Algis Kemezys

Algis Kemezys
Ste Adele, Québec, Canada
June 28
Internationally exhibited Photographer/Documentary filmmaker, Sculptor, Dowser, Scrabble enthusiast, Geomancer, Iatromant, gourmet chef


APRIL 25, 2012 2:49PM

Mark Zuckerberg resembles ancient Greek sculptures 338 BCE

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         See this short video and see if you notice the same thing I do. While visiting the Istanbul Archeological Museum I was checking out the Tomb of Alexander the Great. There beside it was a  small replica of how it would have looked in it's hayday. The colors are garish and quite unbelievable  so I decided to film it for reference. Upon doing so, at the end of the pictured scene, I noticed someone who looked remarkably like Mark Zuckerberg CEO and founder of Facebook.  I then wondered if this is indeed The Days of Future past?

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In one of my former lives, I was burned at the stake. ;) In another life, I was drowned. Rumor has it that this is my last life, but as we all know, Karma is complicated. ;)
So who did you find to do all that screaming?
Belinda T. Good point. Sounds as if you have had some tough times.THX!

koshersalaami: Oh, they are just some echos from the past.THX!
Algis, amazing likeness! I think Mark Z. was murdered because he had just launched the web site Alexanderbook and Alexander the Great was peeved about not being included in the IPO!!!
Past lives... did a play about past lives... not very pretty.
designanator : Thats so funny. Your good. Thax D!

jmac1949, Interesting...please tell me some more? Thx JM!
Does this mean that, in past lives and future lives, we look exactly the same? That is so unfair!
Jeanette DeMain, Great question. Maybe it is so that we carry a certain look with us through out time. They say that is why some folks look familiar to you because you were with them in a past life....Thanks JD!
I think only good people get to have past lives--never mind future. Fascinating stuff.

The Imp and I enjoyed the film, even the screaming. :)
The screaming made me laugh out loud, Algis. I do indeed think that Mark Z was slaughtered and now exists in our universe in an alternate form(at).
And to think that Alex won all of his battles while his army fought naked. Or so it appears. Must have been very rough on his cavalry troops.

Ms. Stim and I had just gotten to the Troy exhibit when we were kicked out of the Archeological Museum because the director (or whoever was in charge) decided to close the Museum early so he could go to some social event.
Dude, that was hilarious. The screaming too.....ahahahahahah!
Istanbul, aside from being a gorgeous city, is historically loaded. I am so glad you had the privilege to visit, Algis. R
Hilarious! It does look just like him! ... Thanks for bringing history to life.
Most interesting. The past is always with us. Whether we know it or not.
Unable to play the video, but the idea is intriguing, Algis.
I wasn't sure where you were going with this Algis. I mean in the first minute I saw a dick and a horse's ass and wondered if this was to be a mean-spirited joke. But yes, that final shot is a remarkable likeness.
Too funny! I think sometimes we look like we once did and at other times we may only recognize fellow souls from past lives due to the energy of that time, making us appear familiar by our "signature."

Mark Zuckerberg killed in 338 BCE sounds like a repetitive lesson in humility that still has yet to be learned. FB Liked this, but FB Dislike MZ. Or maybe he thought it should have been linked to the Great Library's Papyrus-fi. When the library burned, then it was a hotspot.

Loved the screams -- didn't detract one little bit.


I think all battle scenes should come with recorded screams. And all that wonderful white statuary with the original garish colors. Antique television.

After the video stopped I looked at the other possibilities and played Byron dealing with persimmons. Looked wonderful. BTW, I got his book, Istanbul to Montreal, and am enjoying it.
Sarah Cavanaugh, Yes, I think so too. THX so much SC!
V.Corso OMG so glad to hear that. One always wonders? THX VC!

Erica K, Interesting would like to know more of your idea. Glad you liked the screams too! THX EK!
Stim, How was that? Did they have any good stuff? THX again S!

SheilaTGTG55, Thanks for adding to that here. THXS!

Thoth, Yes, on all fronts Istanbul rules. Thanks T!

Deborah Méndez Wilson Glad you agree. THX so much DMW!

Mary Stanik, Yes I guess it is and these collections are marvelous. Thanks MS!

Matt Paust OMG hope you see it cause it really does look like MZ! THX M!

Abrawang Yes some of those figures were just so outthere I had to include them here. lad it worked that way too. Yes indeed it looks like him and now I wish I had filmed it on HD. ThanksA!

dunniteowl, Oh woderful. Thanks so much for all that. Glad to know these details. Your good and THX D!

Seer, So glad to know that. Your Great Seer!

Myriad, Oh M your wonderful and thanks so much for that Info. Your a Pal THX M! Byron liked it too!
There have been, what, a dozen or so cities of Troy, one built on top of the other. The Museum has display cases for each of the cities. We were beginning to look at the oldest artifacts when we were pointed to the exit.
The screams were perfect! It's nice to know that Macedonians and Greeks decorated things just as tackily as modern people do. Or is it nice to know that modern people decorate things as tackily as Macedonians and Greeks did? :)
man, i dunno. could be. let us all get some damn medical marijuana
for our immense Ennui, or our
pathological shortsightedness,
and then revisit the issue.

alexander the great was an anomaly.
a basically good conquering empire building asshole.
maybe. i dunno. history tells us napoleon
changed the face of europe.
germans speak with a soft voice and still carry their big stick...
Their economy..

Wracked by guilt.

fundamentalism will kill us all in the end,, maybe.
or else men of good minds and bodies gotta raise their comfy
asses up
make better laws..stop listening to the Lost Children.

the victims of mind succubi. religion, etc.
ideology too.......
Stim OMg that must have been very dissappointing . I visited a town called Pedessa where the inhabitants came from the ruined city of Troy. Would you go back to see it again? THX S!

Midwest Muse Good points MM. Thanks so much again.

James M. Emmerling yes we were talking about that . It must have been really hard being in his circle or anywhere he was. Alexander must have been formidable to say the least. I would not want to get on his bad side and if I did I am sure I would not last long to worry about it either. Uncanny resemblance here though to MZ! Thanks JME!