michael reisman

michael reisman
Eastchester, New York, United States
July 29
I live in Eastchester, N.Y. and I am a professional writer of short shorties with now nine books out. Take a look at them at www.iuniverse.com


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APRIL 6, 2012 6:23PM

Arizona Doll...by Michael

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Gregory stopped in a small gift shop off the road of a highway running through Arizona. A twelve inch wooden statue of a native American Indian caught his eye. He brought it up to the counter as the old man with long white hair smiled at the choice. "That was something I hand carved myself last year. She is actually my granddaughter who posed for it. Then she left me and I haven't seen her since" he said. "She is beautiful and such great detail which makes this very special", Gregory replied. The old native American Indian behind the counter said "take this photo of her with you, and in your travels if you happen to see her, tell her I would like her to come back home". Gregory handed the old man twenty dollars and said, "I will do that for sure". His next stop was a bar next to a motel where he would spend the night for a short rest and sleep over. A young lady sitting at a table there looked familiar to him. He went back to his car and returned with the small statue along with a photograph. Gregory placed the doll like figure on her table, then her photo. She started to immediately cry and then said, "from my grandfather"? He nodded yes and then sat down at her table. Annie then told him her story of how and why left. "He misses you and wants his grand daughter back home again", Gregory said. He spent the night at the motel and the following morning she checked out also. Annie sat in the passenger seat of his car as they drove back to a small gift shop where she used to live. They walked in hand and hand as Grandpa couldn't believe his eyes and started to cry. He hugged his grand daughter and then did the same with Gregory. The statue was returned along with the photo as he said, "no need to sell this now, and just keep her picture here also. Grandpa was the best man at his Annie's wedding as he also gave her away, just like a father would do. Maybe a gift shop has something more to give away than just items on the shelves. Case in point in a short love story about an Arizona doll....

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