Algis Kemezys

Algis Kemezys
Ste Adele, Québec, Canada
June 28
Internationally exhibited Photographer/Documentary filmmaker, Sculptor, Dowser, Scrabble enthusiast, Geomancer, Iatromant, gourmet chef


MAY 8, 2012 7:08AM

Sunshine + Magnolia Blossoms = Happiness

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photo by algis kemezys,

What Is Happiness

What is happiness? 
Such simple yet complicated word
No exact words can match it

Is it the feeling of warmth in the summer? 
Is it the feeling of success? 
or is it the feeling of no worries? 

Nobody can actually tell what happiness is
It is such a dynamic word
Its like the wind
That is felt but not really seen

photo by algis kemezys,   

But still happiness still bugs me
Where can you find happiness? 
How can you be happy? 

Such questions going through my mind
Maybe happiness is just within us
Maybe happiness is like a fairy
Stuck in out heart wanting to get out

How could you tell you found happiness? 
Some people say you found happiness
When you feel light as a feather
Maybe that is true happiness

I can never really tell what it is
But I think I found happiness
Happiness within me 


Karima Puzon


photo by algis kemezys, 

What do you think your happiness is and do you think it will stay that way?

Photographs by Algis Kemezys 2012  

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Let the sunshine.....let the sunshine...
Happy is as happy does. Beautiful shot Algis.
Magnokias come in so many varieties. All magnificent. R
I'm doing my Snoopy Dance looking at these photos. Is that happiness?
Happiness is a fleeting feeling for me . It comes and goes regardless of my desires. Thanks tg,escrito and Scanner.
My arms are like blossoming branches for you...
Eye candy before breakfast....
Such a wonderful fit, these words and photos...
Magnolia blossoms and joyful people are some of the things that make me feel happy.
I know I was happy when I was taking this photograph, like so many others, therefore I should only take photographs.
Happiness is when we manage to fill that void which is the companion of existence
Beautiful flowers. Beautiful photos. Beautiful words of sunshine.
My happiness is when all of my children are tucked safely in bed. Which means, to me: That they are OK...have jobs and a roof...that they are not in pain. Happiness to me is when there are no bleeps on the screen and the Dr. says: See you next year! ...I love your magnolias. May you be blessed with sunshine...for all of your days.
You beautiful photos make me happy, Algis.
Your images capture the elusive meaning of happiness like I have never seen. R
Happiness, as you say, is fleeting so I'll settle on the fact that your images bring joy.
Magnolias were blooming in Montreal as I left, Algis. They look so magnificent. Welcome back, mon ami!

That last photo is especially happy!
Let the sunshine in, Algis. Reading your posts makes me happy. I believe happiness changes as we grow up, but happiness for me, is found within. Being in nature, in peace and quiet makes me happy too. And Charles Schulz said, "Happiness is a warm puppy." For me, it would be a kitten.
Beautiful photos. I'm having a disconnect because my tulip tree bloomed over a month ago, and most of this northern hemisphere is only now having spring.

Happiness is... feeling at peace within myself, fresh breezes, and birds singing.
it comes and lights on us like a butterfly; but if your try to hold it and examine it, it flies away
Just beautiful
Happiness is being with my husband and children, and knowing we're all safe and healthy. Thanks for these beautiful photos and thoughts.
Happiness comes in all different kinds of forms and ways and it is usually a surprise. :)
Just like a beautiful dream.
I think happiness is transitory. Sometimes it is only when it is gone that you look back and say, "Then! Then I was happy!" However, I think you can establish a habit of looking at the present moment and finding something to be happy about.
So Happy! But I thought Canada was too cold for magnolias??
So beautiful. Only thing lovelier than these pictures is to sit beneath real magnolias. They are lovely in sun, but also lovely in soft rain, petals dripping. Happiness indeed.
Lovely, Algis.
I am happy like you, here and there without reason, it sometimes seems. I know I am happy when I see your photos!
I know these flowers as Tulip Magnolias, to differentiate from the Southern Magnolias I grew up with, those with the rich and glossy deep green leaves and white flowers.
Just beautiful.
I think you're right, Algis, sunshine + magnolia blossoms = happiness! And joy! :)
In my experience happiness is a fleeting emotional state... I'd settle for and be happy with mere contentment.
Mission Yes this is real early morning eye candy of the best sort. Thank god eyes do not get cavities like teeth do.

l'Heure Bleue Thats one of the reasons I posted this and it was for you...

Jack Heart You are so intellectually right on. May happiness rain down on you in any form you wish...

Mary Stanik yes and Thanks for the support with the Happiness MS!

Ande Bliss Your right for the all the right reasons. Thanks for the happiness wish too!

Matt Paust Oh MP your so good for saying that...

Jonathan Wolfman, Clap for the Wolfman!

Michelle Coulter OMG you have made me shed a tear...Guess I am overly sensitive this morning.

fernsy You so fine for saying that and I really appreciate it as well.

FusunA OK where did you go? Down south I imagine. Have a good trip and see you here sooner than later I hope.

Lea Lane Yes it is like a burst of Happiness.....and some of it is for you!

Erica K Yes nature rules and can give back far more than civilization can with its material wonders.

phyllis is what Just what everyone should be happy with too...

Kathy Knechtges I like that because it seems just about right.

hyblaean- Julie Thanks HJ!

Linda Seccaspina Thanks so much!

Deborah Méndez Wilson Yes that would be a good definition of happiness.

V.Corso yes I think so...such a fleeting feeling because anything like a flat tire can change things oh so rapidly.

Miguela Holt y Roybal, Yes my feeling indeed. A Beautiful Dream.

ccdarling That would be indeed a good habit. Funny how it is when we look at images from the moments of the past and can declair I was happiest then.

Midwest Muse No there are a number of these trees in Montreal and Toronto. probably Vancouver too.

greenheron Oh yes being there while it is raining is another funny treat. We had a rainy windy day yesterday and now they are mostly gone.

Just Thinking... Thanks for pointing that out. Guess I will always be making images for you then knowing your happier by them.

clay ball Yes, Joy is there and abounds in all circumstances like this.

jmac1949, I think you are so right. Contentment is really the next best thing.

BIG Smile and Big amounts of Happiness to all who posted here. remember your good and thats why you deserve this.
Algis,now this is awesome.
I have to think about your question for a while.

Rated for the beauty of the blossoms and your inner eye.

Thank you so much for sharing this,Algis.
Happiness ... I know it when I feel it (and I was happy to take in these great shots).
Wow! Simply gorgeous, Algis. R
Happiness was sitting next to Sandy hearing the first sweet chords of JJ Cale singing Magnolia, you sweet thang ... & remembering it now, with thanks to your beautiful pictures.
I can smell the magnolias....intoxicating.
are those magnolia blossoms? It's funny to me how different magnolias are in different parts of the country...I grew up in a city (Seattle) where the blossoms, if they existed, were small. I moved to the Castro district of San Francisco where there were blossoms about the size of my head....

unbelievable. :)
Heidi Banerjee Thanks so much for dropping by and being inspired. let me know what you eventually think sometime soon! THX HB

How did I miss this! Happiness is so illusive. I keep rising up to it again and again even tho it eludes me.