Algis Kemezys

Algis Kemezys
Ste Adele, Québec, Canada
June 28
Internationally exhibited Photographer/Documentary filmmaker, Sculptor, Dowser, Scrabble enthusiast, Geomancer, Iatromant, gourmet chef


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FEBRUARY 18, 2011 4:38AM

The Hummingbird Moth

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Moth Hummingbird by algis kemezys  

        To wander in challenging landscapes has always been one of my favorite pastimes. All over Turkey, the terrain is spectacular and the varieties of landscape vary greatly between valleys. It calls out to me on many levels because these lands have been journeyed across for thousands of years before me by the likes of many a great Sage looking for spiritual understanding in the many temples that grace this ancient area called Caria. Even  Alexander the Great passed through here on his journey to conquer the known world. So in my mind’s eye I never know what I might stumble upon.

      The thing that beckons me are these frothy rock formations that were at one time bubbling molten earth that eventually cooled and were perhaps reshaped after a number of great floods, including the one that landed Noah’s Arc high atop Mt. Ararat in north-eastern Turkey.


  If you want to see me crying and then feel really good about it...see the above video. Contains music and  a truly good song from my favorite collaborator, Guthrie Lowe.
      It is a thrilling experience wandering about and in most cases for me  it is the sighting of Mimetoliths and Pareidolias. It was here in the Ortakent valley that I spotted the face of what I thought could certainly be that of Gaia herself in miniature :-)
magic Face a2 

       A smiling face looking up at the horizon from which a comet most likely carried ancient DNA from outer space landing here and starting it’s miraculous journey into transforming itself into all living things as we know them. 

     After  spotting some nice faces and creatures in the rocks I reach the most spectacular formation created over millions of years. Thinking that the exploration is done, I sit there contemplating what life might have in store for me, when a curious creature catches my eye. I think to myself it must the smallest hummingbird I have ever seen. I quickly grab my camera, shooting video and taking stills hoping to understand it better. Upon seeing the footage I realize it is not a miniature Hummingbird but a Moth. Miraculously it seems to have the  mannerisms  of both animals. I surmise this might be one of those marvels of nature where the DNA created a unique creature that straddles the worlds of both insect and bird. 


moth Hummmingbird 2

       After some time the Moth moves on and I attempt to follow it in order to get some more footage. Then when I least expect it, I stumble and fall violently off the the rock and tumble down in between them into a massive plant with many skin piercing thorns and bang my face into another rock. As I am falling I see other rocks dislodged from behind me tumbling down and in that split second a charming late afternoon turns into a potential nightmare.



Hummingbird , Moth photograph by algis kemezys 

      Well, luck is on my side today. I get away with some minor scrapes and I have not broken my nose or ripped my face open. The near-disaster reminds me that I am no longer a youth. The realities of middle age have given me a sharp warning. I leave after some time glad to have accomplished my goal of discovering something new and am more than grateful that I will not have to visit a hospital, but return instead to my hilltop house to enjoy some lait-cru perfectly ripe St-Felicien cheese brought from Paris by friend and fellow photographer Jonathan Wenk.
For your viewing pleasure I have added a 38 second clip of the MGM Lion of Bitez.  It is very magical too!
lion head pareidolia by algis kemezys
       Lions head Mimetolith discovered by Algis Kemezys in Bitez, Turkey.        

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Who could have imagined the dangers of shooting landscape pictures? In the end you triumphed, coming away with these gorgeous photos of a rugged terrain that's home to rock-bound lions and other noble beasts.
Algis, incredible photography and vision. Turkey is lucky to have you as a guest.
Oh Thank You Thank You Thank You for some beautiful photos, water and nature in this bleak February moment! Beautiful Algis.
I had no idea a moth could be so beautiful or that such a moth existed. The lions rocks too are stunning. Thank you, Algis.
Excellent photo essay! Did you use an f-stop of 1/4000th of a second for these shots? I'm very interested to know more about the details of the camera and lens used. Thanks for presenting such a carefully and beautifully photographed look at the Hummingbird Moth!
Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing. I saw a one of these moths at my mom's house, it was one of the strangest things I'd ever seen. Just like you I thought it was a hummingbird. My mom told me it was really a moth. Fascinating.
Wow, wonderful photos. Thanks. A true treat. R
What a great shot of the moth/hummingbird. Congrats on the EP. Well deserving!
rated with hugs
You should submit these to National Geographic Photo Contest.

(you need the boots with suction cups on the soles)

"Look to the stones of the earth and you will find me" Take care of that eye and what a wonderful Post. Thanks I truly enjoyed it all tg. EP worthy what a beautiful creature that Moth is.
Absolutely lovely photographs! Congrats on the EP.
Best Wishes,
Another great adventure. I love your blog. You could put them all in a book and it would really be a great journey. Thank you Thank you for sharing!!!
I have seen these incredible moths many times, and they always surprise me. Your pictures of them against plants with similar color and form are spectacular. I love the faces in the rocks. Be careful out there!
Congratulations on such magnificent photographs! They certainly do merit an EP... (And as an added bonus, they have briefly transported me far, far away from the grey and slush of this Montreal Friday.)
In a moment you transformed my internal nonsense here to a moment of connection with Gaia. Many thanks. Exquisite, and I am glad you are OK.
I love how you write about rocks. And that lion's head formation really does look exactly like that! These photos were amazing, especially of the hummingbird moth. Thanks for bringing us this beauty - and I'm very glad you didn't get seriously injured to do so!
Hummingbird Moths are difficult to photograph. I know from personal experience. Well done.
Great stuff as always!
Wow! This is lovely. What a wonderful eye. Thank you for sharing this.
Bubbling, beckoning frothy rock formations...everything about this is amazing, Algis. I'm glad you are okay and were able to more fully enjoy your lait-cru. I think I would like some of that sweet stuff the miraculous moth in your pictures found.
Delicious photography!
Take care, while you are "eating up the landscape", that it doesn't eat you up!

Wonderful photo essay. I spotted the image of gaia straight away. Thanks for continuing to share your portfolio with us.
beautiful photos as always- but ouch! you take better care of yourself
Absolutely gorgeous . . . just amazing . . .
Amazing photographs and background information. I've not heard of the hummingbird moth and wonder if it can be found anywhere else. Glad you weren't seriously injured in that nasty fall, Algis.
Wonderful photographs and commentary! In the video, I love the spot running your fingers through the grasses. It reminds me of a scene from "Gladiator" which was filmed in Northern Spain. I have hummingbird moths in my garden during the summer. They sip nectar from the honeysucke and yellow jessamine. Beautiful!
Grey shot Algis,
I have one that is very similar.

Keep shooting

Once again, I'm thrilled to find your photos today...what an unusual moth! ...and it's daylight...
A beautiful creature you found.
We must be spiritual kin, Algis, I too love wandering over wild terrain...
Your post, complete with fotos, video, music, and narrative are captivating and I'm enthralled with the elusiveness of both the photographer and the winged creature caught on film.
Those are great pictures. Hawaii has a species of hummingbird moth too. I remember being quite freaked out by the first one I saw. Antennae? On a bird? Theirs has a fan tail that it uses to control its flight, and makes it look even more bird-like. The color is very similar to those in your pictures from Turkey.
"The realities of middle age"
Glad you're OK.
I get so excited when I see you have posted. Everyone is absolutely fantastic.
Thank you.
Algis, I had no idea. That is such an amazing creature. I always learn something form your posts. To be moved to tears by beauty is a lovely thing. Thanks for sharing that and those faces in the rocks intrigue.
Beautiful pictures! Hummingbirds are limited to the Americas - at least today; fossil hummingbirds ancestors have been found in Germany. But this leaves the flower-feeding niche wide open, and this moth is a spectacular example of convergent evolution!
Stunning images, as usual. rated
The Hummingbird Moth is beautiful as are your other pictures. Moths are really just night time butterflies so I laugh when I see the girls in our neighborhood get spooked by them after they just chased butterflies all day long. It truly is hilarious.
fascinating creature and gorgeous photos, algis. but be careful!! clambering around on rocks gives me the creeps, invokes horrors of slides and being stuck. brrrr. watch out.
Stunning! And so wise and reflective.
I just stumbled upon this -- from my arm chair. Glad I did!
Very nice. What a treat to see such an amazing moth.
Great pictures. We have these wonderful little things in Germany. Sometimes there are 2 or 3 in our garden at one time. They are shy, but if you move up on them slowly, you can almost reach out and touch them.
My Box Brownie could never take colour photos like that - bugger.
Wow - Congrats on a beautiful post and a `EP.
I'll come back to view slow download `Ya Tub.
Beauty. I'd see Ya cry? Then, I'd begin to cries.
Beauty can cause sentient beings to shed tears.
Full of awe.
One sad `bout greenhouse is an occasional moth,
bird, and once a hummingbird was trapped. The light pale greenish blue Moon Moth was trapped. I just took a closer look. The moth is about 5- inches long with a larger wingspan. I Placed the moth in a jar.
Nature is awesome.
People are amazing.
Moon Moth is dead.

I often say`
That's enough`
That it can make`
A grown man cry.
I loved a short visit to Turkey.
I had trouble going southward.
It was in the Lebanon wartimes.
I recall a town called` Adana?
I love how they dress there.

The clothes are sensible.
They look so comfortable.
All colors are beautiful too.
Thanks for sharing beauty.
Thank God you are ok Algis.
stunning pictures! So glad you're ok! I always look forward to your posts.
I too would like to know more about your camera. (I realize it is but a tool and the talent and "eye" lie within you.)

Stunning photos and the videos...glad you were not hurt badly. It is difficult sometimes to pay attention when focused.
Dear Leon Freilich, Thanks so much. Yeah thats right I hardly expected such a fall. The lion says hello too. I am all healed at this point.

Dear Linnnn, Thats so nice. Thanks a lot!

Dear rita shibr, Thanks so much! Your poetry makes me better by trying to make your day! in Turkey the word is Hizmetinzdez:at your service.

Dear fernsy, Yeah I was so impressed with this little creature. She seemed to be watching me as well while filming her.The lion is just my best find ever besides Gaia. Thanks again.

Dear Larry Lauerman, At that time the camera was set on auto because I was in such a hurry just to capture it. Shooting video then switching to stills. Thanks for enjoying it so.

Dear Mike in Ohio, Yes this is a real charmer. I have greater respect for moths now and this one is indeed special. Thanks again.

Dear Sheba Marx, So glad you found them wonderful. Cheers from the Lion and I.

Dear scanner, Thanks again and the creatures and all send you fine Greetings.

Dear Linda Seccaspina, Thanks just trying to keep up with your incredibleness.

Dear Leepin Larry, Thanks good piece of sound advice. Wonder where I can get some?

Dear Alan Nothnagle, Thanks and your beautiful for saying that too.
Dear Catherine Forsythe, Thanks again and your beautiful too for saying that.

Dear tg within, So glad you like the song .It is from my film called Mimetoliths. Guthrie Lowe is the composer and writer of that and is just excellent.Thanks for the concern and more. I am all healed at this point.

Dear Blittie, Thanks for the comment. Everyone of these creatures send back fine wishes to you too.

Dear zanelle, Thanks again, I do hope that does happen one day.Glad to be of service .

Dear greenheron, Oh Thanks for this...Yeah I am really being careful now because of that. Maybe I shall try staying on the beaten path a little more often and get a telephoto lens.

Dear Wordsmith,I am so glad to take you places. Thanks again for dropping by and commenting so fabulously.

Dear Pandora M, With a name like that I am so honored to have done so. Thanks again..

Dear JoLynne Martinez, yeah time just flies in a situation like this. I should not have been so anxious to get more footage and hense my fall. Thanks again.

Dear Harry's Ghost, Thanks just trying to keep you impressed.

Daer Eve Collins, Thanks for the wonderful remarks. Glad to be inspiring here.

Dear catch-22, Yeah that cheese was well worth coming home to. I was glad I did not get trapped and have to cut off a limb or something. Thanks again.

Dear skypixie0, Thanks for the comment and the nice chuckle. it is a delicious landscape isn't it?

Dear Rei Momo, If rocks could talk that one says Hello to you. Thanks again.

Dear hyblaean- Julie, Ouch is right! thanks for the comment and they all say hello to you too.

Dear Owl_Says_Who, Thanks again The lion and Moth say hello too!

Dear Matt Paust, My friend here says they call it the Beebird. It is a wonderful cross between two creatures eh? Thanks again...

Dear Doireann, Thanks again... I was hoping that some one would like the fingers thing and it was you. Marvelous. I guess these unique creatures are everywhere then.

Dear eri, Thanks and yes I shall try to keep up the image making and more.

Eric Ashford

Dear Just Thinking..., Love to wander with you then. Yes a moth around sunset. I have been looking to see one again but have not so far. That place kept calling out to me . It took a month to actually get there. Here because folks have been wandering here for thousands of years one never knows what they might find.

Dear Belinda T., Thanks yes in the multimedia world we have all gotten a little bit better at our covergae of things. I love the fact these cameras shoot stills and video too.

Dear GeeBee, Yeah I am sure they blend in for good reason. So they are on hawaii too. Amazing thanks agin for sharing your thoughts here.

Dear trilogy, Thanks I am all healed now and am so glad you enjoyed.Yes middle age is something else again too.

Dear Scarlett Sumac, Oh my now I have tears too. Thanks for the lovely comment.

Dear NOLA viajera, Thanks for that wonderful information. I guess this world will always have marvels no matter how old we get.

Dear Caroline Hagood, Thanks for the stunning comment. Cheers from the Moth too.

Dear Victoria Wolf, yes Moths are so under rated. i thank you for that nice little story to. Best from the Moth and Me.

dear femme forte, Thanks I hear you and am oh so careful now. At the time though it was really scary and I really didn't know how bad it was going to be. Thank god no stitches on the face.

Dear Helvetica Stone, Thanks for that. I do what i can...

Dear Vivian Henoch, Funny nice comment there. Hope a butterfly or Moth lands on your arm chair as soon as the time is right. Thanks!

Dear Mrs. K, Thanks again. I hope you see one one day soon or after winter is over.

Dear Out on a limb, Yeah the creature seemed friendly and seemed to be watching me. Thats why i hurried so to get more footage. So these little creatures are every where and hardly ever seen except for the lucky who really try to see Nature at her best. Thanks again.

Dear Creekend_UK, That is nice,Thanks so much. I wish I had a brownie again.

Dear Art James,

Your words and heart speak out volumes of wonderful with ideas and precious moments that fill the soul of the receiver with great joy and amusement. All these creatures enjoy your words and send back good wishes to you and more, but particularly me. Thanks again and again.

Dear Suresh Emre,
Thanks so much for that and may your wishes always keep me say oh knowledgable one. For a moment there I thought I would just be that zero point with no more directions to expand in.

DearLucy Mercer, Thanks that gives me great joy and comfort reading that!

Dear BuffyW, The camera is an old canon s51s, Or something close to that. It shoots video and stills and is 8 MP. Unfortunately I have damaged it and now I have big problems with this cherished old friend of mine. Guess I will have to try to replace it somehow but that is very difficult in my financial state. Thanks again for the comment.

To all OSers: I really really appreciate all your very kind thoughts words and wishes here. You have made my recovery or so much more possible and I am just about fully healed except for a bit of a black eye but thats fading fast. Thanks again for all your precious thoughts and words regarding this post. Gaia, The lion and the Hummingbird Moth all send you Big wishes for an early spring and a delightful summer.

best regards from Turkey
I saw one of these last summer in Banner Elk, North Carolina, USA! Promise! I have a witness! I was at work, taking a break on the porch, & the volunteer & I did not know WHAT the heck it was!!! Thank you for sharing!
Great post and fabulous photos! We have these moths here, too. They are a challenge to photo well, an activity I enjoy. So, I really appreciate your images. And, the videos are great! Very lively post.
Lovely photos thanks for taking me away to an enchanted land!
Lainey, Thank so much!

NothingNew, Yeah they are way cool.

Robin Robinson, Thanks I do try to make things personal and interesting. Glad thats working.

Lisa Barlow, And you are too...THX

Anne Cameron Cutri, Thanks, I am so glad you enjoyed this...
I don't know which is more fascinating: the wafts of air that came right through the screen, the aroma of the flowers, the hummingbird moth or the magnificent faces in the rocks.

I've seen the faces all of my life, but these are exquisite finds on a beautiful journey.

Thanks for taking us there.
You do some fantastic work! Very enjoyable and provoking. All the best.