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August 15
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JULY 26, 2011 2:59PM

Servant Of The Scorpion - Chapter 25

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scorpion on a cross - cropped

Chapters_1_&_2 Alonzo, unsure of his future, joins a ministry to Guatemala and is infatuated with Esmeralda

Chapters_3,_4,_&_5 Alonzo is busted at the airport and a guard is assigned to the group.  Alonzo is ostracized.

Chapter_6 Alonzo witnesses the horrible death of two tourists accused of child abduction.

Chapter_7 Irma acts suspiciously.  Alonzo meets the little girl Rosalinda in a compromising situation.

Chapter_8 Alonzo learns a violent secret about Irma and Carlos.

Chapters_9_&_10 Alonzo is jealous of Lucas and Esmeralda.  Alonzo professes his love for Esmeralda

Chapters_11_&_12 Alonzo is introduced to the Brotherhood of the Harrowing.  A warning is given about little Rosalinda.  Lucas gets in a fight.

Chapters_13_&_14 Alonzo gets a lesson in healing from Arturo the Curandero.

Chapters_15_&_16 Alonzo has visions and he confesses things he has been hiding.  Rosalinda leads Alonzo to some of the children of the orphanage.

Chapters_17_&_18 Rosalinda leads Alonzo to the 'good girls'. Alonzo finds a 'pretty girl'.  The ministry sponsors a TV commercial for the orphanage.

Chapters_19_&_20 The Sermon in the Basement - Alonzo attends a sermon in the catacombs of the orphanage

Chapters_21_&_22 Trapped and blind in the catacombs of the orphanage.

Chapters_23_&_24 Alonzo encounters The Scorpion


Chapter 25 – The Scorpion’s Messiah


          I was shocked and horrified, “What, what do you mean you’ve ‘been waiting for me’?  How..?  I don’t know you.”

          Don Gonzalo looked toward Arturo Luna.  Arturo said to me very carefully and precisely, “There are individuals born with a life force that spills over and allows Don Gonzalo and his men to live again.  If you grant it.”

          “What?  What?”

          Don Gonzalo explained, “Five hundred years ago Arturo Luna granted me and my men immortality in exchange for sparing his village.  It was a devilish joke, but he has kept his word.  He sealed us with his potions but we must draw our life from others.”

          Arturo winked at me.

          Don Gonzalo continued, “You can think of yourself as our Messiah.  But like all Messiahs you must serve.”

          Arturo said, “Alonzo, I suspected that you were special when you fell asleep at the feet of my ‘statue of Jesus’.  That was the sign.  But without your conscious granting of your life force, I have been forcing you so that you can make a choice.”

          Don Gonzalo said, “In exchange for your ‘service’ my men and I could make you a king!”

          “I don’t want to be a king!  Arturo you’re freaking me out!”

          “You could jump from that cliff and we would keep you from harm.”

          Arturo asked him, “Could he turn that stone into gold, or, if he’s modest, a loaf of bread?”

          Don Gonzalo raised his hand in dismissal, “An old trick.”  He then added, “He could turn that palm tree into a marijuana plant,” and they both laughed.  I shuddered with terror.

          “You are the Devil!” I shrieked.  I began to black out.  Thank Almighty God I was going to wake up.

          I did awaken but with a terrible headache.  I was lying in the grass.  I rose up on my knees.  Through blurry vision I could see all the others arising from where they had fallen unconscious.  Then I saw Esmeralda and Lucas embracing.  They were kissing each other deeply.

          I felt sick and I dropped down onto my hands.  Right below my nose was a small bug scurrying.  I muttered, “Hello, Alonzo.  I am your God.”  And then I threw up on him.



CONTINUED: Servant_Of_The_Scorpion_-_Chapter_26



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This is really getting out of hand. When was the last time you went to confession Mr. ASH? I must admit though, this is a devil of a story. I feel like I am wandering in a dream too.
ASH...: This is great; what is going on with Alonzo?; I worry for him; why did he vomit?;
bringing on the bug was a terrific idea.
Crazy weird and I love it.