Algis Kemezys

Algis Kemezys
Ste Adele, Qu├ębec, Canada
June 28
Internationally exhibited Photographer/Documentary filmmaker, Sculptor, Dowser, Scrabble enthusiast, Geomancer, Iatromant, gourmet chef



DECEMBER 17, 2010 3:58AM

Stone Poems for Christmas

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the prophet
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I was on a rock by the sea  
                                                                                         looking at the coastline
                                                                             waiting for Angels to descend
                                                                                                 glad tidings in hand 


photograph by algis kemezys
A cold December morning,
a light breeze my mourning
makes more bearable.
Summer's ended, a new age dawns 
sculpture and photo by algis kemezys 
                                                       A star to call my own, a breath of evening sky
                                                       these things don't lie,
                                                       I stand my ground, I know I'm right
                                                        I'll fight might with light 
                                                       It seems endless, this search,
                                                        I'll look into your eyes
                                                      don't leave me in the lurch
                                                        don't cover me in lies        

You're stronger than me, Lord
I am but a pebble
Help me, please help me, Lord
I used to be a rebel 
Behind every rock the glory of Your birth
behind every myth a mountain of mirth
I need to believe yet I want to live
 with laughter 

                    balanced Queen
man carpet
                                           photograph by algis kemezys 
photograph by algis kemezys 

                                                          single agent
                                                                                                                                                 bitez 6
Lonely vessel in the wide open sea
both sails a-blaze, the winds are strong
where are you going
without me? 
                                  sculpture and photo by algis kemezys
                                                      tree sculpture 
I rule the waves more
with every rising breeze
they whisper in my ears
with old tales and folklore 

 sculpt 99


Duo a


     there's glory in the small
    power with which to enthral
    petty is whoever wants more;
    I should know 



                presenting A 
sculpt 1
  a secret behind every wall
  hides the truth, disguising all
  that touches it.
  Lord, only you can unravel it 

a fire burns in my soul
I want to know, I want to shine
but they won't let me...
I fester in the brine of my own mind 
photograph by algis kemezys 
                                                      magic carpet                                                    blessed are those that see
                                                    what is best left in the dark
                                                    blessed are those that hark
                                                    and act accordingly    


                                                      angle waiting 
                                                                                                     photograph by algis kemezys

sitting on sunshine
the sun will set and rise again
the world'll survive
what should I believe?
I have but this one day to live 


sculpture and photo by algis kemezys

small wonder 2 
sculpture xx 
                                                     sculpture and photo by algis kemezys

It's almost Christmas
a day of infinite meaning
that'll bring joy, whatever your leaning
make the most of it 
sculpture and photo by algis kemezys 

Merry, merry, everyone
you're in my prayers
my thoughts
my very best intentions. 
sculpt 5 
 photograph by algis kemezys
 stone sculpture by algis kemezys

bitez scupt 3
ghost boat 
stone sculpture, algis kemezys
finger of fate two


Photograph by algis kemezys

 sculpture and photo by algis kemezys


sculpture and photo by algis kemezys 
 PS: These sculptures were all made and photographed
by me around Bitez, Turkey
Poems by Byron Ayanoglu 
        "What a lovely sojourn along the coasts and cliffs. Before there were books and stains on cave walls, there were rock poems to tell the other travelers on their unique paths that they were not alone. Rock poems rule! Thank you for the good wishes and for sharing."                
                              Stephen Lack 

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Breathtaking, and poetry it is. Happy holidays to you to.
...that is, "too"....
Beautiful words and imagery. R-
Breathtaking Thanks to you Sophieh ! Happy Holidays to you too !

Your beautiful for saying that Dave. Thanks and HH too.
I wonder if you ever use glue? Beautiful shots and verse.
Dear tg,

Years ago I used some muddy clay that was near by, now they simply stand on their own. Thanks !
Just beautiful.
Joyeux Noel et pais pur la nouvelle anneee.
rated with hugs.
I am more than a bit in awe here.

I love this. The photos are so well done. The words play music.

I tip my hat here.
Happy Holidaze to you dear.....
"I stand my ground, I know I'm right
I'll fight might with light"

Gorgeous poem and the sculptures are like prayers. Really gorgeous, thank you.
I feel as if I have been touched by your beautiful angels and your lovely poetry. rated with love
I love these Stone poems. Gorgeous photos.
A grand fine post. Such wonderful cairns I've never seen before. Thank you for sharing such beauty.
Dear Scylla,

Thanks so much! I am so glad you saw these. Rock on my friend.
The sculptures are gorgeous, particularly in their settings. Thanks
Oh, I love your sculpture...and your cats!
Your sculptures and photos are so unique, Algis. I particularly like how you've captured the sunlight shining through ... like hearts in the rocks. Perfect placement.

Beautiful words too!

Merry Christmas, Algis!
They all seem to be shrines, places of worship. You don't need walls to pray to your God!
I tell you Algis, in another 1,000 or so years some other civilization is going to be looking at these stonehenges of today and wondering. I beleive you are making history in your contentment. ;-) Also a pleasure to see your work. ~r
I love the images; visual and verbal. The sculptures remind me at once of the work of Scottish artist Andy Goldsworthy, and some of the paintings of Salvador Dali. Wishing you a warm, safe, holiday with loved ones.
Lovely poetry, gorgeous pictures! Thank you for this treat, and Happy Holidays to you, too!
Great pictures of these evocative things!
It's comforting to see another who enjoys stacking stones in particularly energetic places. Something I love to do along hikes in the mountains near river rapids...But never to the size, artistry and scale you do! Beautiful...Took my breath away.
really very pretty words/images r.
Algis, this is spectacular! Best wishes to you and yours for very happy Holidays!
Just beautiful! What a grand holiday greeting!
Oh. Just incredibly beautiful. Thank you.~r
As much as I love the stones, the skies are just as spectacular. You are blessed with blue. #12 reminds me of Monet's Woman with a Parasol (sans parasol).
Your work reminds me of Andy Goldsworthy, but while his is about nature, your is about Man and God, transcending the stone, sky and earth. Beautiful.
Amazing stuff thank you si much for sharing it here
Thank you for the warmth and of your words and your art. May your holidays be blessed and joyous.
I just ranted on about you needing to put yourself out there, and then reread your bio :) you are out there! *erase, erase, erase* Bravo Algis, these photos are wonderful and then some. I am glad that many people get to see your gift, some of these shots gave me literal goosebumps they were so perfect.
a temple of stones in the sunset.
remarkable use of poetry.
Skies, sea and poetry all "rock" in your creativity, Algis. Thank you for your generous sharing, and all the best wishes to you in the coming year. ~r
What treat. Thank you for doing this and then sharing it.
These are so stunning, Algis, I'm back looking again and I brought friends : )
So, are these prayer stacks made by hikers/pilgrims/mindful ones as the cairns I see on river banks around here are? Or are they stacked for the art and photography of them?...regardless, just lovely, and they do seem like a prayer just to look at them.
Thanks!! and the happiest of holiday seasons to you!
...and your poem/prayer goes just perfectly and helps create the reverence I feel when looking at these...
These are gorgeous, patient one! You are familiar with the stone balancing scene in "Rivers and Tides"? Happy holidays to you as well.
Amazing beautiful words and incredible sculptures... I just wonder how you move the big ones...
Happy Holidays...
Amazing photos... I specially liked the one with the sunset in the middle... beautiful
Your art is so shattering I can hardly bear to look at it.

How are you doing in Turkey, my friend?

You see, I want to see your pictures in a book. Have you had any luck with that?

This is what OS is good for, but I know you're on short rations and I wish there was some way I could help you convert your talent into profit.

Someone out there should get this guy an agent.

The first thing I would change on Os is the position of the rating button. Ughh.

Happy new year, my friend.
the skies, algis!! i keep looking back at the last few with those blazing clouds - they draw me like magnets. so beautiful.

have a wonderful christmas, friend. the best to you.
Speechless, I am, but looking for the "Follow" button.
Beautiful. Aha!
I have a few staked stones.
The photos are at a bay inlet.
The bay exits to to the ocean.
If I learn how to download?
I'll share. Yours are beauty.
This gets reread and shared.
You may be a elderly hippy?
People should pull pony tail.
You deserve a wet smooch too.
You no wear pink beach thong?
Pony Tail White. Grey. Stones.
Your sure sober. Ya Clear Bell.
Thank You.
This. Bows.
Beauty You.
Beautiful photos, Algis. Even more dramatic than those you'd taken in Crete. And knowing you only by your prose, Byron, reading your beautiful poems has been an exciting discovery for me. Happy Christmas in Bitez.
This was marvelous and breathtaking all at once. I loved the 12th pictures especially. This reminds me of a figure painted by John Singer Sargent. A woman standing on a cliff overlooking the sea, I believe she faces the other way, but somehow this evokes this figure or the figure of a woman who is standing in the wind from the late 1800's or early 20th century. The movement, the feel, the imagination of your words and all your sculptures was captivating. Thank you for this lovely gift. Truly!
What an incredibly post! Loved every second of it. What a creative thing you created here!
Poems of stone
Heart of light
You won't be alone
This Christmas night.

Look round this place
and you will find here
The sweet smiling face
Of our holiday cheer!

Best to you, too, Algis.
Breathtaking, my friend.

Sooooooo beautiful...
What a talented couple!
The religious stuff doesn't appeal to me, but beautiful pictures...
wonderful Algis, simply beautiful in all manner of ways. This represents a considerable amount of work on your part, not just the doing of it, but planning, implementing, photographing, editing and presenting. Every step of the way you've shown once again the care you take in your art. Thank you so much. Beautiful work.
Extraordinary, Algis.

Your sense of balance - stones, light, words ... is wonderful.
Thank you, and blessings wherever you are.
Magnificent...thanks for sharing these.
Magnificent. This isn't just a post, it's an experience. I'm grateful that you've shared these. I can imagine travelers encountering your sculptures and feeling, as Lack put it, as if they weren't alone. As if someone were watching out for them as the rocks appear to watch out over the sea and landscape. Rated.
A blessing and a meditation here. Lovely lovely gift. Thank you for this.
Dear Everyone above,
I just spent one hour writing you each a heart warming responce to all your excellently fine comments and more. I am devastated that my log in timed out and the whole giant post of personal messages was lost.
I don,t know what to say because i said so many fine things in regards to all those wonderful things that you have said. I am going to redo this later...Here is hoping you will forgive this error.
stay tuned
Best Wishes and Thanks
Thank u for sending me a message or I might have missed it. So do this around you? Where do you live? Quite magnificent in scope!
Although I have not been directly to Bitez, I have worked, traveled and vacationed nearby. Turkey is a very lovely and friendly country.
Rock on Algis
Provocative photos. My favorite is the one with the cairn on the right with the ocean and the village in the background to the left. Symbolic of man alone in a sea of people.
Algis, thank you for inviting me to see this post.
It was, indeed, a stunning pictorial array of some painstaking work accompanied by some moving poetry.Yes, your work is good.
But...what your inukshuks said to me was about you. How you work at balancing your life. So the photo that really spoke was the one where two inukshuks almost touch. Therein lies your respite -- the love and acceptance of another in your life will lift those stones and herald angels flying around the Turkish coast (I especially love the town of Side -- an angel flying above that medieval castle!!! wow). You are a talent. Yes. R, BIG TIME!
Beautiful post Algis, I love your sculptures and the verse was most apt.
I hope to someday see these gorgeous places..happy holiday to you.
A masterpiece! The stones sometimes look like statues of real figures and the words are monuments! R, L, Zumapick!
Gorgeous! Happy holidays!
Wonderful Wonderful. I know you must be aware of Andy Goldsworthy and his work with rocks. You are a master. Thank you so much for sharing your time and patience. Inspiring.
Algis: A little late to the show, but well worth the trip. These stone poems (rhymes with tone poems) are almost beyond description and mere words would diminish their beauty. Simply incredible. The words interspersed are perfect as well. Obviously a work of love. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Hope your holidays are light filled.
You have the patience of a saint to put all these stone figures together! Gorgeous art, photos, colors, moods and words to match.
Your stone sculptures are truly amazing and your photos capture them beautifully. I can't imagine how you construct them; they seem quite impossible to build. Judging from the beauty surrounding them, I wouldn't be surprised if you had some Divine assistance. Happy, happy holidays to you, too, Algis.
Breathtaking pictures and words from the soul. Back at ya friend.
They would make good jigsaw puzzles. Jut Jali Smiling and rating.
A treasure. Thank you and rated.
Profoundly moving poem and photos. Thanks for sharing.
Very nice, Rated!
Glorious! What a gift.
All I can say is, "stunning". You and Byron working in tandem was magic salve for my soul. Thank you Algis!
Much of this is simply awe inspiring; the rest is breathtaking. Your ability to vivify inanimate objects and elicit the kind of emotional reaction in me (and, obviously, in so many others) is a marvel to contemplate. Your generosity with you art seems almost heavenly.
Minor dissent from several of the preceding commentaries:
They see a dichotomy between the remarkable photographs of your inspired rock compositions and the sublime poetry of your esteemed partner in this enterprise, where I see a unity of mind-altering magnitude: it is ALL POETRY! You are both touched by special genius and your collaboration is unequaled.
Quite pretty and calm. An interesting theme. Is this particular kind of stone arrangement a thing a lot of people do, or did you just kind of make it up?
That was nice Happy Holidays :)
Cool photos! And I really like the conceptual title of "Stone Poems". Very nice.

Beautiful photos and poetry. In Oregon we make entire garden sculptures such as these, but our stones are river rocks and worn smooth. Such a contrast to the ones you have in your photos. Thank you for sharing.
just awwwwesome photos/colors/sculptures! thank you and joyful holidays to you, as well.
Beyond awesome and neat!!! Triple double rated if I could!!!

Happy Holidays to you as well my friend.
I almost burned the cookies and the pies while savoring this beautiful piece. Rocks and stones surround my yard, my house, and my fireplace. The live in seasonal i can see their telling faces.

I'm mesmerized. By which, the stones or the poetry, it's hard to tell.

Lovely, lovely piece. Thanks for including me.
I'm visiting my photographer daughter. She thinks your stone poems and photography are beautiful (as do I).
Mesmerizing. I second Sage's motion for a more convenient rating button. And that you find a good agent and put together a book. Happy New Year!
Beautiful sculptures and photos! Hope you have a wonderful new year.
my thanks to all of you who liked my little poems: they were mere reflections of the poetry in Algis's astounding images.
What a great project. Would make a nice little book, good for a gift.
Your sculptures are alive! The photography and poetry tell an ancient story and help us to realize that we are a part of everything.
Thank you Algis & Byron. This is indeed what brought me to your page.
sear algis, belated birthday wishes! love the rock poem sculptures - amazing. and the line "I fester in the brine of my own mind " of Lack's poem - nice combination of pics and words.
I wish I was there.
Thank you so much.
I was amazed at this beautiful combination of poetry and photography when I first read it. I am so happy you were recognized for it. Congratulations
Congrats on this magical poem being selected as one of the 25 best on OS for 2010. Your creations and words transported me. R.
Wow. I missed this earlier. Spectacular. So cool when the sun shines through the sculpture. You are very talented.
The changing colors of the sky against the strong forms of your sculpures is magnificent! I can't believe Imissed this at Christmas!