michael reisman

michael reisman
Eastchester, New York, United States
July 29
I live in Eastchester, N.Y. and I am a professional writer of short shorties with now nine books out. Take a look at them at www.iuniverse.com


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MAY 4, 2012 6:14PM

One Glass And Two Stirrers..by Michael

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Janice took the plastic stirrer and whirled around the contents of her mixed drink. One lonely tear fell on the edge of her napkin underneath her glass. It was an emotion of sadness from being alone too long. The music played on in the club she was at as others were dancing and enjoying themselves. Frankie sat next to her and introduced himself as she smiled at the sudden change of pace in her life. He bought her the next round of drinks and then placed his stirrer in it when it was half empty. Then he added a few more ice cubes and stirred it for her. Maybe it was symbolic that the two stirrers sat in one glass. They danced and never left each others side that evening as a special connection seemed to happen for the both of them. Janice and Frankie left their stools at the bar and sat at a table. Food was ordered as the pleasant conversation continued. He called her three nights later as their first date was set up for the following Friday evening. One weekend led to another as the months went by into a serious relationship. After three years, he surprised her with a beautiful engagement ring. This time a tear was shed but different from the one before. Over one hundred and fifty guests showed up at their wedding ceremony. The couple danced as usual and the crowd followed while everybody enjoyed themselves. It was at the wedding table when something very special occurred. He added a few more ice cubes and then placed his stirrer in it and mixed it for her. It was a fond memory of how they met and both cried as the photographer captured it on film. If you look closely at the cover of their wedding album, you will see one glass with two stirrers. Maybe a sad tear on the edge of a napkin turns out to be a tear of joy later on. Case in point for Janice and Frankie in a short love story which involved one glass and two stirrers......

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