Algis Kemezys

Algis Kemezys
Ste Adele, Québec, Canada
June 28
Internationally exhibited Photographer/Documentary filmmaker, Sculptor, Dowser, Scrabble enthusiast, Geomancer, Iatromant, gourmet chef


MAY 16, 2012 11:58AM

teardrops around flowers...

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 photo by algis kemezys,


 For the whole effect please play this music. Once it gets going slowly scroll down for the full experience. Hope you enjoy this and have a wonderful day because of it.


                    photo by algis kemezys, 



photo by algis kemezys,



photo by algis kemezys, 



                                                      photo by algis kemezys,




photo by algis kemezys,






photo by algis kemezys, 


photo by algis kemezys,



















                                                    photo by algis kemezys, 















photo by algis kemezys, 












 photo by algis kemezys,












photo by algis kemezys, 















                                      ghghx copy 







photo by algis kemezys, 











photo by algis kemezys, 
























                                 photo by algis kemezys,















photo by algis kemezys 











photo by algis kemezys, 



















photo by algis kemezys, 























 photo by algis kemezys,



                                          photo by algis kemezys,
















































 photo by algis kemezys,



photo by algis kemezys, 



                                               photo by algis kemezys, 


































333photo by algis kemezys,


































photo by algis kemezys, 

























photo by algis kemezys,








photo by algis kemezys, 

                                                            All Photographs by Algis Kemezys 



These images of the wildflowers of Québec were created by using the scanner as a camera. 

I spent two consecutive summers in the Laurentian town of Val Morin, whose most notable feature is a cascade of wildflowers that circles its lake and extends along the bike path that spokes away from the town for one hundred kilometers.

I yearned to record this profusion of colour and shape, but I was rather broke at the time, so conventional film photography was just out of the question. The scanner would have to do.

I would go out in the early morning and ask which flowers would like to be picked and enter the digital world as a new creation. Then I would pick the ones that were swaying most in the wind just to catch my eye. While picking them I would ask for a visual picture of how the flower would like to be arranged and then try to recreate that inspiration on the platen of the scanner.

Part of the difficulty of composing a picture in this fashion is that you are working with a reverse image. The other is that the arrangement must be just so or it won’t work.

There is freedom and spontaneity in creating a photograph but one still has to follow strictly the rules of dynamic composition of the Pythagorean golden formula of 1: 1.618



 Here's what Byron Ayanoglu wrote about my wildflowers:


"Nature humbles the most insouciant among us with its frills and its ability to dazzle. Artists, who by definition enjoy above-average sensibilities and powers of observation, have in nature a fount of endless inspiration. In this portfolio of skillfully reinvented wildflowers, Algis lets his imagination run wild to present for our consumption a feast of addictively visual portals into a world of his own making. These are no longer merely beautiful flowers that most of us usually look at for fleeting moments during a walk in the countryside. These are works of art that tell stories and that linger in the mind long after we have looked at them. He has taken these fleeting wonders of springtime and made them eternal with attention to detail, with whimsy, with bold use of color and composition, with awe for their fragile and ephemeral airiness, with enormous talent. And an intellect that can particularize the universal truths of seemingly ordinary miracles of nature, enhancing their meaning and exponentially expanding our appreciation. I could happily surround myself with these images to look at them daily, to marvel at their simple complexity, to begin to understand myself." 

photo by algis kemezys, 









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Regardless of how you came up with these photos they turned out great!

I could never do this well at photography.
So fantastically usual./r
Thanks Z & C hope you heard the music with this as well?
Cheers and THX!
Thank you, as always, for sharing the beauty you see with us.
My little pansie, too, is scanned, as are my leaves of pasts posts. But I have NEVER (repeat NEVER) achieved anything so lushly exquisite as what you have created for us here. Is this already in book form? If so, where may I find it?
This brought tears.
Lovely work, Algis--some of your very best.
totally rated
P.S. the music choice was ideal for this post.
Je m'ennuis de ma belle province.
Erika, Thanks I do what I can and am always thinking of you, when i don't forget to..

Poor Woman, Thanks so much! I really liked your current post too!

Linda, Merci et plus! Your the best!
You monopolize colour and beauty yet again. Well done.
A full experience of spring, this is. That song I hadn't heard in years, love it. Wonderful piece, thank you for it. Mole and all.
A master piece dear.
Well worth the time.
Most excited to see this Algis.
An inspirational way to start my afternoon. Thank you for sharing this with us and the music was perfect. You have a wonderful gift.
Wow, I didn't know you could use a scanner as a camera, though it makes sense now. Duh! Some of these images are almost unearthly in their beauty, especially when viewed in sequence with the music, as you suggested. Wonderful!
Hypnotically beautiful. Thank you, Algis and Byron. My insouciant heart bows to you.
What a fun consequence of a broken camera. I admire your originality so much and your pursuit of beauty. These were surreal and I loved them all. thank you so much for sharing your work!!
I'm still not sure that I understand how you did these, but they are absolutely beautiful. I agree with everything Ayanoglu said.
Your masterpieces always come to life, Algis! Three words as to how I feel when I read you: Tour de Force. :)
cant see how yr life could get more artistic.
have i told you lately yr posts calm old violence in me?

"I would go out in the early morning and ask which flowers would like to be picked and enter the digital world as a new creation. Then I would pick the ones that were swaying most in the wind just to catch my eye. While picking them I would ask for a visual picture of how the flower would like to be arranged "

uncanny, but certainly true. witness the Art.
These are neat! I loved the Queen Anne's Lace caught in mid-air. Lovely! And only an hour from where my family lived in Saint-Lin-Laurentides too.
You are such a great artist. This was an other-worldly, haunting, lilting treat of an aesthetic experience. Loved the song and the photos. I've never done mushrooms, but I imagine this is what that would be like. Made me want to dance in the grass with rings on my toes.
P.S. Do you sell prints of your photos?
I needed this today! Thanks.
What Byron said!
So nice to end my busy day with beauty, thank you.
I love this and I love your imagination. Rated with a Jali smile of course. :-)
Your art is always some kind of experience for the senses and even thinking. To me this was about birth, death, newness, fragility and beauty.
Great photos and Massive Attack was the perfect touch! Thank you Algis!!
Visually sumptuous as always, Algis. Also, great selection re: the Massive Attack track, that song and its accompanying album being big faves of mine.
Incredible and beautiful images. The music was perfect. I would like to learn more about Pythagorus' golden theory because I didn't pay much attention in geometry class.
Pure poetry my friend. If a picture is worth one thousand words then you have presented a novel.
I'm curious: The angel by the it called, "Last call?"
Mary Stanik, Wow that is such an awesome thing to say...THX so much MS!

Maureen J Andrade, Yes this was inspired by that song for I too had not heard it in years. The Mole thanks you too and well as I most graciously. Thanks MJA!

Mission, OMG I am speechless and oh so appreciative thanks Big time M!

asia rein, OMG this is just making me speechless but I can say Thanks a million AR!

ccdarling, Yes the scanner is a single plain view camera and one can make lots of images that are both fun and surreal. Glad you enjoyed the whole package here and thanks Big time CCD!

Chicken Mãâàn, And my insouciant heart beats fondly and more for these wonderful words here. Thanks so much CM!

zanelle ,,Yes I have made do nicely over the years when my cameras have broken. Beauty is also in the eye of the beer holder too. Thanks Big time Z!

jlsathre, I shall pass that on to Byron and you simply lay things very carefully on the scanner and scan it several times as you have to adjust things till they are just right. At first it was time consuming then I used to get them pretty right on later. Thanks again and again J!

jmac1949, Now that is simplicity and praise in it’s most easlily understood context. Thanks again JM!

Belinda T., Then you are my tour de force leader and I appreciate every word of that. Thanks a lot B!

James M. Emmerling, I am so pleased to hear that from someone who has graced my images with some of the best replies over the moonths. Your the best and thanks BIG TIME JME! I see the resemblance of you and your Dad too..How about another glass of wine for you to, here and now?

nilesite, OMG maybe we will see each other sometime then? Thanks so much for that Queen annes lace rules and you too! Thanks N!

Deborah Méndez Wilson, OMG I imagine you are right here and I would love to try that myself one day to see what the results would be like afterwards if one was doing this. Thanks so very much and so glad you loved it all DMW!

Deborah Méndez Wilson, I do sell my prints and these are 300.oo for a matted 11x14 print. They have also been published and exhibited as well. Thanks again DMW!

Cynthia Neale, I am So glad that I provided it too. Thanks again and again....CN!

Lea Lane, Hey hey hey... Thanks Big time and Hugs from Byron LL!

M. C. S,. Teardrops on the fire...that make the flowers blossom....Thanks so much for that MCS!

JALI 17, Now I know the gods are happy when you say that...Thanks so very much because I imagine you singing this too! Thanks J!

SheilaTGTG55, I think your right and I have been tweaking this as the day passed and still will fix a few things. Your right on and I am so glad you said that here. Thanks Big Time S!

Midwest Muse, Thanks so much for that. I really do appreciate it. Thanks MM!

VariousArtists, Great great great we both like the same obscure song. I am so pleased now. Thanks Big Time VA!

Miguela Holt y Roybal, Yes all things in this world conform to the golden ratio which is present in the image of the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo and everything else grows around that formula. Sea shells, bee hives, trees and most other things. It is the great mystery of the creator here imbued in everything. Thanks so much MHR!

Blinddream, OMG that is so nice to read I love it. I am a novelist...I am a novelist and Blinddream says so! Your fab for that always. Thanks BD!

Blinddream, Hey it is now! Thanks again oh magical one of great praise and more.
Algis, my friend, I see here echoes of Salvatore Dali, Van Gogh. I was wondering exactly how you created these images and then you were kind enough to tell us. Your work is so vivid that it transports the viewer in unexpected ways. I would love to see a video of you working with a scanner to see how it's done.
sagemerlin, Wow! Thanks so much for that.I love the SageMerlin for those few cherished words and I like those two artists. Making these images is both hard and easy. To make them you have to imagine the image upside down and backwards. As you lay the flowers down you are making the face of the image. A little bit off in the arrangement makes a big difference. In the beginning I would have to fix them many times....up to ten times maybe.
I generally do not crop my images. All my photographs tend to be full frame affairs.
I only knew I was getting good at this when upon picking the flower I seemed to see the image of how the final result should be. If I followed this, I found after a few weeks I could lay the arrangement down almost perfectly with only one fix and then another scan of the flowers for the final image.
Many folks are doing this now and the results are far more breath taking than mine. It also must be said that at first I was trying to make images like those old drawn botanical plates that were made in the 1800reds. It was years later that I started to paint on these with photoshop. I still like doing it as well even to this day. A couple here were made just for this post today.
Algis,your work left me sρeechless..It is an incredible work...And so many thanks for sharing..It was a magical journey to beauty your work..Indeed!!So many rates with so many thanks for such an incredible beauty...That gave me beauty I needed..Isn't this art is about;Gongratulations!!!!!!!!
Fantastic, my Friend! I used the scanner as camera once too. Flowers look three dimesional that way. Have you considered making greeting cards from some of the floral ones? There are some gorgeous ones that would sell, I'm sure. I can see them at the MMFA, going for $25 a box of 10 (two of each design). Just an idea.
Color, form, composition, themes, the juxtaposition—I marvel at these and at your creative spirit! Thank you!
Color, form, composition, themes, the juxtaposition—I marvel at these and at your creative spirit! Thank you!
Just popped_in to see a few of my favourite bloggers and of course took a look at yours - so glad I did.
Inspirational indeedy.

"Press send and the /r button please FRed(tm) - then brush your fur orf the lapDancing computer."
Oh yeah. Synesthesia at its best. ~r~
Unbelievably beautiful, Algis; simply fantastic. Wow!
Scanners+flowers=fantastic powers
Algis, I love these scanned flowers...such a unique collection of images. Visually delicious!
Byron is right. Looking at these made me feel joyful and refreshed inside. Thank you.
At first I thought these were flowers FOR Scanner! (I just read his latest post) But I should send him your way anyway because looking at these pictures HAS to make anyone feel better. Fantastic! Thanks Algis.
These photos remind me of jewelry I own of dried flowers in resin. I wish the resin captured something this beautiful. It seems like it would be possible, with today's photo programs, to make that possible!
What an inspiring collection. Thank you!!
STATHI STATHI, Love hearing this from you. So glad you enjoyed it as well. The Greek magazine PHOTO once published these back in, OMG 1998. Efharistow SS!
MAY 19, 2012 04:25 PM

FusunA, I am so glad you feel so passionate about this and thanks so much having faith in these images . Your the best. Tacheker...F!
MAY 20, 2012 02:32 PM

Julie White, OMg great thanks for finding that JW!
MAY 20, 2012 04:54 PM

CreekEnd UK, Your a good soul and you know my grandmother was from Nottingham.

Oh yeah. Synesthesia at its best. ~r~

Jett Noire, LOve that word!!! So glad you used it here. Your Great and Thanks so MUCH JN!

Thoth, Thanks for those very fine words and more Mr T!
MAY 21, 2012 11:07 PM
Helvetica Stone, I Love your Math! THX HS!

Gary Justis, Thanks so much Gary, I like them too but back then when I made them, 10 years ago, they seemed so much more dynamic. Cutting edge, currently they hold up and seem to sparkle when i paint in the extra visual effects.

l'Heure Bleue, I am so pleased to hear that. Hope your keeping fine as well?

trilogy, That is so good to read. Maybe Fusuna is right maybe I need to get these images out there.
MAY 22, 2012 06:16 PM
Bellwether Vance, So nice to hear that. I am sure that would be most lovely. Actually that would be a very fine artform to produce as well. I would love to see a piece of that jewlery. Could you scan it and send it to

zanelle, Your very welcome with a HUG Zanelle...A Hug for everyone else too.
Omigod, these are astounding! You must PhotoStory them--with the music. It's one of the easiest ways to create a little movie, and these pictures deserve to be one. they are here...will also do quite well...

Thank you for the painstaking preservation of these extraordinary images...
You have dazzled me with your photos on many occasions, it is hard to believe you did this with a scanner. They are so incredibly beautiful. I have a feeling you would be talented at any media you choose.
rated with love
You have an amazing talent. You always couple your photographic genius with the perfect music. r
Smokin' hot juicy sumptuous fabulous gobs of images in this post. I just love it. Makes me feel humble. More info on technique? I wish you could come sit in my Maine coast garden right now. It even makes my head blow offf and I created it (see all the probs and flaws). Your scanner might start to spit fire. Love the work. Rated RRR
Keka, Yes I have made a video of these images and hope one day you get to see it too. It's called... Do butterflies dream about wild flowers? Thanks so much Keka!

RomanticPoetess, Thanks so much RP,I guess the next frontier for me is baking bread now that I live in the forest under the aegis of Mont Baldy!

Fay Paxton Thanks so much for that, I am so glad it worked for you FP!

Robin Robinson, Thats a mouthful and I appreciate every word. THX RR!

Kathy Knechtges, You are too and thanks so much KK!
These photos are astounding. It's funny how many other things some of these flowers resemble. I enjoyed this tour through your Rorschach flowers. did you do these? I have seen that video before. If you watch it closely you will see the fetus singing.