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FEBRUARY 22, 2010 9:50PM

Virginia Pro-Lifers: this is why we think you are crazy

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"You abort the first born of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children"  

Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall of Manassas says that disabled children are God's punishment to women who have aborted their first pregnancy.  He offered up that sick and insulting observation at a press conference to oppose his state funding of Planned Parenthood on Thursday. 

He didn't stop there, Marshall said:

  • "The number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion with handicaps have increased dramatically.  Why?  Because when you abort the first born of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children." 

and, to put even a finer point on it;

  • "In the Old Testament, the first born of every being, animal and man, was dedicated to the Lord.  There's a special punishment Christians would suggest."   

Marshall and 20 others, most pastors and clergy, came forward to call on Virginia to stop funding the "unethical, immoral and racist practices" of Planned Parenthood.

This is why we think you are crazy. 

Marshall went on to claim, erroneously, that Planned Parenthood receives "about $500,000 a year" from the state.  Surprisingly, he got this figure way wrong. 

According to Jessica Honke, Planned Parenthood director of public policy for Virginia, the state dolled out a whopping $35,000 in 2009 from Medicaid reimbursements.   That's right, $35K for an organization that offers a lot more services than just abortions, things like simple check ups, pap smears and cancer screenings.  

I don't know if Bob Marshall knows this but in 2005 27,259 women died from a gynecologic (ovarian, cervical) cancer.   We wouldn't want to fund the "unethical, immoral and racist" organization that provides procedures — at an affordable price — for early diagnosis, screening and education about lady-part cancer.

This is why we think you are crazy.

And, boy oh boy, is this guy funny too:

  • "Looking at it from a cultural, historic perspective, this organization should be called 'Planned Barrenhood' because they have nothing to do with families, they have nothing to do with responsibility."

A real rib-tickler huh? 

Then, Dean Nelson, executive director of the Network of Politically Active Christians, also in attendance, chimed in with this gem — "they should be called Klan Parenthood," saying Planned Parenthood has shown a "willingness to take donations from people who are racist." 

Their petition was signed by other wacky Christian leaders:

  • Rev. Jonathan Fallwell 
  • Rev. Pat Robertson 

This is why we think you are crazy.

All of this would be laughable if the brand spanking new Republican, State of the Union rebutting Governor Bob McDonnell didn't support their efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.  He does.  

This is why we think you are crazy.

And you know what's more?  You are dangerous.  Women's healthcare IS NOT up for debate.  Back off.  


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Boy, wonder what Gov. Palin thinks about this.
"Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall of Manassas says that disabled children are God's punishment to women who have aborted their first pregnancy."

So, are we to assume Marshall's mother aborted before he was born?
I happen to be a Christian and I gotta tell you, that is about the most stupid statement I ever heard come out of a man's mouth and I have heard some pretty damn stupid crap in my life.
Just when I think I have heard it all another one of these right wing crazy bible thumpers outdoes himself and his cohorts with statements like the above. Wow.

Not very good at math, big difference between half a million and 35k in medicaid reimbursements.

Yeah, I wonder what Sarah Palin thinks too.
I think they should all get a good head start on the Rapture and have group jump into The Grand Canyon.. Jesus, told me to suggest this by the way, in a dream last evening.
There are a couple phrases that come to mind...

"Crazy as an outhouse rat"
"Guano Crazy" (email me if you don't know what guano is)

Methinks they need to sing a few verses of "They're coming to take me away".
Nut balls. Simply nut balls.
And did you know, that women who experience abortion have more Tuesdays than other people?
Being disabled, I know these guys think I'm some kind of punishment from God, or at the very least deviant, but no one stops to consider that my punishment is having to listen to asshats like these spout their Christofascist beliefs.

Never, ever take anyone who puts the Old Testament in higher stead than the New Testament.

That alone lost any respect I might have had for this guy.
They also do ultrasounds. My niece discovered she was pregnant and it was going to take 6 weeks to get an appointment with a gynecologist because she had no insurance. Planned Parenthood had her in for an exam and ultrasound and on prenatal vitamins in less than a week.

To take the narrow view of the services they offer is the worst kind of cowardice. The merging of social politics and the disgrace of our healthcare system as party platform makes me truly ill.
They're crazy, all right, but as crazy as foxes. They've sensed their opportunity, and they're seizing it. The real crazies are the people who listen to them.
It is sickening. So why are there so many of them? sickening *and* scary._r
I wish more of these people would donate their bodies to science so we could get closer to figuring out what goes on in their brains. Truly mind-boggling.
What an absolute prick. What are these people on? Seriously, these are "educated" people I take it? Ridiculous.
This jerk has been blocking any meaningful legislation from the Virginia assembly for years now. We are so fucked in this state. The new governor, McDonnell, is trying to fill a 4 billion budget shortfall with hundreds of millions of dollars in cut from education and more from health care. This is a guy who oozed "family values," but when his daughter had Saturday detention in high school (I used to pull that gig for extra money), I had to stay an hour and a half with her--without pay--waiting for her parents to pick her up. They never did. I had to drive the girl home to an apparently empty house. How do you forget to pick up your child? Then he tried to get an anti-sodomy law reinstituted after the courts declared it unconstitutional, all the while denying that it was an anti-gay bill. A reporter asked him if he had ever engaged in oral sex with his wife. His answer: "Not to my recollection." Um, I'm sorry, but either you are an asswipe to suggest it was so boring you can't remember it, or you are a complete liar. Typical answer from the right wing--it's not yes and it's not no, so it can't be a lie. And our new attorney general, Ken "Carcinogen" Cuccinelli, is suing the federal government (I think that's who) to get the EPA to take carbon dioxide off the known carcinogens list and to stop saying it contributes to climate change. What a dumbass! The stupidity is appalling. If it's not stupidity, then it's willful ignorance, which is probably worse. And, of course, Virginians also are lucky enough to be home to the Falwell clan and Pat "Gays cause earthquakes" Robertson. There is no sense of decency or empathy in any of these fuckers. Marshall is despicable.

I, too, would love to hear Palin's response, but I won't hold my breath to hear something from her on this. And let's not forget, it's FORMER Gov. Palin--she couldn't stick with that job either.
Thanks everyone for your feedback - keep this topic alive - these kinds of dangerous theocrats can't be let to slip from sight.

@Sixty - Such a great point. I am going to sit here and hold my breath to see what she comes up with
@Rick - He put himself out there for that one
@Torman - first of all - welcome back with hugs - second of all - I am so glad when real Christians speak up and defend their values - thanks for chiming in
@ablonde - he is a math wizard - but aren't the all??
@bonnie - I hope your vision becomes reality....
@spud - that is so weird, Jesus told me the same thing, except he scrawled it in my toast this morning
@Raptor - Guano - indeed batshit crazy
@spark - that is the problem isn't it - the have nuts/balls - again if men were able to get pregnant we wouldn't be having this conversation...
@lefty - um, warn me before i take a sip of coffee...excellent
@studman - thanks for showing up my man, thought you would love this piece of shit. I wonder what he thinks about people like me? I mean, my MS hasn't stuffed me into a wheelchair yet so, at what point to I become a curse from God?
@Mother - most excellent - thanks for posting that. I didn't realize the ultrasound bit. Thanks for stopping by - love it when you do
@Judy - yes, indeed. and those crazies vote - theocons are a danger to our system. Starting at the state level where they can easily fly under the national radar and more directly effect legislative change
@joan - so many of them - hm. well, just a theory but it is an easy thing for people to grasp - the idea of "us against them" it is the path of least resistance right?
@dear reader - they don't believe in science. They believe they had dinosaurs as pets.
@kirsty - educated - not sure about that one - not sure at all.
@good daughter - girl you got a whopper on your hands - you should be bloggin' it from the roof tops - maybe you are - I am visiting your page

Thanks one and all - again - call these people out when you see them!

xx a
That's... well, crazy. Why is it that the people who come up with this kind of utter bullshit tend to be old men with very small brains? Rated...
What do Rick Santorum and the Mrs. think about this?

I'm thinking that the reason more children are born with severe handicaps since abortion was legalized has to do with advances in saving the lives of very premature infants and nothing to do with God's vengence.
It would be nice if people would keep fairy tales and science separate. Great post!
Ah Pat Robertson: he of the "9/11 was caused by rampant homosexuality and wanton behavior" and "The Devil has it in for Haiti" fame. Of course he was one of the signers.
Well put together and well-sourced. R
Dear Bob Marshall,

The services offered by Planned Parenthood kept me from ever having to be in the position of needing an abortion. And, yet, God saw fit to give me two miscarriages, and then I could never have a child. Please tell me what I did wrong.


Jeanette DeMain

P.S. You are a hateful person. I hope God helps you with that.
There is a real debate to be had on the subject of abortion, but we're not having it. And I blame the pro-lifers for that. How are we supposed to take them seriously when they offer stuff like this? You might as well debate a three-year-old on the philosophical implications of quantum mechanics.
Thank you Akopsa, for the light you are shedding with your posts.
I continue to wait for the day when our "liberal media" will stop using the term "abortion clinic" and will refer to "Women's Health Centers" or even "Women's Reproductive Health Centers" instead.
Personally, I have never been aware of an abortion clinic anywhere in the US, at least not one which was legal.
Man. These nutcases make God look like such an asshole.

Norwonk, you hit the nail on the head. These people feel they are right and righteous and there is no reason to discuss it in a sane and rational manner. We are wrong, they are right. There is no discussion.

What makes me so damn angry is that I don't see these people as giving a damn about the women or their pregnancies or the babies once they’ve convinced a woman not to abort (unless it’s a white baby! Fingers crossed!). To me it seems like they're out to save their own souls and that's it. It's the same with the assisted suicide debate. (So you want me to waste away with a terminal and painful disease until I die naturally just so that you don't feel uncomfortable and your stupid soul is clean?) So that way when Jesus floats in on a cloud (if you're going to do it, Jesus, please do it quickly and shut these people up) they can all say "look, Lord! We stopped all these poor babies from being killed by these Godless heathens!" I know, I just know it, that when their day of judgment comes, God is going to look right through them and see what horrible, selfish hypocrites they are. And then hopefully God will take all us "heathens" who actually give a crap about other people and their suffering out for a beer and we'll all have a good laugh.
Exactly what my two disabled children need not need to hear about......
Ah the lovely old stupid racist mysogynist white man's club rears it's useless head and opens it's sewer mouth once again.
With the rise of the Glenn Becks and the Sarah Palins of the world, it's fashionable to be an idiot. And this man is ever so fashionable, dont you think?
So if a woman gives birth to disabled children, but hasn't had an abortion, I wonder what God is punishing her for?
If this is true, one has to wonder what horrible things those women with large numbers of children must have done to deliver a handicapped child at some point! Killed nuns in a former life?

I wonder if the first born in this guy's family was aborted. He seems somewhat defective.
we don't just think he's crazy. he's crazy.

thanks for highlighting the crazy....I wonder how trig palin fits into his charming philosophy....

It's always convenient and appropriate to blame the woman. That's what this comes down to. Ultimately. WOMEN have sex. WOMEN get pregnant. WOMEN give birth. Each of those acts have sin and evil associated with them. Women are harlots. Women are shameless hussies. Women are provocateurs. Women are slovenly, slutternly and slatternly. Women are the protagonists in the drama of men. Oh, if only they could live without us.

Oh, if only we could get rid of them.
This is the type of vile ugliness that gives Christians, Republicans, medicine, science, and logic a bad name. I'm not a Christian, nor a Republican but I know this man does not speak for either. He is the twisted end result of close mindedness and well, evil.
Can we trade this guy to the Taliban for a draft choice to be named later? Honestly, they'd love him.

Akposa, thanks for posting this, though my blood pressure just went up about 50 mmHg.
I'm sincerely worried about the Commonwealth of Virginia. First we have these nutjobs who apparently go to the Pat Robertson School of Crappola Speak. And then we have their governor removing gays from the protected classes of state employees. Apparently that state has decided to creep back into the dark ages. Stay away!
This is so painfully ridiculous I have tears in my eyes from the fury.This is so un-Christian I can barely type. :(
Um, we also think West Virginia is crazy for electing and keeping Robert Byrd, former Ku Klux Klan leader in office forEVER. Seriously? Not a great track record in the first place.
You are so right. It's an embarrassment. I'm a life long Virginian, born in 1963. I remember a time when Democrats & Republicans could be very good friends, could debate reasonably. This kind of talk is dangerous. Not only does it degrade women (and, obviously, disabled people), it also shows he knows nothing of the services PP provides, or how they receive funding. He either didn't do his research, or was lying.

In his non-apology he said, "Nevertheless, I regret any misimpression my poorly chosen words may have created as to my deep commitment to fighting for these vulnerable children and their families." I'm very annoyed by the local headlines reading "Marshall regrets poorly chosen words." That is not what he said. What he said is disingenous and made his statement meaningless, as well as a grammatical disaster.

Kudos for writing about it.
Another interesting fact from Bob Marshall from 2006 :

"There is a natural order of things, a natural order where gay marriage is an impossibility. For example, a woman's arm is constructed at a certain angle so that she can adequately cradle a baby. This is the way we're created. There are just certain things that nature intended."

That explains why I kept dropping my babies on the floor !
To the Right:Separate Religion and State. Stop talking for G-d, when you do, you give Him a bad name. You are NOT His public relations firm, His chief negotiator or His enforcer.

The distinction between church and state is critical. We need a government by the people, all the people, not just one particular brand, CHRISTIAN (FAR RIGHT CHRISTIAN). And about that science... lets not shove that under the rug, or women's health, or maternal health..... lets not let science take a back seat to religion.

Is Someone Like Billy Graham Responsible for the Death of Dr. Tiller? How the stew of religion, science, extremism, health, abortion rights and gender, sometimes boils over and burns women.
I keep thinking it will stop but every time it gets more absurd! Wow.
Here is what I have never understood or seen addressed. There are lots of people claiming abortion is bad. OK, so are they lining up to adopt children? Are they saying that THEY will take care of these children? No. They're just saying someone else should.

Unless a pro-lifer is giving money to any charity that helps with adoptions, orphanages or has adopted children personally, I really don't see that they have any business talking the talk without actually walking it.

I don't know why no one has flat-0ut called out any of these blowhards on this.
Dr. Spudman, I'm with you about the canyon jump!

I may LIVE in Virginia, but the trees and birds are pretty much the only thing I like about it. I'm a native Los Angeleno, and would be too far away from my grandkids to move back. Dammit.

Akopsa, you hit all the nails on the head, great writing. Will watch you more closely! Rated.
You know old wives tales die hard, whether you agree with them or not is seldom relevant.
Craaazy! I'm so happy I live in Washington State. I moved from Colorado. You get the same insanity in the Rockies.
He is also saying that disabled children are not in God's image. What a horrible wicked thing to say!
Bob Mullaney, along with limp wrists gay men also have limp elbows. Check the Bible, I think it’s in the book of Homophobius (or maybe on Conservapedia). I think that’s why so many “Christians” (I use the word loosely) are opposed to gay marriage and same-sex parenting. Think of all those poor babies being dropped on their heads! (But why should they care if lesbians have kids? If anything that’s twice the elbow safety!) See the right is certain they can screw up a child without having to drop it on its head. They just teach the kid intelligent design.