michael reisman

michael reisman
Eastchester, New York, United States
July 29
I live in Eastchester, N.Y. and I am a professional writer of short shorties with now nine books out. Take a look at them at www.iuniverse.com


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APRIL 28, 2012 6:35PM

Betty's Doll...by Michael

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Betty grew up just like any other little girl. She had a favorite doll which used to be her best friend and someone she could talk to. Such is the way of young girls who share a special love for their favorite toy. They played house together as both would cook and clean and take care of one another. A child's imagination is a miracle in itself. Betty took her childhood friend into her adult years, right up to the age of 25 when she was about to move out of her parents house and get her own apartment. Some how Betty's doll got misplaced during the move. She couldn't find her anywhere as neither did mom or dad. Betty cried for quite a while but eventually got over it. The doll was soon forgotten as childhood memories sometimes fade away. Now 40 years old, something very weird would happen one Saturday afternoon....She was invited to a garage sale by a next door neighbor and we all know how bargains are hard to come by. Betty browsed through a wide variety of items but didn't see anything of interest. Before she decided to leave, an old doll was discovered underneath a lounge chair that was supposed to be sold. How it got there, even the next door neighbor didn't know. Betty picked up her childhood friend as there was no charge for the item that was never there to begin with. The doll and her former owner shed some tears of joy which nobody else witnessed. She took her home and played house once again. When Betty returned to the living room from the bathroom, there was a real live person sitting on the couch. It was a former doll that shared a special love between them. Now Betty has a real life friend and possibly a sister she never had to play with. Emotions run deep along with love from childhood memories. Maybe there was some sort of miracle here which we need not understand, yet remember. Case in point in a short love story about Betty's doll.....

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