Clifton Fadiman newsreels then told us about this which he said was about thinking hard and that other people somewhere in the world did it by staring at their belly button, which was intriguing , pretty darn funny and weird to hear about in school. He claimed he was 26 but he had white hair. He was actually quite a memorable guy when I think about it even if I'm not looking down.


: contemplation of one's navel as an aid to meditation 
Think about that.




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aka, I had no idea what I was wading into when I posted my open call about Copyrights and EP's... wowowooo! I'm sticking with my autobio history mix from now on. No more rants... okay I do like the Foodie Tuesday posts and just about anything that Tink and scanner put up... there's some pretty great posts by women on OS as well.
I'm just here for the free spam!! ~nodding~ :D
@ JMac,

Maybe the posts mentioned will disappear soon.
The front page at OS will be full of obituaries any moment now for Dick Clark, the famous TV guy who didn't think The Beatles would catch on.
Of course their first American hit was "She Loves You" put out by Swan Records. Dick Clark was never charged in the payola scandals of the late 1950's but to satisfy a demand by ABC he sold his founding interest in Swan Records right before the mop tops got to America and changed the Philly scene. Coincidence he didn't like them?
@ Tinkerertink69,

Line up.
Free Spam for everybody.
YAY!! Cause free spam beats Dick Clark ANYDAY!!! ~nodding~ :)
I hear ya, aka. Loud and clear. Quality over quantity, that's all I'll say...

Re your PM: And oh yeah, the '47 Gretsch was my teachers. He died (less than a year ago) and left it to his grandson ...hope it never ends up in the pawn shop. Had the honour of playing it a number of times on loan but, no, it was/is not mine. Though the cat took it over whenever she could. :)
@ Scarlett Sumac

Here come the obits.
Did you see the '38 Vega?
Yes, I did, it's a beaut.

A little nicer than the old Harmony I cut my teeth and fingers (literally) on. Still, I wish I still had it. Gone with the wind, like so many things ...
You do anti-meta meta well. I'd like to see more of this from you.. uh huh. What guitars... where are the guitars?
@ tr ig,

Should be meh=ta

SS and I had a little behind the scenes chitchat about old guitars. I told her about one of mine. I'll send you the link on PM in a moment.
Did someone say guitars?! EADGBE, baby! Any nude pix of the '47 Gretsch?
i was all set to jump on this wagon and decry the ap-cray and say hasn't it all be done done done to death death and gawd can't we just direct people to the eight billion posts that have been written on this topic before and maybe that will ...

and then i read your tags and got to 'self abuse' and started laughing. gonna go play some good git-tar music and dance in my kitchen. peace, my friend.
Maybe you should write about your unemployment, your family secrets, and your brush with the law, while you're at it?

I wrote something today that touched my heart, but the drek I've been putting up for weeks hides the good stuff. I accept full responsibility for loss of respect.

Anyway, other than that, how's it going?
@ greenheron,

The '47 Gretsch was somebody else's guitar. Maybe I'll post of few of my pics someday. The guitar ones.
@ femme forte aka candace,

Glad you laughed a bit. Kitchens are made for music.
peace back to ya...........
@ dianaani,

It's going good enough and thanks for asking.
I suppose I could try a combination post on my unemployment, family secrets and a brush with the law (does hiding in a dumpster while the police stood outside it count? it was more of an un-brush since they did not lift the lid) It could be a story about being up close and personal with drek while actually being drek itself. A self serving meta-drek anti-drek post that would pull at heart strings in its openness and honesty while still being mostly false.
The coolest guitar I had... sadly- had, was a 1981 Guild "Nova" electric. One of 461 made as I remember. Got that info from return to a letter I sent to Guild which had been absorbed by Fender at that point. Didn't like the sound at first until I had twin shiny chrome Gibson Les Paul type humbuckers installed and some other tweeks. Then, it was my sweet baby for a long long time, 'til I loaned it to someone who was unstable (go figure, me knowing a person like that)--- who pawned it, and the loaned amp too. The ninety days passed, interest unpaid, me untold until too late . . . heavy sigh
Might write a whiny post about that.
@ tr ig,

Bad way to lose a favorite. I've gone into pawn shops but never bought one there. You know there is always somebody else on the other side of a good deal that's getting jacked.
"The Day the Music Died"! said my local rag ( re. Dick Clark)
which once upon a time
used to be a respected newspaper.Appropriately enough,
it has shrunk in size, and content along with quality of writing.
I mostly eschew it now.
I looked up Clifton Fadiman and learned he was one of those
pointy -headed intellectuals so popular on Early Television,
to appeal to the wealthy professionals of the time,
the only ones who could afford a tv.
When erudition got ratings.
Strange to imagine such an era.
As for this Meta situation, I applaud it,
being an inveterate intellectual voyeur,
especially regarding women. Nothing is private anymore.
Nor should it be. Holding back on intimate details is just plain
antisocial. Which is another rejection of Ayn Rand, by the way,
who said, "Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy. The savage's whole existence is public, ruled the laws of his tribe. Civilization is the process of setting man free from men.
Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead .She really couldnt have been proven
wronger, hm?

The fact that i am a near-recluse doesnt bear upon my opinion.
See, this is due to my "diagnosis".
I have been diagnosed, did i ever tell ya?
Ah, man, it's been a struggle.
I was raised by old school type parents who thought that
the family business should be...ugh, that word again, private....

I see that this important post has devolved into a bunch
of guitar fetishists comparing their goods...
a shame.
It had such promise,
addressing such important shit.

I know the nation mourns now, for mr. Clark.
These icons are dropping like flies, aren't they?
We are not doing a good job of replacing them with fresh blood.
Although when Noam Chomsky gives up the ghost
it will be a hard day indeed.

"people just want to use their intelligence somehow,
and if you don't have a lot of technology and so on,
you do other things. Well, in our society,
we have things that you might use your intelligence on,
like politics,
but people really can't get involved in them in a very serious way -- so what they do is they put their minds into other things,
such as sports. Y

ou're trained to be obedient;
you don't have an interesting job;
there's no work around for you that's creative;
in the cultural environment you're a passive observer
of usually pretty tawdry stuff;
political and social life are out of your range,
they're in the hands of the rich folks.

So what's left? Well, one thing that's left is sports "

This is why I am an avid golf fan.
If there ever were an abominable fetish James, my personal opinion
is that golf and even worse, watching golf, would be considerably further down the fairway of ultimate lunacy than a few minor comments on the collecting of art pieces, albeit mass produced ones as most are, which are used to create music.
That's not to say of course, that if one is so inclined they shouldn't rent someone else's pesticide slathered lawn and chase a little ball around with a bag of sticks. Many enjoy that and seem to have no compunction against discussing their latest failings at said distraction, loudly in detail near water coolers. It seems to me to be the main reason the endeavor is pursued as I never overhear any of them remarking on the beautiful weather they enjoyed or the time away from true toil and trouble.
I LOVE! that word!!!
I actually pulled a "fool ya!" on yer ass. Re . golf.
It is abominable and certainly sexually related to a grevious
dysfunction. I have heard gals wax poetic on the importance
of the "hole' and the "green" and the fairway & sand traps. etc.

i do not myself indulge in sports metaphors, unless
they are baseball ones. that is the only game we have invented
that holds much interest for me. a diabolically mathematical,
physics-based bit of play. ay.

what ever happened to art james, anyway?
is he in the VA?

ay, i worry.
Could not agree more with your assertions.
@ John A Bayerl,

It's a good one.

@ icyhighs,


@ Mary Stanik,

Nice to make your acquaintance. Thanks for dropping in.