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December 31
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JANUARY 5, 2009 9:16AM

Blanket 2.0 or Robe Beta

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Are you too stupid to work a blanket? When the blanket falls off of you, do you look down at it, confused as to why it’s no longer on you? Would you like the blanket to follow you around?

Ding A magical Snuggie appears on your body.

There, now you can do everything but go out into public. Wait, where are you going, don’t go outside! People will see you!

Other uses for the Snuggie include: Suicide cult start-up attire; shirt; dress; robe; graduation gown; bride’s maid gown; suit and tie.

Act now unless you are unable to extricate yourself from your current blanket.

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Too husband and I have cracking up laughing over this dumb commercial...if you watch carefully you can see that the entire back of the "Snuggie" is OPEN! How warm and cozy is that?
I wish the commercial had more fumbling under a "normal" blanket.. but I guess even they were hard pressed to take that conceit any farther. ("Help I'm lost in a blanket again!" "I got into a car accident because I was under a blanket while driving..isn't there an easier way?")
I saw this infomercial at least 8 times over one day spent recovering from a hangover on my couch. I'm pretty sure the 'family in snuggies at the sporting event' is my favorite (low) point of the whole thing.
You are hilarious! I hope someone sends you a Snuggie in each of the three lovely colors.
we think it looks like a choir robe my mother-in-law wore in sometime in the 80's. And yes, who knew that answering the phone could bring on such an experience ... it must be really, really cold in that house.
Yeah, I've seen that commercial about a hundred times now. . . . .

I guess the problem is that ordinary blankets don't come with user manuals. One wonders how many people have died when they were unable to extricate themselves from their blankets when their houses caught on fire.

And given the difficulty of removing one's hands from a blanket, one also wonders why the police continue to use handcuffs. They could simply place a blanket on the person being arrested, and the criminal would be completely restrained.

I always laugh at that commercial because from the front it looks like everyone is a Catholic monk.

As far as I can tell the Snuggie is basically a blanket version of a hospital gown, but without ties in the back. Or it's a robe with the opening in the back and no belt.
Guffawing over this, Allen! Wheeeeee! Rrrrrrrrrrrated!
I've been laughing about that commercial since I saw it. Thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention. Love your ideas for other uses, too.
Think it would be perfect on-the-job attire for toll-booth collectors and others who work outdoors...
Just thought of a way to keep out the cold from the back...wear ANOTHER one backwards opening onto the front, that way you are totally covered! I was surprised they didn't have the "But WAIT! Now you can get TWO...." ending to the commercial.
I also love the sporting event part, when the kid throws up her arms while buried in the snuggie! This commercial is on all the time in my region.
ummm... if it had a back, wouldn't that be called a bathrobe? And don't people still wear bathrobes?
ummm... if it had a back, wouldn't that be called a bathrobe? And don't people still wear bathrobes?

Products advertised on TV always require the stupid, inept and clumsy to demonstrate the misery of doing without said product. But this commericial goes pretty far into "too stupid to work a blanket".
My good man, please do write about that little foot callous removing egg advertisement - which inspires me to hurl every time I see it.
Looks like an fleece straightjacket.....Remember the flowbee?
Allen, did you notice if all those people in the commercial were wearing the same style of athletic footwear? Is there a comet coming soon?
*L* at the original and Mishima's followup! Thanks!
honestly, isn't this poor thing just an icky poly fleece robe put on the wrong way? does no one have a robe anymore? really? :)
This is hilarious. They have FINALLY re-wheeled the invented!

Damn funny! Thumbed!
I'm particularly tickled by the difficulty the Snuggie people had in agreeing on the pronunciation of their miracle product. To my ears, the woman doing the voiceover appears to be laboring under the impression that she's hawking a "snookie." Doubtless this confusion has had a negative impact on sales. Some member of the snuggie-consuming public, inspired by the commercial to heave him- or herself from his puddle of drool and try to actually purchase this thing faces the daunting prospect of not being able to identify this wonder blanket once he or she gets one of the highly trained operators on the line. Let this be a lesson to anyone thinking about marketing their own product for morons: clarity is key.
My wife and I have been guffawing over this for days now.

Yes, you to can now look like a druid. And your child can look like a shrunken Jawwa from Star Wars!
Hysterical! My only wish for the commercial is that they throw in someone in agonizing back pain trying to pick-up a normal blanket. I would love it forever.
You nailed it. I was laughing so hard, I could barely work my blanket, I mean, breathe. Whew.
Definitely suicide cult attire, just add Nikes. Like others, the sporting event is my favorite part, cracks me up every time, as did Mishima's comment, blankets to replace handcuffs. Guffaw.
too funny! I can't believe anyone would by that thing when they could just put a bathrobe on backwards.
Man, do I feel lame, because I want one of these! Granted, I don't watch the commercials because I whiz past them with TiVo, so maybe I haven't had the whole annoyance-factor applied to me yet.

But, in the wintertime I like to hang out in my recliner and read, with the heat turned down in the house and snuggled under a blanket. But, to hold the book, your arms have to be out from under the blanket. Thus, cold. This thing seems like the perfect solution. It IS like having a robe on backward, but it's a robe that goes down to cover your feet, too. Toasty!

However, there is no way in bleeding hell I would wear one to a sporting event! Laying sideways on my dorm room bed? Sitting on the floor playing backgammon? The only thing this is good for is sitting in a chair or on a couch, doing something you need your hands free for.

And what exactly is the advantage of "extra wide sleeves"? Doesn't that just let in exactly the cold drafts you're trying to avoid? If I were to buy one, the first thing I would do is sew up those stupid things.

Why don't they ever run these things past me before they release them on an unsuspecting public?
I really, really want one of those. I don't care how lame they are.
The other puzzling aspect of this strange garment is how you're supposed to walk in it, which supposedly you have to do in order to answer that damn telephone. If it's long enough to cover your frozen little tootsies as you sit, to walk in it you'd have to hitch it up and drape the excess material over your arm like a Victorian lady with her dress train.

Still, I'm forced to admit that it's quite a bit more attractive and flattering than the average bridesmaid gown. And you actually will be able to wear it again after the ceremony, the way brides always promise.
I love this ad. At first I didn't pay any untoward attention to it, it was just more flickering blather in the general WTF wasteland that is television. Then the amazing uselessness of such a product struck me.
And yes, it does look like the preferred attire of some fringe group waiting in a bunker somewhere for the arrival of the mothership. Cult-tastic.
You can also be buried easily in your beloved Snugglie; undertakers love stuff that's already open up the back.
I particularly adore the older man trying to look dignified in his Barcalounger while wearing, essentially, a fleece dress.
OHMYGOSH that's funny. Hubby and I were making fun of this ad the other night. One of the MANY things that strikes me as funny is how totally pleased they are with themselves. They are a very smug bunch for a group of people who, as someone said below, essentially just put a robe on backwards.
My wife actually wants one. I always say "Great at sporting events, ritual sacrifices and inquisitions."
Isn't this snuggie just a bathrobe worn backwards?
I wear my robe this way when wife and I play ""Dr."
I saw this one recently, it's unbelievable how ridiculous this product is. And just a little bit creepy. Thanks for exposing it to general ridicule here.
My dad got a bathrobe for Christmas, and we HAD to tease him that he had actually gotten one of these - he was just wearing it wrong.

Really, I DARE someone, much less a whole family, to go to a "sporting event" wearing these.