Algis Kemezys

Algis Kemezys
Ste Adele, Québec, Canada
June 28
Internationally exhibited Photographer/Documentary filmmaker, Sculptor, Dowser, Scrabble enthusiast, Geomancer, Iatromant, gourmet chef


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JANUARY 14, 2011 6:11AM

Doorway to a Stone-Mason's Dream

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  Years come and go, numbers change, life begins anew with each one. It depends on you. You can stay where you are, or you can come with me through the magic gate and explore the possibilities, renew your dreams, start the adventure all over again.

It takes no money, it won’t cost you a penny. It takes some effort, yes, but what worthwhile doesn’t?

Ready? The door’s ajar, but if we don’t hurry it’ll shut tight and remain unrequited for a whole other year...   
photograph by algis kemezys 

photograph by algis kemezys 
photograph by algis kemezys


 photograph by algis kemezys
                              blue doorway 
 Through the courtyard with the magic cat and the withered tree, another door. This one is shut tight. There are wonders beyond. Only for those who believe, only for those who deserve...

 photograph by algis kemezys

photograph by algis kemezys
                              crow top 2
     blue sky house
 It looks like more of the same. But it isn’t. There is hidden treasure here. But you have to find it.

                                    photograph by algis kemezys  

 photograph by algis kemezys 
                              photograph by algis kemezys  
 There is a wise person lives in the modest house. She tends her garden. She winks at you.
  photograph by algis kemezys

sun dial 2a 

                                                      blue plant
roof top 2 
photograph by algis kemezys 
round stones 
 photograph by algis kemezys
 The shutters will open when the rain stops. Patience pays off. The day is short. It will happen before nightfall.


                                                     photograph by algis kemezys 
pink flower
photograph by algis kemezys 
yellow dome 2a 
photograph by algis kemezys                                                              

She said: “There is no life without water. Bring me water!”


                photograph by algis kemezys
 And the door opened wide. There is another house beyond. And there is music.
blue window 

photograph by algis kemezys

photograph by algis kemezys
                              blue rose 2
photograph by algis kemezys 
 The ship sails high. The waters are still. There is a storm brewing. We must hurry.

                              photograph by algis kemezys
 She let me have a glimpse. She is behind that window. She is sending me a message. “Leave me alone!” she says, and yet I feel she likes me, she wants to share her secrets.

Times gateway by algis kemezys
 Flowering key to the door is the flower
 The truth of the matter is: there is no treasure; only doors to uncover and enter each one in turn. Behind each door a new revelation. Something more to understand about yourself. Knowing is everything. Knowing yourself is priceless. It is something I have forgotten in the everyday struggle of surviving the daily grind. 
  suntop 2aaaaa

photograph by algis kemezys
photograph by algis kemezys 
photograph by algis kemezys 
photograph by algis kemezys 

 Night has descended. I have but one more obstacle to overcome. A long set of stairs with the light up top.

 photograph by algis kemezys
 When all is said and done —at the end of the day, so to speak— there is yet one more door, yet more secrets to unravel. The mysteries of life are far too grand. Ours but to marvel, to eat and love and pray and play out our hand.

 These photos were made at the YARBASAN STONE-HOUSES, HOLIDAY HOMES, in Ortakent, Bodrum, Turkey

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I have a thing for doors and this was really nice.
I LOVE that first pic!!

Thanks for sharing and as always, RATED!!
Beyond magic...through the doors. SUCH TERRIFIC PIX! Oh my!!!! r
Absolutely Perfect!! So beautiful. One leads to the next. That is all there is.
Your photographs are so mysteriously beautiful and haunting, your words make me a believer.
rated with love
Just an outstanding post. Beautiful photography!
Shut tight, open wide and marvelous, Algis. Thank you!
Wonderful. My favorite is #2, of course, with the cat...and I love doors whose buildings have vanished...
Just gorgeous Algis, as always.
Gorgeous with lovely poetic words to accompany your photos. Thank you for the escape! R
The treasure to find is this post.
That was a amazing.. I lived in a old stone house for years.. Nothing like it.
Great photos and rated with hugs
These pictures remind me of what a great artist you are. The art of the photographer doesn't consist of knowing how to shoot, but consists of knowing what to shoot and when to shoot it.

I recently came across one of your pictures - of one of your stone constructions - and was shocked to see that you had named it for me.

I don't hang around here very much any more but whenever I come across one of your posts I am reminded of how excellent our best are, and here on open salon, when it comes to photography, you are far and away the best we have here.

I rarely rate posts any more, but this one completely deserves it.
What beautiful stone work. If people only knew the artistry that went into placing each stone. The steps are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.
OMG- this was one of the most beautiful posts I've seen ....

Elijah Rising
This is absolutely beautiful. I know I always comment on your sky, but the clouds in the first picture are really nice. I like the patterns of the stones. And your words. I may return for another visit.
What a magical place! Straight out of a storybook.
Algis, excellent times infinity and beyond!!!!!
Very Clever and enchanting!
i appreciate that there are openings in those solid, seemingly impenetrable stone walls, doors that let us go through and see what's on the other side, what's inside the house we can only see the outside of. the colors are lovely, algis -- that blue door with the cutouts. beautiful photographic walk with you this morning.
Middle Earth. Bilbo said it:

Roads go ever ever on,
Over rock and under tree,
By caves where never sun has shone,
By streams that never find the sea;
Over snow by winter sown,
And through the merry flowers of June,
Over grass and over stone,
And under mountains in the moon...
What an exquisite and shimmering journey. What beautiful spaces. What a world you live in Algis.

I share your love of doors. The door to my house was made in 1782, not nearly as old as yours, but many feet have come and gone through it. I am merely a steward.
This was fantastically beautiful in all respects, photography, words, imagination.
I love the use of colorfully painted wood doors, window frames and roofs, against the cold earthy stone structures. The contrasts in color, design and purpose are fanciful and deliberate. She knows what she is doing. Delicious secrets, all. Loved this so much!
I think she, behind the window, is saying, "Come in, you've honored my beautiful space with your magic.....I'll make tea."
Perfect visions for a grey Friday morning here -- Thanks!
Is there a reason for not telling where the photos were taken? I'm guessing Portugal, but with a roof like that...Macao?
Doors... they are amazing... this is a great tribute.. the first pic is beyond amazing....
Thank you
Rated with love from Colombia
My favorite of yours so far, and that is saying a lot... beautiful, and serene. I love the tiles on the steps and the colorful doors, most of all the stonework. Thanks for this, perfect for EP.
Absolutely loved this!!!
What an excellent adventure! rated
I've been meaning all day to pass through the gate, and open this post. So glad I did.
I love it all. It's like magic, words and pictures both. You always delight.
These are beautiful!
That was great. Thanks for this.
A Mind's Eye Visit To Historic Turkey in the ancient city of Bodrum.
The gardens are nicer than my stone house, but if we had the water, I could make it equal to these pictures. r
LOVED this! Thanks so much for posting. I spent 3 weeks in Turkey last year on my own treasure hunt around the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia. Turkey is a magical place and you have beautifully captured some of it.
amazing AMAZing photographs! The quality of same + the magic = transportational shiverment! Thanks to you.
I love the pictures and the idea behind them. So beautiful..
Nothing short of a masterpiece. Thrilling and touching all at once, right on through to the sweet ending.
Thank you, Algis.
maryway: Your really nice for saying that.

Tinkerertink69 Great it was meant for you.

A Persistent Muse: I hope you make it through one of these doors one day.ThX

zanelle: Your so fine for this comment.

LC Neal: Thanks so much !

RomanticPoetess: I really like that statement a lot. THX

Fay Paxton: Tremendous thx so much!

catch-22: Your Marvelous for that too.

Myriad: I was thinking of you when I made that. ThX so much

Bonnie Russell: Great I will.

Scarlett Sumac: Thanks just like your winter grapes images!

Rita Bourland: Your fantastic for that comment.

Robin Sneed: I am stunned by that statement. THX!

hyblaean- Julie: THX so very mush!

Mission: Your a treasure as well then!

Linda Seccaspina: Glad to have shared this with you then. THX a lot!

sagemerlin: I am speechless and remain humbly yours! I am so glad you saw that image and wondered if you would ever see it. I hope I have added to your Greatness with your words of poetic excellence.

scanner: One step at a time and your comments are devine.

Elijah Rising: Thanks so much and may your year be good.

Leepin Larry: Thanks for that LL.

Steven Rockford: Oh Italian in a comment. Bravo!

Lucy Mercer: I added another two here for you then.

Harry's Ghost: Oh my thanks so much!

designanator: Your so good ,I mean great for saying that.

Anne Cameron Cutri: You have always enchanted me and I thank you dearly...need a new fortune ?

femme forte: Just trying to make your day ff.THX again.

Linnnn: Thanks for adding such a beautiful poetic addition to this post. I was listening to that sound track yesterday so your poem is so timely.

mypsyche: Thanks for that good adjective.

greenheron: So glad you saw this and shared it with me. THX!

Gabby Abby: Stay tuned for more then. THX again.

SheilaTGTG55: Thanks for that fantastic statement.

Just Cathy: Thanks for adding your personal perspective here.

Just Thinking...Your very perspective and thX a lot.

codger07: Good point I fixed that.

Mauricio Betancourt: Thanks for sharing your fine taste here.

Leon Freilich: Great glad you enjoyed it.

rita shibr: Thanks so much R. Your eyes are always worth feeding.

trilogy: Love you for that.

Hayley Rose: Thanks again.

Vivian Henoch: So glad you did and more.

l'Heure Bleue: Thanks a lot again and again.

Sarah Cavanaugh: Thanks again.

Ann Nichols: Thanks so much for that.

sophieh: Thanks again and again.

XJS AND ME: Your so very welcome!

GHung: THX so much!

old new lefty: Thx can't wait to see it!

Lisa Barlow: Glad to have shared some more Turkey with you then.

ConnieMack: Tremdously fine statement. THX

Lunchlady 2: Love you for that!

Poor Woman: I am speechless. Thanks so very much!

Algis Kemezys
Gate is a threshold. When we pass through the threshold we are transformed.
Suresh, OMG I never went through....Hope it's not to late to go back and try this...
I like #2 as well, but really, they're all magnificent.
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Wonderful photos. Wow. Thanks.
BEAUTIFUL images, stones richly dark with warm wet, suggesting the ingredients we need to germinate. Lao-Tzu said "He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened." And you remind us here that this journey toward enlightenment is magical. Thank you.
I came here for that incredible cover photo and stayed for the magic.

Lovely and mysterious!
What a 'dream like' place...
These photos are breathtaking Algis - makes me want to go there right this minute!!!
Thanks for sharing the sense of wonderment and adventure with this gorgeous home. Your photographs are outstanding!
Why won't you tell us where this is?
emma peel, TSM, Your magnificent as well then!

_iq _Thanks for your magical comment then!

Sheba Marx, My pleasure Thanks!

maria heng' I am speechless and more Thanks for sharing this thought.

zumapick!, May magic find you often then !

xenonlit xl, Thanks again and again.

Linda Shiue Thanks and you are too!

kiraz, Thats just great..Thanks so much!

Pavanne Veltman, Oh my, I am waiting to bring you there, but you better hurry!

Dr. Spudman44, Your incredible for saying that then. Merci Beaucoup!

BuffyW, Thanks for the outstanding comment then!

codger07, Look and you will find!
I love this. The photographs are magical. Your descriptions, pacing and wording are lyrical. It was a fun exploration.
So beautiful what you do with words and pictures, and the images are stunning. Magic. Real magic.
A truly wonderful set of images!!

very lovely set of photos
Great feature and wonderful theme and narrative, it´s very pleasant to see all the items flow together as you read. I liked the day and night contrast. Wouldn´t mind seeing it again with a history take on the photographs´ comments, and with a description of the use of each building or home.